30 Day Debt Smash Challenge

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30 Day Debt Smash Challenge

The 30 Day Debt Smash Challenge will be from April 1st – April 30th.

The challenge will consist of the following:

  • Choose a debt of $500 or more 
  • Choose a goal of how much you want to pay on it
  • Find different ways to make money so that you can reach that goal
  • You can make payments on it from April 1st – April 31st

I will share weekly updates every Wednesday. I also encourage you to share updates. You can share an update in my Facebook group, or you can leave a comment at the bottom of this post until April 31st. 

I will also share updates on TikTok and Instagram a couple of times per week.

On May 3rd, I’m giving away $25 Amazon gift cards to four people who actively participate in the challenge throughout the month. 

What I’m Paying off

I have a private student loan with Sofi. The amount is $8461.

My goal is to apply an extra 2500 to it.

I plan to achieve that through multiple side hustles, blog income, tasks, and potential work bonuses. 

It’s now your turn. In the comments, list your debt, the amount you want to pay, and how you plan to pay it. 

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  1. jane morgan says:

    I plan to pay off my lazy boy chair. It has a balance of $750. I will primarily use ebay, mercari, and poshmark to do this.

  2. I have a zero interest credit card that I want to pay off before the interest kicks in in June. I plan to sell some designer items from my closet, some pieces of estate jewelry, and silver coins.

  3. jane morgan says:

    This week I changed my goal from my lazy boy chair to my IRS bill. It has 550 remaining and I paid 250 by cashing in on an app I totally forgot about (inbox dollars) and getting 50 from a couple of online sales (ebay, mercari).

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