The Pros and Cons of Frontier Airlines

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pros & cons of Frontier Airlines

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to fly with Frontier Airlines. I can’t lie, I was a little nervous. The reviews for Frontier were not the best, but I wanted to stay within my budget. I booked a return flight from Las Vegas to Atlanta with them. I had a layover in Denver. The ticket was inexpensive, so I figured what the hell. In this post, I share some pros and cons of Frontier Airlines.

The first thing that I must say is that when booking a flight with Frontier, you have to make sure that you read their policies. The website explains EVERYTHING from baggage fees to info about snacks. I can guarantee that half the people that left negative reviews about Frontier on Yelp did not read the policy information on their site. I’m sure that most of their problems would not have happened if they would have taken a couple of extra minutes to read it. It’s similar to many people being mad about Spirit Airlines because they don’t read everything.

Frontier Airlines Review

Below are the pros and cons of my trip.



As stated earlier I flew from Las Vegas to Denver, then from Denver to Atlanta. Both of the flights were on time. There weren’t any delays or anything else wrong. With the flights being on time, that meant that I’d get to my destination on time. That was good because I only had a few days in Vegas this go-round. If you’ve ever flown before, you know how important it is to get to your destination on time.


Both of the planes that I flew on were clean. I had read a couple of reviews where people said there was a little trash on the ground under the seat in front of them. I didn’t see anything like that. The bathrooms were even clean. A clean plane makes the flying experience so much better. If you’ve ever flown on a plane that wasn’t 100% up to par, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Flights Attendants

The flight attendants were very nice. They even explained the snack menu in detail to an older couple that was seated in front of me. They seemed legitimately happy to be working for the airlines. I’m not sure how many times you’ve flown, but that is not always the case. They were really on their game.


I stated earlier that the ticket price was inexpensive. I’m going to get into details about that now. My flight cost $119. That was an excellent price for a one-way ticket going out west. I only had to pay $20 to check my bag. That made my total charges to Frontier $139. You can’t beat that, especially for a flight to Las Vegas. Frontier seems to have pretty good prices for most of their destinations. To make sure that you get the best ticket price, book your flight a few weeks in advance. For this flight, I booked mine 6 weeks before the trip.


The plane had enough space for me. Reading some of the reviews, I thought people would be packed together like sardines or something. I’m glad that wasn’t the case. I could stretch out with no problems. If you have a carry-on, there is space for the bag above your seat. Just don’t go overboard. If your bag is too big, you will have to check it in.



One thing that could be a slight con is that the seats didn’t recline on either of the planes I was on. I know that could a big deal for some people. If you are over six feet, I’d suggest that you sit on the front wrong or the emergency row if you can. Even though I couldn’t recline my seat, it wasn’t really bad. If you want to get a little more comfortable, you can grab the travel pillow below.

No Wi-Fi

This isn’t really that big of a con, but the majority of their planes don’t have Wi-Fi. That wasn’t a big deal to me. I slept and listened to music for the majority of my flights.

This concludes my post going over the pros and cons of Frontier Airlines. I had a better than expected experience flying with them. In my opinion, they are a little better than Spirit Airlines. I would probably fly with Frontier again if it saved me money.

Have you ever flown with Frontier Airlines? What are your pros and cons of Frontier Airlines?

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  1. Never have flown with Frontier Airlines but based in this review, I might. Never do recline my seat anyway and love that the guy in front of me can’t! LOL

    1. Frontier was surprisingly good and they are affordable. You can’t beat that.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, I flew Frontier Airlines one time and never again! I was flying from Sacramento to Minneapolis. When I got on the plane in Sacramento, someone was in my seat. Frontier double booked my seat, which they do deliberately. The flight attendant simple dismissed me out-of-hand and said go talk to the people at the desk. The desk told me they could get me on a plane in 2 days! My husband had driven me the one hour to the airport, and I called him again to pick me up. Just as he drove up, someone came out and said they had a seat for me on a later plane that day.

    What really bugged me about this airline was their general rudeness. I am a very mild person, but I became angry about this. I had bought and paid for a seat on that plane. I was traveling to see a family member recovering from surgery. When my voice began to rise a little in anger, they said they were calling security. Excuse me? Never, never again will I fly Frontier. I stick with Southwest and never have any problems.

    1. Forget about flying with your pet!! They su c k!!

  3. Glad to hear this Jason. I live near Newark Airport and most of the flights are with United, an airline that has the worst customer service this side of Comcast. I’ve been curious about Frontier because they fly into Trenton which is farther away from me but potentially promises a much less congested experience.

    1. Check them out when you get a chance. I think you’d be pleaseantly surprised.

  4. I’ve never flown on Frontier, so good information to hear. It’s always good to hear about the alternatives to the big ones!

  5. I’ve never flown Frontier either but based on your review I’d certainly give them a try if the opportunity arose. Thanks!

  6. I don’t fly or for that matter, travel so can’t really say anything about Frontier. I do feel this post can be helpful to a lot of travelers although reading the comments, not everyone is happy. Your post though will probably encourage some to at least give Frontier a chance, especially considering the savings.

  7. No but I live in sunny UK.

    Your review covers absolutely everything for a person flying with Frontier . You do not scrimp on words but let it flow.

  8. I never flew Frontier but I did hear a review about them. They did say to check the policy. I’m glad you had a good experience.

  9. I have a warm place in my heart for frontier airlines is that is the airline I used to move to Los Angeles. And I too stopped in Denver (I think that is where almost all their flights stop since that is their main hub.) I remember going over Vegas and the pilot said to look out the right so we could see all the lights. I had never been to the west coast so I was so excited to see Vegas, even if it was from very far away. Frontier is no frills. So if you’re expecting frills just use a different airline. I personally thought they were just fine.

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