Can You Really Earn a Living from Blogging?

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Blogging is a popular side hustle, with many people purporting to earn six or seven figures. They come in a wide variety, from recipe sharing to reviews of luxury travel destinations and casinos offering immediate transfers and withdrawals. But is it truly a viable business idea with the potential to replace your monthly income?

The fact is blogging is not a quick solution to your financial problems. The blogging community believes your blog can take 1-2 years to become profitable. It may seem like a lot of effort for little yield, so is it worth it?

How Can You Earn a Living From Blogging?

You can use a few strategies to make money with your blog. Brand partnerships are a popular avenue through which bloggers collaborate with brands to create targeted content, such as reviewing a product. These can be short- or long-term collaborations and often have the potential to bring in high income.

Another way bloggers make money is through advertising networks, in which they get paid to run ads alongside their blog posts. This is typically income for blogs with high page views, but not always.

Affiliate links or codes are similar to brand partnerships. They allow you to generate unique links to products you feature and pay you a commission on every purchase.

Although blogs are typically free, some bloggers place a charge on what they call premium content to entice their readers to purchase more information on the blogs they are interacting with the most.

Another way bloggers increase their income is through consulting or coaching. When you have built up a good readership, you can advise those requesting further information on specific topics.

Most bloggers these days also build an email list. Once you can penetrate a reader’s inbox, it’s far easier to create a direct relationship with them, encouraging more engagement. This strategy works well alongside product advertising and affiliate marketing.

The easiest way to turn your blog from a hobby into a business is to sell products alongside it. Building a bank of digital products, such as eBooks, printables, and workbooks, is beneficial as it brings in more money and reduces production and delivery costs almost entirely. Not that selling physical products isn’t an option, but with a loyal enough fan base, you can sell anything from stickers to jumpers; the possibilities are endless.

Could your blog have a VIP section where members can access information only? Charging a small fee for access to exclusive content can be a great way to raise more revenue.

Reuse and recycle your content into podcasts or YouTube videos for an extra income stream and another way of furthering your reach and increasing your audience and, ultimately, your bottom line.

What Factors Affect the Money-Making Capabilities of a Blog?

Running a blog is not a simple case of writing something and posting it; you can optimize your blog in several ways to make more money.

  • Number of posts – it’s simple: the more you write, the more you earn.
  • Monetization methods – monetizing your blog with more revenue streams will inevitably earn you more money; using products and services typically earns more than ads and affiliate marketing.
  • Quality – as always, in life, quality over quantity is a case. If you want to appease the algorithm gods, you need to provide unique, high-quality content.
  • Choosing a profitable niche – having a specific topic within a broad topic is a surefire way to get more people reading, as people will know exactly what to expect from you and be more likely to revisit it.

How Can You Turn Your Blog into a Business?

Start with a business mindset. Only some businesses make money right from the start, but they still need to go through the right hoops and hurdles to become profitable. Set business hours and stick to them. They don’t need to be 9-5 to get things done, and they can work around your busy schedule. However, you still need the boundaries in place to keep yourself on track. It also helps to maintain a clean and clear workspace dedicated to our business, which will put you in a productive mindset.

This next one might seem obvious, but ensure you create content your target audience actually wants to read. Reproducing content that is everywhere won’t spark interest or entice a reader back. Always ask yourself why someone would like to read this. Keyword research can be invaluable here, giving you insight into what information people seek.

Another thing bloggers often take for granted is the need to promote their blogs. Every business needs effective marketing, and blogging is no different. It would be best to spend more time promoting a post than writing it.

Finally, be proactive. As with everything, if you have a vision, make it work. Find out which PR companies represent relevant brands in your niche, contact them, and pitch your ideas for content. There are many ways to put yourself in front of the right people, particularly in today’s globalized world.


As you can see, blogging has many financial benefits, but it isn’t a quick fix and should be approached strategically. With the right efforts in the right areas and a positive and proactive mindset, you can utilize the many opportunities blogging offers to make money and build a profitable business out of it.