How to use Tailwind for Pinterest & Instagram

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Tailwind for Pinterest

What’s going on everyone? If you are a blogger or influencer that uses Pinterest, I’m sure that you might have heard of Tailwind. It’s an official partner of Pinterest that helps you to grow your Pinterest account efficiently. Pinterest can bring a lot of traffic to your website if you know what you’re doing.

Tailwind is a huge game changer for any Pinterest account. It provides you with tons of analysis that enables you to identify what works and what helps in your journey of account growth. It also allows you to identify and publish during the peak pinning times.
Tailwind also has a scheduling tool, that simplifies your publishing and enables you to manage your account. In all, Tailwind radically simplifies and optimizes the management of your Pinterest account.

However, one of the most considerable hurdles is getting started with Tailwind. The whole process might be overwhelming at first, especially for a first time user. I struggled with Tailwind for the first couple of months that I started using it, but I got better at it. In this tutorial, I would walk you through the essential steps you need to get started. Soon you will be a pro at using Tailwind for Pinterest.

How to Get Started

First, you will need to create a tailwind account. Head to the Tailwind site and click on signup, the process is very straightforward. Just fill out all the required information.
Use my link to get free 100 scheduled pin or 30 scheduled Instagram posts for new users. After that, you can choose the monthly plan that’s $15 per month or the annual plan that’s $120 per year. I’d suggest that you try Tailwind out for free before you spend any money on it. You might not like it. I started using it last June and have been using it since.

After you have linked your Pinterest account and submitted your email to Tailwind, you will then be directed to your dashboard.

Get Your Account Set Up

Once you have accessed your dashboard area, the next step would be getting your account set up. The Tailwind site is optimized to help you get started. You just need to follow the program and complete each step to correctly setup your account. It’s important not to miss out on some key areas during your set up like adding the recommended time and filling the number of time you are going to pin daily. Below are a couple of pictures of how the dashboard looks.

If you are a blogger or influencer that uses Pinterest, I'm sure that you might have heard of Tailwind. Today, I share with you how to use Tailwind for Pinterest & Instagram.

As regards to the number of times to pin daily, tailwind recommends 15-25 times daily and nothing more. Pinterest doesn’t have a “more is better” policy about pinning and Tailwind has done the research and discovered that having a maximum of 20 pins daily is more beneficial to your account’s growth regarding repins and followers. I share between 20-25 pins per day.

Get your free month of Tailwind here.

Scheduling Your Pins

Tailwind has a fantastic “smart schedule” feature that identifies the optimized times for your account and places it in your schedule. It basically, analyzes your account to determine when your followers are more active to engage with your pins and then uses this data to plan the ideal time for your pins to be published daily.

To utilize the feature, locate the “add time slot,” on the left side of your screen and click on each to add time slots for each day of the week. The optimized times (outlined in green) would be automatically added to your schedule when you click on them.

After clicking on the available time slots, you have to refresh your page to get more.
You can also add custom time slots; However, note that these are not recommended time slots.

The time slots represent pins, and you would have to fill each with content to be repined to your Pinterest account every day of the week.

And lastly, in this step, you would have to set up your time zone. To do this click on time zone and select your time zone from the drop-down menu.

All the check-marks on the right side should be green.  That will indicate that you have successfully set up your account. Check your account once or twice to confirm that.

Schedule Content

After successfully setting up your account, then it’s time to get some content to schedule.
First, you create your content which could be blog posts, images, etc. Then you should head to Pinterest to create a pin for it. Ensure that your pins are appropriately arranged and visually appealing. Once you have successfully created your pin, then it’s time to add it to your Tailwind account.

If you are a blogger or influencer that uses Pinterest, I'm sure that you might have heard of Tailwind. Today, I share with you how to use Tailwind for Pinterest & Instagram.

To do this, locate the scheduled pins tab on the left side of the page and click on it. Then click on “create a new pin,” and then “upload images” and you can upload the pin you have just created.

After uploading the images, you would then have to fill out the description.

Next, you would have to select a board to pin to. Always make sure to choose the right Pinterest board that corresponds to the pin. Don’t go pinning a sports pin to a food board for example.

It’s the same process all through when scheduling a new pin. Just hover around the pin and click on the tailwind logo that pops up, then follow the prompts as shown above.

Shuffling The Queue

The shuffle feature is another fantastic reason I love tailwind. It saves you time and helps keep content new and engaging. To shuffle the queue, navigate to the schedule pins dashboards and click on the “shuffle the queue” button.

Every time that I add new pins to Tailwind, I make sure that I shuffle the queue. You don’t want to have the same pin going out multiple times in a row. By shuffling the queue, you are making sure that a variety of your pins are seen by different people each day. That is key when using Tailwind for Pinterest.

Interval Pinning

As we have discussed above Tailwind, suggest time slot for posting. However, another great feature is the interval pinning which allows pinning at specified intervals. If specific pins are doing great with a lot of engagement traffic coming in, then it won’t be a bad idea to run them again. However, it’s important not to overdo it so as not to overwhelm your viewers with the same content.

To do this, click the little clock face at the bottom of the pin you are about to schedule and follow the prompt. Tailwind will handle the rest.

Get your free month of Tailwind here.

Utilizing Tribes

Tribes are a great feature that increases the exposure and engagement of your pins. They were rolled out in 2017. The key to optimizing tribes is finding quality tribes and sharing quality and engaging content often. If you post great content, people within the tribe would repin and share it.

After you have added your pin to a tribe, go further and add it to the queue, this would automatically add your pin to your schedules and boards. I’m currently in 26 tribes. For new users, the maximum that you can get in is 10.

Tailwind on Instagram

Tailwind recently became an approved partner tool for Instagram. That is huge. For years, Instagram never let any tool directly schedule pictures to your account. Now with Tailwind, you can.

Tailwind has several fantastic Instagram features like the hashtag finder which help you identify popular hashtags. There is also a post schedule feature that enables you to directly schedule multiple posts. You can also add time slots to your schedule and automatically get your content posted when your followers would most likely engage it. If you’re big on Instagram, that is a game changer.

Tailwind also allows you to track your likes, comments, followers, and post engagements. It provides an analytic that enables you to know the best time to post.

At the end of the day everyone wants traffic and engagement, be it on Pinterest or Instagram and the only way to that is by promoting your posts and images to your followers. Tailwind is the platform that enables you the achieve all these with minimal effort. Tailwind saves a lot of time. Since I currently work full-time, I don’t the time to post on Pinterest every single day. Tailwind is clutch with its features. It also enhances your content creation and makes you identify the type of content your audience like. After reading this post, you show know to use Tailwind for Pinterest & Instagram.

Pinterest Best Practice Update

Earlier this year, Pinterest put a huge focus on fresh content. As people, we love new and fresh images. Pinterest users are no different. Make sure that you take some additional time to make multiple new pins for your best articles.

The new pins should be fresh and up to date. More people will save and click on your image. That will bring new traffic and possibly new customers to you. You should have new images for products, posts, and pages. Once you or your VA finish the new images, make sure that you schedule them with Tailwind.

Tailwind also publishes the Typical Results of Tailwind Pinterest every year so that you can see what the average growth rate looks like for all their members.

Have you used Tailwind for Pinterest or Instagram?



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    It allows me to add as many Pinterest account as I want. So I can manage any number of acocunts and transfer days between them. Another amazing feature of this web service is that it is totally running on the cloud and even accessible through my mobile phone and that is exactly what makes it so quick and easy to access and use…

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