The Best Movies For Entrepreneurs

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The best movies for entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur is a person who sets up a business with the sole aim of making a profit. An entrepreneur is an individual who is willing to take up challenges and whatever problems that might pose a threat to the business. The entrepreneur takes charge of the business by acting as the driver and running the business’s day-to-day affairs; whatever problems come to the business, the entrepreneur is in charge of stepping up to the challenge and bringing up solutions to the business’s various challenges.

The whole aspect of being an entrepreneur may be challenging to comprehend initially, but as time passes, you get the hang of it. A new business faces bottlenecks in raising capital, gaining access to information, hiring economically, and obtaining contracts.

Entrepreneurs are problem solvers whose business ideas can range from small, local ventures to global mega-companies. Starting and running an entrepreneurial business is a risky yet exciting journey that can be a rollercoaster. Nowadays, many of us dream about becoming entrepreneurs. The decision to start a business requires a lot of courage, determination, creative thinking, and hard work. If you are willing to risk everything you own to improve your life, you need all the help you can get.

Being an entrepreneur takes work. You need to have an idea, start it, pay for it, work at it, and manage it. Then, when you succeed, there are still difficulties to face: taxes, the population of competitors, customers, or suppliers who need to keep their word!

Running a business can be challenging. As an entrepreneur, you may need some motivation to keep going. This article highlights the best movies for entrepreneurs. It shows us some of these entrepreneurs’ challenges and how they overcame them. There are lots of movies that can serve as a source of motivation for entrepreneurs today.

This list features some of the best films to get you motivated. Some of them are true-life stories of how some individuals started their businesses with the capital they have. Many of these movies are filled with comedy, action, and adventure, which can inspire business owners to succeed in their various fields. Some are even cult classics. Let’s get started with the first movie below.

The Best Movies for Entrepreneurs

The Social Network

The social network tells the story of a young man determined and willing to make it in life. The young Mark Zuckerberg is a student at Harvard University. After just recently being dumped by his girlfriend, he went ahead and created a website called Facemash.

This site is all about using the photos of fellow students and then asking people to rate who is the most attractive among them. After a while, the traffic generated from this site crashed Havard’s computer system. He was then placed on six months’ probation by the school authority. The popularity of this site got the attention of everyone in the school. He then teamed up with and came up with the idea of setting up Facebook. During the story, we were meant to understand that Mark was hardworking.

He started small with little capital but did not relent in his dreams. He kept pushing until he got what is today known as ‘Facebook.’ Today, Facebook is used by millions of people worldwide to interact with different people around the world.

Wall Street

The next movie on the list is Wall Street. This movie is centered on the life of a young stockbroker named Bud Fox. He is ready to do anything to get to the top of the ladder and to make it in life. He is undecided on whether to move with the good guys or move with the bad guys.

During the movie, it can be seen that the young man carries out a lot of investments, which sometimes yield profit while some result in a loss. The lesson that can be learned from this movie is to carry out or execute ideas that you may have in your head; don’t just keep them to yourself. You should always be willing to do something new that could benefit you in the long run. When moving into entrepreneurship, it is essential to learn from the past mistakes of other business people so that you don’t follow the same steps.

When starting a business, it is also crucial to gather the correct set of people to carry out various tasks to make the work much more manageable. When you have the proper people, the business tends to progress toward success, and eventually, the company will grow. Another lesson is that new entrepreneurs need to have a core value. Having the correct values will help drive the company to produce more revenue. I recommend every entrepreneur out there to see this one. It’s a great movie.

Office Space

This film primarily centers on the life of a young man named Peter. He is a programmer and works in a company called Unitech. He is not satisfied with his job or his personal life. According to him, he is living a very dull life. Searching for a solution to this, Peter and his girlfriend go to see a hypnotherapist, who unfortunately dies of a heart attack during the session. Peter remains trapped in an elated state of mind.

The next day, Peter refuses to go to work. He explains to his boss that he won’t resume work because he is unsatisfied with the job. The film ends with Peter changing his job and joining a construction crew. This movie tries to say that you don’t have to stay at work or in a place where you don’t enjoy yourself. You can always change your occupation to benefit you in the long run.

Jerry Maguire

This movie is about a man who had it all. He had a great career in which he was doing very well. Maguire had lots of friends whom he hung out with during the weekends. He also had a beautiful fiance with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life. Unfortunately, Peter lost everything that he had. He looks deep within himself and finds out what he is doing wrong. He then begins a journey to find his true self and figure out the career type that works for him.


The film Rocky is about a young boxer trying to climb his way up the ladder of success. He is a journeyman and typically fights in small gyms. A popular boxer named Apollo Creed has been booked for an important boxing match, but the opponent injures his hand. Creed picks Rocky, a local boxer, to switch things up and fight with him. Rocky begins to train very hard for the fight initially, but he seems reluctant to participate in the match. His friends and associates manage to convince him otherwise.

On the day of the long-awaited fight, both boxers give it their all in the ring. Creed was declared the winner at the end of everything, but both men fought well. The lesson to be learned here is that it doesn’t matter how small or undersized of a person you are. It’s all about your focus and determination. You never know how far you can go until you start. Rocky has spanned seven sequels.

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Next up on the movie list is Moneyball. It is based on a true story. This film is about Billy Beane, the General Manager of the Oakland Athletics Major League baseball team. His job is to put the best team on the field, but he has a couple of problems. The team loses three key players to free agency. Also, the team has a limited budget.

Billy begins to look for solutions and ways to bring the team back to its former glory. He eventually can get some players, and the team makes the playoffs. The movie tries to tell us that we should never give up on whatever we are doing because there is always a ray of sunshine at the end of the road. This goes out to entrepreneurs facing one challenge or another; the best solution is never to give up but to continue striving for greatness.

The Wolf of Wall Street

This movie is centered around Jordan Belfort and his partner, Donnie Azoff. The film highlights how these two made a lot of money from stockbroking. It also shows us that high-risk pay is particularly useful to any budding entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, you should be willing to take risks. Just make sure that the risks you are taking are legal.

Another point to note from this movie is the oozing confidence from both partners, which is another key trait every entrepreneur must harness. You must have confidence in yourself and confidence in your business. Martin Scorsese directed this blockbuster.

The Intern

This movie revolves mainly around Jules Ostin’s life, which Anne Hathaway portrayed. She owns and is CEO of a fashion enterprise specializing in dresses, shoes, and other fashion accessories. She first started off the business with only a little capital. With time, the company grew, and she had other people coming in to invest their money in the fashion business. This film teaches people just starting their business that they should never give up regardless of their challenges. This is an excellent movie.

The Founder

The next film on the list of best movies for entrepreneurs is The Founder. This film is about the life of a young man, Ray Kroc. He was a salesman who struggled to earn a living. A few years later, after working as a salesman, he decided to move away to another town where he met two brothers by name; Mac and Dick McDonald. The two brothers own a restaurant where they sell fast food. Rays joined the business and helped to expand the restaurant. He made the McDonald brothers think big as he devised new ideas to help move the business forward.

The lesson is that selecting the correct type of partner when entering a business, especially as a new startup, is essential. It would be best to connect with someone who can think out of the box, giving quick solutions to a pending issue. The movie also teaches entrepreneurs how to tolerate frustration and challenges that might always come their way. This is one of the best movies for entrepreneurs or anyone looking for some grit.

The Pursuit of Happiness

This biopic concerns a single dad, Chris Gardner, and his son. Chris struggles daily to make money to feed his son. This movie is inspiring as it teaches entrepreneurs that it is vital to keep pushing ahead despite how hard things might be. Challenges will always come in all businesses, but entrepreneurs must overcome those barriers to succeed. This is one of the best movies for entrepreneurs.


The movie talks about the life of a man named Carl Casper. He is a humble chef who lost his only livelihood in a popular restaurant because he had a critic criticize his work. He had to set up a new means of earning money by getting a food van and preparing different meals for buyers. Carl did not deter his love for cooking as he kept pushing hard to expand his new business and move to higher grounds. This movie teaches us about perseverance and how to always stand for what we believe in.

These are some of the best movies for entrepreneurs. An entrepreneur’s life might be difficult initially, but if you keep pushing, your business will move to the next level in all areas. What makes an entrepreneur successful is to be resourceful with the company’s capital; they also have to be willing to listen to ideas from others. If you ever find yourself down, check out these classic movies occasionally.

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