13 Cool Laptop Uses

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laptop usesIn this computerized generation where we find ourselves, laptops are everywhere. They are owned by almost everyone, young and old. It can be found in almost every home and at almost every angle our eyes turn. For something so popular and largely available, there must be great benefits that come with owning a laptop.  What are some cool laptop uses

In this article, we will be considering and going through the countless tremendous things one could do with a laptop. So if you’re considering getting a new one, stick with us and find the right motivation you need, as we outline the various uses for a laptop.

Accessing the Internet

Accessing the internet seems to be one of the most common uses for a laptop for most individuals. The internet is now globally a place where one can access tons of information and keep up with the daily happenings worldwide. And with a laptop, this can be done in the comfort of your home or in any stress-free zone you find yourself in. Due to its portability, the laptop is mobile can be carried about from one place to another easily, and so having access to the internet and keeping up to date with news and recent happenings can be easily and readily made available to you at your every beck and call.

Communicating and Staying in Contact with Others

Staying in communication with loved ones is very important, especially with the ongoing global hysteria. Keeping in touch and communicating with friends, relatives, family, and co-workers is another one of the laptop uses. Long distances are not a barrier in this case. With the invention of social media, one can easily get in touch and even engage in a direct visual conversation with friends, family, or distant relatives from any part of the world from a laptop.

A laptop is equipped with a web camera as well as microphones and speakers that can make visual communication with distant family members or friends an easy possibility. You could also meet and interact with new people from any part of the world on a laptop via social media. The use of social media, especially among youngsters, is prominent these days and easily accessible to almost everyone. With applications like Skype and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., staying up to date with your favorite celebrities and getting the latest gossip and trends globally is also an easy possibility from your laptop.

Storing and Accessing Data

With a laptop, you can save data and access it whenever you want, from wherever you are. If perhaps you find yourself with an enormous workload, like a large project or a lengthy research assignment that takes time and due to some circumstances, you need to continue it somewhere else, with programs like Google Drive, you can save the unfinished workload for continuation later at a more favorable time or location. You can also save files, finished projects, assignments, and documents you don’t want to misplace, keeping them safe and readily available when you need to access them. Many organizations catalog or record all their information on a laptop. Thus, making it easier to stash and preserve valuable information.

Storing files like documents, pictures, and other media files is also possible on a laptop without using Google Drive. Laptops are made with inbuilt space that can be used to store files essential or otherwise for use at a later time.

Making Work Easier

Laptops are also used by businesses and other establishments to simplify and accelerate administrative work. They assist in easy processing of transactions, computing of reports, statements, documents used for achieving various objectives, and a range of other tasks, thereby improving work rate. Banks use laptops to support millions of daily transactions swiftly and with precision. Laptops also help to keep these transactions running and monitored 24/7.

Sending and Receiving Emails

With a laptop, emails can be received and sent to any recipient around the globe. Email platforms like G-mail make it possible to do this from your laptop easily, without leaving your location. Sending and receiving messages, documents, files, etc., is also not exempted.

Taking Notes and Carrying Out Research

The use of a pen and paper in taking down notes can be a stressful activity at times. Students and workers who need to pen notes during a lecture or research a particular topic can do so easily on a laptop. With a laptop, a pen and paper are not necessary. All notes can be typed and stored in the notepad application on your laptop.

As earlier mentioned, one of the laptop uses is accessing the internet. With the laptop, lots of information can be easily accessible on the internet, thereby making research on any given topic stress-free. You don’t have to go to the library or a book store in search of a history book if you don’t want to do so.

Playing Games

As the saying goes, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” having a little relaxing time every now and then is necessary for a healthy mind. Playing games can be fun and a great way to enjoy leisure time. You can find a wholesome amount of powerful high-quality games with great graphics on a laptop you can enjoy for your leisure time. You can also stream games and play with friends and other people you meet online.

Watching Movies and Listening To Music

While playing games may not be your thing, watching movies might be. This is another good way to enjoy leisure time. You don’t have to frequent the cinema to watch a movie of your choice. Streaming platforms like Netflix make it possible to watch the best movies on your laptop from your comfort zones, or anywhere you deem fit to enjoy some free time.

Musical platforms like Apple Music and Spotify allow you to stream and listen to music from your favorite artist from your laptop.

Skill Acquisition

Learning a skill has never been made easier. With a laptop, you can learn and acquire a new skill from home, office, or anywhere you have free time. You can do this by watching tutorial videos on any skill of your choice that captures your interest. It could be playing a musical instrument, learning web development and app creations, learning how to cook more delicious meals, etc. Most of these tutorial videos are interesting, entertaining, and easy to follow. You can find these videos on streaming services like YouTube and others. You can also watch more educative videos about discoveries and how they apply to the world in general.

Enjoying Artistry

Creativity is a useful tool and a valuable skill in the world today. It opens the mind, and it helps in solving problems with new methods. Like every other skill, a creative and artistic mind requires practice to attain perfection. This is another one of the laptop uses. You can practice different creativity skills on a laptop.

You can get creative modifying images on a laptop using Adobe Photoshop. Applications like Corel Painter and Microsoft Corel draw can help you practice your painting skills and create beautiful art and paintings of your choice from any place you feel comfortable and consider appropriate.

Making Presentation

Making a presentation to a large audience can be difficult without the proper tools. This is another use of a laptop. By connecting a projector to a laptop, you can be able to display the visuals on the screen of a laptop on a bigger screen. This enables the audience to understand and follow attentively with the flow of the presentation. An application like PowerPoint helps you create these presentations on a laptop and have them ready for delivery.

Laptops are often used in this capacity in presenting information at business meetings.

Music and Movies Production

With the advance in technology, powerful portable laptops can now be used in creating, editing, and producing top-notch music and movies. If this is your field of expertise or it is something you are interested in, then you need a laptop. With an app like Audacity or FL studio, you can create outstanding and high-quality sounds on a laptop. Just have your headphones plugged in and you are ready to roll. Applications like Light works and Adobe premiere pro will enable you to create professional movies and other visual productions on a laptop.

Making Money

Saving the best for last, another purpose, and one of the most interesting the uses for a laptop is making money. In the end, it all comes down to generating income, and a laptop can be used as a means to achieve this. One way is by marketing your product or skill and getting interested buyers to purchase your commodity. Social media is a good place to inform people about your products, get buyers you can sell to, and make profits. You could also learn how to create, manage and monetize a blog to earn money. You could learn and engage in buying and selling stocks from a laptop. These are just a few ways you can make money using a laptop.

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Besides blogging, and marketing a skill or commodity, there are other ways to make money from a laptop. Websites like Swagbucks, Rakuten, Wealthy Affiliates, and a host of others give cashback for transactions you make with them. Some of these sites even offer extra bonuses for just signing up with them and for every referral you make.

These are some of the uses for a laptop. There are endless counts of other benefits and uses a laptop can have.

What other uses do you know?

And which of the above-listed laptop uses do you find interesting?

Let us know in the comments below.


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