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make money with rakuten

What’s going on, everyone? I hope everything is going well for you. Have you ever heard of Rakuten? I’m sure some of you have. Rakuten is a cashback website that focuses on online shopping. I had heard about it and signed up for it a couple of years ago. Since then, I’ve been able to get cashback for many of my online purchases, including travel on Priceline. You may be wondering if you can make money with Rakuten. Believe it or not, you can earn extra cash with Rakuten. Today’s post will be an honest Rakuten review.

I am going to run through the following things I found out about Rakuten:

  • What is Rakuten?
  • Can I Really Make Money with Rakuten?
  • Is Rakuten Flawless?
  • Does Rakuten work outside the United States and Canada?
  • Ways to Earn Cash Back as a Rakuten Member
  • What stores are on Rakuten?
  • Is Rakuten free?

What is Rakuten?

I gave a very brief definition of Rakuten earlier. Here’s the in-depth version. Rakuten is a loyalty platform that allows you to earn cashback on your daily purchases. Rakuten has partnered with more than 2,500 stores nationwide. Rakuten also provides cashback rewards with special offers, promo codes, hot daily deals, and coupons to ensure customers’ maximum satisfaction. For the past 20 years, Rakuten has provided online shoppers various cashback deals. It originated in San Francisco, California.

Can I Really Make Money with Rakuten?

Yes, you can! You may be asking yourself how you can make money with Rakuten. It depends on how much you shop online. If you do a lot of online shopping, your chance to make money increases. You can also make money by referring people to sign up for Rakuten.  All you have to do is open an account with Rakuten, then you can invite your friends and family to join.

Sign up for Rakuten here and get $10 cash back.

You can also share Rakuten via email, Facebook, or by copying your referral link. If you have one, you could also add the link and a small Rakuten widget anywhere on your website or blog.

Is Rakuten Flawless?

I wish I could say yes, but this wouldn’t be an honest Rakuten review. I do not believe many things can be flawless. There are always good and bad opinions. This wouldn’t be a good Rakuten review if we didn’t discuss the flaws.

However, finding the “Flaw” with Rakuten was difficult.

It’s free, and they have an app that you can install on Android and Apple products.

These are a few flaws I noticed:

  • You could be shopping one day and see 7% Cash Back, and then a few weeks later, it is no longer found on Rakuten.
  • It can take up to 48 hours before your account will be credited. If you don’t see it in your account, notify them about it via a form on their site.
  • You will only get your Cash Back payout once every 3 months. It’s not a big problem for me. Getting extra money every three months is better than not getting anything extra at all.
  • You may spend more due to the reward (cashback) attached to the product. You must ensure that you are disciplined and only purchase things you need. Don’t start buying things online just because you can get cashback. You shouldn’t change your spending habits to make money on Rakuten.

Does Rakuten work outside the United States and Canada?

Yes, it does! Only If the online retailer ships outside the U.S and Canada. Kindly note your cashback will come to you in whatever currency you set up as your initial payment method.

Ways to Earn Cash Back as a Rakuten Member

The cashback program provides its members with remarkable tools and features for added convenience. As a Rakuten member, you can earn your cashback rewards in the ways that best suit your needs at any time.

For example, you can earn cashback via the Rakuten website, mobile Rakuten app, Cash Back Button, in-store cashback, email, refer-a-friend, and Cash Back Visa credit card. That’s quite a few ways to make money with Rakuten. (Website)

Shopping online using and getting cashback in your pocket is simple. You can earn cashback on your online purchases when you click on any Rakuten link and get a pop-up confirmation that you’ve activated a Rakuten Shopping Trip. Afterward, you will be sent to the online store to start shopping. This is my favorite way to use Rakuten right now. If I’m shopping for a Christmas or Birthday gift, I go through Rakuten first. It’s an easy way to get some extra cash.


You can start a Shopping Trip by following any link from Rakuten emails. A new window will open, letting you know that cashback on your purchases has been activated.

Rakuten Mobile App

You can activate a shopping trip, as mentioned earlier, simply by clicking a Rakuten affiliate link on the Rakuten app. A new pop-up window will open and direct you to the store. Your account will be credited the cashback when you make a qualifying purchase.

Refer a Friend and Earn Cash Back

I love this next feature. Once you refer a friend, the program pays you and your friends in cashback. Each member is given a unique link, which you can find by visiting the Refer-a-friend page. Send your link to your friends through social media, email, or text.

Once the friend you refer signs up with Rakuten via your unique link and makes his or her first purchase within 1 year of joining, you both earn a cashback reward. You also qualify for a refer-a-friend cash bonus if your friend provides the email address used on your Rakuten account when signing up. Who doesn’t like bonuses?

What stores are on Rakuten?

Rakuten works with more than 2,500 retailers. Popular ones include Target, Macy’s, Amazon, eBay, Apple, Walmart, Kohl’s, Nike, and Groupon.

Is Rakuten free?

YES! Rakuten is free and easy to use, and you get FREE money just for buying the things you normally buy online! In 2022, you are probably shopping online anyway, so why not get cashback by doing that? I hope you enjoyed this Rakuten review. Hopefully, you’ve downloaded the Rakuten app as well. Sign up for Rakuten here today if you’re ready to get some cash back.


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