36 Productive Things to do When Bored

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Things to do when bored

Many people have busy lives. They get up, go to work or school, come home, hang with friends or family, and then do it again most of the week. The weekend comes around, and they feel bored.

If you sometimes feel bored to death, I want you to know that you don’t have to be. There are many more things that you can do besides sleeping and browsing social media. In this post, I’ll review 36 productive things to do when bored. These are things that anyone can do to reduce boredom.

Things to Do When Bored

1. Read a Book

Is there a book you’ve meant to get around to but have yet to have the time to? Now, you should have the time to start reading that book. I just finished reading “A Happy Pocket Full of Money.” It’s a great read that kept me entertained. Find something you want to read and schedule some reading time each day.

2. Binge Watch a Show

I know there’s a show out there that you’ve been meaning to watch. This is the time to do it. Some popular shows people binge-watch are Ozark, Power, and Tiger King (I watched 1.5 episodes. It’s trash).  I don’t watch too much TV, but there are a couple of shows I will binge-watch during this time.

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3. Movies

If there are some movies that you want to look at, you should watch them. New movies are probably being added to your stream service weekly.

4. Home Exercise

You can work out at home instead of going to a busy gym. YouTube has all types of workouts that you can try. You can purchase a Peloton bike or a similar one if you have any disposable income. Exercise is one of the most productive things to do when bored. You’ll feel better afterward.

5. Clean Your Kitchen

I’m sure you keep your kitchen clean in the first place, but you can do a deep clean. Make sure there is no expired food in the fridge or freezer. Check the expiration dates on your seasonings. Go through your dishes and glassware and see if there are any that you want to donate.

6. Clean Bathroom

Next up on this list of productive things to do when bored is to clean your bathroom. This is the perfect time to do a deep cleaning of your bathroom. You’re not doing anything else, so get to it. Cleaning your bathroom will help you occupy your time.

7. Clean Your Bedroom

This is another place I’m sure is already clean, but if it’s not, get to work. It’s where you fall asleep every night, so you want it to be nice and clean. Clean under your bed and make sure that your clothes are organized.

8. To-Do List

Complete something on that to-do list that you’ve been putting off. If you have tasks that need to be done, create one.

9. Go Through Your Closets

This is something that I plan on doing this week. I went through my closets a few weeks ago. I found some items I will donate and some that I will flip on eBay. Speaking of eBay, let’s get to the next one.

10. Sell Items on eBay

Selling on eBay offers a unique opportunity to reach a vast and diverse global market, enabling individuals and businesses to expand their sales footprint beyond local boundaries. This platform caters to a wide range of product categories, attracting a broad audience and increasing the chances of selling your items.

eBay’s user-friendly interface simplifies listing and managing products, while its established reputation for security and customer service builds trust among buyers. Also, eBay’s auction format can drive higher prices for unique or in-demand items. Whether you’re decluttering, running a small business, or looking to monetize a hobby, eBay provides an accessible and efficient online marketplace to connect with millions of potential buyers.

11. Sign up for My Thrifting Challenge

Next up is my thrifting challenge. I created the challenge to help people make more money at thrift stores. Sign up for the challenge here.

12. Organize Items

You can organize things in your house or apartment. You can take a day to organize all the rooms or choose to do one room per day. Below is an organizer that you could use.

13. Use Rakuten

A lot more people are shopping online. If you’re one of them, you should be getting cash back at a time like this. With Rakuten, you can earn money back for certain online purchases. It’s free to sign up for. They even give new members a $10 bonus when signing up. Use my link here.

14. Clean Your Car

Cleaning your car is next up on the list of productive things to do when bored. This includes washing it and cleaning the inside of it. Also, take some time to clean the trunk out, too.

15. Learn a New Language

You can learn a new language if you need more things to do. Check out a site, Duolingoor YouTube to get started.

16. Walk Around Your Neighborhood

Gyms, bars, malls, and other businesses are still closed in some cities. Unfortunately, they may not be opening back up anytime soon. You can take a walk around your neighborhood. This is something that I do several times a week. It keeps me in shape and also helps to keep my mind clear.

17. Sell on Poshmark

Sell your used clothes on Poshmark. Poshmark is one of the platforms that I use to flip items. It’s easy to sign up for. Check my article below. Making money is always one of the best productive things to do when bored.

18. Meditate

I started meditating a couple of years ago. It’s one of the best things that I did. Meditation has helped me to relax and clear my mind. Everyone should meditate for at least five minutes each day. There are tons of videos on YouTube that can help you get started.

19. Listen to a Podcast

Is there a podcast that you’ve wanted to listen to? Now is the time to check it out. If you’re bored at home, find some podcasts that you’re interested in and start listening.

20. Create a Website

Have you ever wanted to create a website? If the answer is yes, you should take some downtime to get started. Check out my Bluehost review. It explains why I recommend Bluehost if you’re beginning in the blog or website world.

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21. Listen to New Music

New music comes out much more than it used to when I was growing up. I remember when new music used to come out every Tuesday. It could be months before your favorite artists drop an album. Now, it seems like music comes out every day. It could be an album, mixtape, or EP. Nowadays, it takes me months to catch up on the music. Sometimes, I don’t even remember listening to the new artists. Since we all have a lot more downtime, we can use some of it to get caught up on music.

22. Clean Your Computer

You probably have tons of old files and pictures on your computer if you’re like me. A lot of them will probably never be used again. Now is the time to go through those files and delete them. Doing that will allow your computer to have more space.

23. Learn a New Skill

Have you ever wanted to learn how to code or learn Photoshop? If you’re bored at home, you can take a few hours each day to study something new. There are so many free resources out there for you to check out. Start with CourseraUdemy, and Lynda. Many of them have free courses available right now.

24. Virtual Happy Hour

The next thing that you can do is have a virtual happy hour. A virtual happy hour is when someone hosts a meeting online via Zoom, Skype, or other platforms. Virtual happy hours are fun. They allow you to have a good conversation and drink with your friends.

25. Apply for Jobs

If you recently lost your job, you could apply for a new one. Many companies are hiring for remote positions, so you have a chance to be back to work in no time.

26. Yoga

I’ve done yoga before, and it helps you to relax. It’s something that I need to get back into. If you’re interested in doing yoga, multiple YouTube videos will help you. This can be a good hobby for anyone. Below is a yoga mat that you should check out.

B Yoga B MAT Everyday Charcoal

27. Cook Something New

If you like to cook, try cooking something new. It can be a dish that you have always wanted to try. You could also try to cook a family dish as well. Here’s a cookbook that has a lot of recipes that you can try.

The Edna Lewis Cookbook Edna Lewis Author

28. Update Your Budget

The next thing on the list of productive things to do when bored is to update your budget. Review your expenses. If you see that you’re wasting money, cut that expense ASAP. Below is a budget worksheet that can help you.

Budget Manager: Money Management Worksheet Frances P Robinson Author

29. Plan An Outing With Friends

Have you thought about doing something with your friends? You should plan something with them if you haven’t hung out with them in a long time. Take a few minutes to plan what you will do when you’re able to get together.

30. Figure out a Side Hustle

If you need some extra cash, consider starting a side hustle. There are tons of ideas out there. Check out my post that features 100 Ways to Make Extra Money.

31. Write in a Journal

I recently started a journal after reading my latest book. Writing and reviewing your thoughts and ideas in a journal is good practice. If you’re looking for an outlet or something to help you get more organized, start writing in a journal.

Journal: Blank Journal Diary Richard Craft Author

32. Sit Outside

Sometimes, sitting outside and enjoying the fresh air is just good. It will help to take your mind off everything that’s going on.

33. Sell on Mercari

This is another platform for you to sell your stuff on. It’s good for clothes and electronics. Please read my post on how to sell on Mercari here.

34. Clean your Email Folders

This is something that I need to do. I have all types of crap in my email folders. I need to take some time this week to delete some stuff. You should do the same.

35. Take a Free Online Class From Universities

If you want to go back to school if you’re bored at home, you’ll be able to find some free classes out there. Harvard & MIT are just a few universities offering free online classes. Check EDx to see what others are available.

36. Plan a Trip

The last thing on the list of productive things to do when bored is to plan a trip. Is there a place that you have always wanted to go to? Is there a band or sporting event that you want to see? If the answer is yes, take this time to plan that trip.



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