How to Pay Off Debt Faster

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Many people are in some type of debt. Whether it’s student loans or credit card debt, people are feeling its burden. It doesn’t have to be forever, though. Many people are taking charge of their situations and are paying off that debt with different side hustles. Today, I want to share with you 10 side hustles that can help you pay off debt faster. This list will show you how to pay off debt fast with low income.


The 1st side hustle that can help you pay off debt faster is to sell items on eBay.  I’ve been selling on eBay for a few years now. People will buy almost anything. Anyone can sell on eBay. It’s free to set up an account. When deciding on what to sell all you have to do is check their website and do a little research. Some items that I have sold over the years are sports jerseys and coffee mugs.

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Selling T-Shirts

Selling t-shirts is another side hustle that you can do to make some extra money. In the past, you would have to spend money on designs, printing, and inventory. Now, more than ever it’s easier to design and sell shirts for free. There are websites such as Teespring and Merch By Amazon, which allow you to upload or create a design and sell it. You can make money on every shirt that sells. If you have a design that goes viral, you can make thousands of dollars on it. Benny Hsu has made over $100,000 selling t-shirts. That is motivation right there.

Online Surveys

The third side hustle that you can try is online surveys. While you will not get rich by completing them, you can make a couple of hundred dollars per month if you work hard at it. There are several legit survey sites to choose from such as Swagbucks or Amazon Mechanical Turk. I’ve collected quite a few gift cards from Swagbucks over the years. Below are a couple of more survey companies that you should check out. Click on each link for more information.

Opinion Outpost Surveys

Inbox Dollars

Survey Junkie


Freelancing is another side hustle that can help you pay off debt faster. The sky could be the limit for you when you freelance. The more you work, the more money you can make. It’s that simple. There are several types of freelancers out there such as writers, photographers, web designers, and social media assistants.  To get started you can tell your friends and family about your services. Also, you can sign up on a platform like Fiverr and Upwork.

Part-Time Job

The next thing that can help you pay off debt faster is to get a part-time job. If you work a 9-5 job, you can work a part-time job on weeknights or on the weekends. There are always food delivery driver and restaurant staff opportunities available. If you need to pay off debt, you should check out some of those part-time jobs today.

Start Your Own Blog

Are you a good writer? If the answer is yes, put it to use. Why waste your God-given gift? You can start by writing on people’s blogs and getting paid for it. When you’re ready, you can start your own blog. There are blog sites like WordPress and Blogger that let you set up a free blog. There are other sites like Bluehost or Siteground where you can create a self-hosted site. Write good stuff and promote each post. Create enough traffic then sign up for ads. You get paid when a person views your ads. As traffic increases, you get paid more. Before you know it, you’ve cleared all your debts, and you are even living a lavish lifestyle.

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Become a Delivery Driver

Do you have a car or a scooter? Do you have a smartphone? If the answer is yes, you can sign up to become a driver working for companies like Uber or Doordash. You get paid for the number of deliveries you make each day. This can help you pay off your debt in no time if you are committed.  These companies allow you to work anytime you choose.  Delivering food from restaurants to customers is very easy. I’ve done some driving for both companies before. Most of the time, it has been easy. Depending on where you live, you can make a lot of money.

Sign up for Uber Eats 

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Review Apps or Websites

Slicethepie allows you to review music from unsigned bands or musicians. It might take a while to build up your reputation, but you can get paid $40 per month when you do. It might not sound much but remember it is a side hustle. You could be doing three more jobs with it and be earning a lot. If you like music, it shouldn’t be hard work for you.

With, you get to review websites and get paid for it. Each review takes 20 minutes, and you get paid $10 via PayPal.


Decluttr is a company that gives you money for old phones, DVDs, and more. This is another creative way to help you pay off debt faster. You can sell off your old games and movies that are all over your room, not in use, and get your cash. You can ask your friends and family if they have some items that they want to get rid of. If they do, you will have more things to send to Decluttr. The more items that you send gives you the opportunity to make more money.

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Baby Sitting or Dog Sitting

You can get paid to babysit a child. This is easy, except the child is really troublesome. All you have to do is watch over them, watch tv, and play a few games with the kid. If you think children are too much work, you could opt for dog sitting instead. Dogs are less stressful. You just have to take them for walks, know what they eat, and don’t eat. Just keep them happy, and at the end of the day, you get paid your cash. You could join Rover for dog sitting and dog walking. Create a free profile on Care Babysitting.

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Are there any other ways that you know of to pay off debt faster?



  1. I don’t blame you. Since I’ve started freelancing, I haven’t thought about a part time job since.

    1. Those part-time jobs are nothing but trouble and shallow employment!

  2. It all depends on what your immediate needs are. If you need cash ASAP to start digging yourself out of a hole and get some breathing room, a part-time job may be best. Some of the “sexier” or easier side hustles that you can do on your own time, when you want to work, are better if you are “okay” right now but could use some long-term upside to help eliminate debt faster.

    1. Great tip. It truly depends on your needs at the moment.

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