50 Unique Blog Topic Ideas

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As a blogger, you might run out of blog topic ideas from time to time. It happens. Sometimes your mind just goes blank. I’ve been blogging for over five years and it’s happened to me before. If you’re in that situation and you feel like you’re running out of blog ideas, you will enjoy today’s post. In this article, I’ll be going over 50 blog topic ideas. After reading this list, it will be a while before you run out of blog topics. Depending on your blog, you may not be able to use every idea, but I’m sure you will be able to use a few of them.

1.  “How To” Posts

“How to” posts can be great for your blog. Whatever you’re an expert at, you can write about it. I’ve had several “how to” posts on my blog, including How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing or How to Save for an Emergency Fund.

2. Interviews

Are there people in your industry that you want to get to know? Are they making a difference? If so, you should interview them on your site. I have a side hustle series, where I interview people that are doing side hustles. Those posts keep me motivated. When it comes to the interviews, they can be short or long. You could even create videos. It’s all up to you.

3. Current Events

The third one on this blog topic idea list is to discuss current events. To be honest, it’s all types of foolishness going on in the world right now. From our crazy president to seeing how LeBron is going to do with the Lakers this season, there is never a dull moment.

4. Life Updates

Has anything big or important happened in your life lately? If so, share it on your blog. Some of the best posts on my site are the ones where I get personal.

5. Mother’s Day

You can do a Mother’s Day post where you share different gift ideas.

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6. Host a Giveaway

If you are trying to get more people to your blog quickly, you can host a giveaway. You can set it up through Rafflecopter and promote it.

7. Father’s Day

Similar to the Mother’s Day post, you can share gift ideas for Father’s Day.

8. Blog Post Round-Up

Have you read any blog posts that stuck out to you recently? If so, you can do a round-up on your blog featuring them. I used to do a monthly round-up where I shared ten posts that I enjoyed reading during the previous month.

9. Product Review

If you do affiliate marketing on your blog, you can do product reviews. People review all types of things such as banks, airlines, and appliances. Figure out which products are in your niche and go from there.

10. Goals

Number 10 on this list of blog topics is goals. You can share your monthly or yearly goals on your blog. By doing that your readers will hold you accountable. I share a couple of goals on my site at the beginning of each year.

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11. Debt Update

If you’re in debt, share those updates even if your debt increases. It will motivate your readers. It’s also good to document it because you can see your progress each month.

12. Spring Break Travel

You can discuss different destinations for people to travel to during the spring.

13. Statistics

You can talk about different statistics about something in your industry. For example, if your blog is about baseball, you can discuss the top batting averages in the National League or something of that nature. Just make sure that you post legitimate stats. You don’t want to lose your credibility by posting false things.

14. Favorite Side Hustles

You can talk about your favorite side hustles.

15. Movie Reviews

If you have an entertainment blog, you can write about new movies when they come out.

16. Resolutions

At the beginning of every year, you can do a New Year’s resolutions post. You can share with your audience a few things that you want to accomplish in the upcoming year. In December, you can review that post to check your progress,

17. Credit Card Reviews

You can talk about the best credit cards that are currently out right now. You can compare the different rewards that the credit card has. Also, you can share with people which ones have annual fees and which ones don’t.

18. Different Ways to Travel

If you have a travel blog, you can discuss different ways to travel. You can talk about the differences in flying, driving, or traveling by train.

19. Dumb Mistakes Made in College

I can’t be the only person that made dumb mistakes in college. If you made mistakes in college, you can share them on your blog. Let your readers know what you learned from them.

20. Meal Prep

You can make posts teaching people how to meal prep. A lot of folks are working on their diets, so a post like this would be received very well.

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21. Winter Destinations

This is another travel-related post idea. You can share 5-10 popular winter destinations that people can visit.

22. Checklists

Checklists are very popular. Depending on what you write about, your checklist post could be short or it could be a long one. An example of a checklist post can be found here.

23. List of Work at Home Jobs

You can create a post that features different work at home jobs. People are always looking for those types of opportunities. That post could bring a decent amount of traffic to your site if it’s done right.

24. Airbnb Stories

If you use Airbnb to rent your house out, you can talk about the different experiences that you’ve had.

25. How to Save Money

We are halfway to number 50! The next one on the blog topic ideas list is to create a post that teaches people how to save money. In the post, you can list 10-20 tips on the topic.

26. MLM’s

You can discuss MLM’s and why they are scams. Hopefully, you’ll be able to save someone from wasting their time and money.

27. Regrets

You can discuss any regrets that you have in life on your blog. They can be personal or business-related. Reading about people’s regrets keeps me focused to live my best life.

28. Survey

You can create a survey for your audience. I did that a few years and it helped me come up with a year’s worth of blog topics & ideas. It’s almost time for me to do another survey on this blog.

29. Black Friday

Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days of the year. You can promote different Black Friday deals on your blog.

30. Best Bank Account

You can do a review where you find out which bank has the best accounts and services.

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31. Favorite Travel Site

You can discuss your favorite travel website to use.

32. Relationship Mistakes

If you talk about your love life on your site, you can discuss your relationship mistakes.

33. Compare and Contrast

You can compare and contrast different things on your blog.

34. Daily Schedule

I love it when a blogger does “A Day in the Life of” post. They give us insight into what an average day is for them.

35. Books You’ve Read

You can do a post going over the books that you have read or are currently reading. Include the title, author, and a short paragraph on what the book is about.

36. Donald Trump

You probably can create several months of posts about some of the things Trump has done.

37. Tips For College Students

Share any tips that you have for college students.

38. TV Show Previews

If you watch a lot of television, you can give reviews about different shows.

39. Christmas

I love the Christmas holidays. You can create multiple posts about the holiday season.

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40. Tutorials

Tutorials are next on the blog topic ideas list. What do you like? What do you consider yourself to be an expert at? If you can answer those questions you are ready to create a tutorial post.

41. Favorite YouTube Channel

You can write about your favorite YouTube channels.

42. Income Reports

If you make money with your blog, you can consider doing a monthly income report. You can share how you make your online money and show your readers exactly where it comes from. Here is an example of an income report that goes into detail.

43. Case Studies

Case studies are usually good reads. Depending on what your niche is you may be able to do several of those kinds of posts.

44. About Me

You can do a post where you talk exclusively about yourself.

45. Budgeting Tips

If you blog about personal finance, you can create a post about budgeting tips.

46. Food Recipes

If you talk about food on your blog, it should be a no-brainer to post about recipes from time to time.

47. Bucket list

Do you have a bucket list? I have one. I’ve shared a couple of things that are on it with my audience before. You should consider doing the same thing. Bucket list posts are fun to write. You can motivate your readers to create a bucket list of their own.

48. FAQ’s

Do you get a lot of the same questions asked over and over again? If the answer is yes, create an FAQ post that answers all of them.

49. Rant

An online rant can make for good content. If there is something that you want to get off your chest, make a post about it.

50. Podcast

Here is the final blog post idea on this list. You can write a post talking about the different podcasts that you enjoy.

We’ve reached the end! Those were 50 blog topic ideas. If you were struggling with coming up with ideas and content, this post should help you. Get started today.

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Have you ever run out of blog topics?





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  3. Yay! This helps when I have trouble coming up with ideas! Saved for later. Thanks.

  4. This is a great list of inspiration. #36 made me laugh out loud. I’m thinking about doing a couple of takes on a bucket list for my next couple of posts just to break out of my usual “destination guide” content.

    1. Lol. I couldn’t resist with number 36. Thanks for reading.

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    #36 is so true and hilarious!
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