The Vegas Bachelor Party of your Dreams, on the Cheap!

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Las Vegas, Nevada, what can I say about the city? It’s one of the best places to party in the country. You’ve probably seen The Hangover and even thought about how it would be to have a bachelor party in Las Vegas.

It may cost an arm and a leg to go to Las Vegas and have a Vegas bachelor party. Believe it or not, it doesn’t.

There are many ways of spending awesome days together with your buddies in the metropolis of the US state of Nevada. If you’ve been tasked with organizing your best bro’s bachelor party, you’ll need a few tips to make that happen. You can do it. Here are some of the ways you can make that dream a reality. It will be one worthy of all the scenes in the movies that you’ve fantasized over, involving tigers, memory loss, and former heavyweight champions of the world.

Plan Ahead and Book Smart

The first key to planning an affordable yet hellacious Vegas raid is not blowing your cash before you even get there by booking hotels beyond your pay grade. No, start small and build up.

The first and most important thing to remember is that staying in Vegas midweek is infinitely cheaper than going on a weekend. Alert your friends in advance and tell them to book time off work. With that done, you now need to search for hotels. They can be on or off the strip. Hotels on the strip will give you the best views, but they will also cost a little more unless you choose the Circus Circus Hotel. Staying off the strip is another option for you to consider. While this may sound better for some of your squad members, the rest of you will appreciate that merely having to walk a couple of blocks will save you hundreds of dollars. You can always get a driver or even a party bus if you only need to do something other than walk.

Never Go Hungry Thanks to Vegas Buffets

When it comes to food, there are tons of places to choose from in Las Vegas. You can do regular restaurants, or you can get yourself a buffet. No self-respecting party animal should ever undertake a Vegas day party without first tucking into an all you can eat buffet, which will save you from having to eat any further meals throughout the day.

Sometimes it Pays to Tip

Let’s face it; casinos are unavoidable in Vegas. One of the keys to doing the housework for you is realizing that they’ll serve you free drinks if they suspect you might be set to drop a few crisp notes at the tables. With this in mind, dress nicely, tip decent the first time the waitress comes calling, and then sit back and bask in the array of brightly colored complimentary cocktails that will be delivered on demand.

Arrive Early and Stay Late

Because you got your party started early in the day, you’ll be primed to head to the club of your choice early, which is ideal because clubs love early arrivals who get the party pumping, so they don’t have to. After paying a reduced entry charge, be sure to chat up the waiters and waitresses (don’t be creepy) and mention that your friend is about to get married, paving the way for yet more complimentary drinks and nibbles.

Another option is to pay for a VIP in advance. If you do that you can get to the club whenever you want. You also will have a section that features a couch. You can’t beat that.

Beyond midnight, we can provide no more tips than to keep your wits about you and wish you good luck with the mother of all morning headaches.

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