20 Unique Gifts For Graduates

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unique gifts for graduatesHello, everyone. It’s springtime, so you know that it’s almost graduation season. Students from all over the country will graduate from high school and college. They’ve spent years in the classroom, and they are preparing for that moment to walk across the stage. It’s an incredible feeling. My last graduation was in 2008. I can’t believe that it’s been ten years. I still remember that moment like yesterday. My friends and family visited Savannah to see me walk across that stage.

One way that you can show the graduate in your life some love is by purchasing him or her a graduation gift. There are hundreds of things to choose from. Today, I want to share with you 15 unique gifts for graduates. Most of the gifts can be for both high school & college graduates. Let’s start with the first gift idea.

Apple Watch

Everyone could use a nice watch. I wore my last one until it literally broke. Millennials love Apple products. Look at how many people wait in line for the new iPhone releases. This Apple watch right here is pretty stylish. Your graduate will definitely like it.

Sports Tickets

If the graduate enjoys sports, this next gift option will come in clutch. Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer are in full effect during May. Depending on where you live, an NBA team might play in the playoffs. They’d enjoy tickets to their favorite sporting event. When purchasing your tickets, you should check StubHub. StubHub is my favorite place to get tickets. In most cases, its pricing is lower than its competitors.

Gift Cards

You can’t go wrong with gift cards. If you’re unsure what to get your graduate, grab them a gift card to one of their favorite stores. If you’re unsure what their favorite store is, grab them a gift card from Amazon. They have damn near everything.

Amazon Prime

While discussing Amazon, you should consider purchasing Amazon Prime for your graduate. Amazon Prime is a program that allows members to stream music, videos, and books. It also provides free shipping and other savings. Amazon Prime has a free 30-day trial. After that, you pay $99 per year or $10.99 per month. If your graduate is going to college, you can also consider Amazon Prime Student. It has a free 6-month trial. After that, it’s $49 per year.

Amazon Echo

If you want to get your graduate a state-of-the-art gift, the Amazon Echo is it. It is one of the more unique gifts for graduates on this list. It is a state-of-the-art smart speaker that you can talk to. The Echo can play music, create to-do lists, create alarms, and more.

College Dorm Trunk

This could be the perfect gift for a high school graduate. Most college dorms only have so much room. A trunk will help them with storage. Students can put their clothes, bedding, and laundry supplies in it. The picture above is an example of a good sturdy trunk. One of my roommates had a trunk similar to this during my freshman year in college. Not only was it a trunk, but it also served as a place to sit.

T-Shirts or Jerseys

T-Shirts it jerseys can be another good gift idea. There are tons of items to choose from. If the graduate likes sports, you can get them their favorite team’s jersey. If they like Marvel or DC comics, you can get them a shirt with their favorite superhero.


If I were graduating, I’d love a free trip. Heck, I’d enjoy a free trip right now. Any graduate would be happy to receive a free flight or hotel stay somewhere. Orlando is an excellent city to visit. There is more than just Disney World down there.


If you’re not willing to splurge on a trip, you could get your graduate some new luggage. Suitcases get old, and they can break at the worst time. The handle broke on mine in the airport once. I was pissed.  Some new luggage could be exactly what your graduate needs. This three piece-set from Samsonite is pretty nice.

Coffee Maker

If your graduate is a coffee maker, this is their gift. By making their own coffee, they won’t have to give their money to Starbucks anymore.  Above is the Cuisinart DCC-3200. It is a best seller.


The next unique gift for graduates is a drone. If your graduate likes video or photography, a drone could help them with their hobby. This drone has live streaming and HD video.


Any graduate would enjoy a tablet. Some people like them because they are smaller than most laptops. This Fire Tablet comes with 8 or 16 GB. It’s only $50.


Getting your graduate some stock in his or her favorite company is an excellent idea. In my opinion, the stock market should be used to build long-term wealth. There are several brokers to choose from. Stockpile is a very affordable option. You only pay $0.99 per trade. You can also purchase shares of any amount. They are offering new users $5 that they can use towards their first purchase.


Knowledge is power. Just because someone is graduating doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t stop learning. I will always enjoy picking up a physical book to read. Some good books that I’d suggest that people check out are:

The Millionaire Next Door – Thomas J. Stanley

Hustle Away Debt – David Carlson

You Only Live Once – Jason Vitug


Next on the list is cash. It’s not really one of the best unique gifts for graduates, but you can’t go wrong with that. It’s a very straightforward and easy gift. You won’t have to spend time searching online or at the mall for it. I doubt any graduate would be mad if you gave them some money.

Gravity Blanket

After several years in school, finally, fresh graduates have enough time to relax. Because of that, a gift that will help them relax comfortably would be a big hit. Weighted blankets can help them relax, and the most recommended of this blanket series is the gravity blanket. I recently saw a test comparing the gravity blanket to its weighted blanket competitors, which outdid them by a mile.


Airpods, Apple’s cult favorite, are, in my opinion, the best wireless earbuds out there. This is another good item on the unique gifts for graduates. Everyone wants to have one. So, if you are shopping for a lover of Apple’s product, they will surely cherish and adore it. AirPods are gifts that come in handy for every busy and mundane adulthood moment, such as workouts, dishwashing, commuting, and even traveling.

Kindle Unlimited Subscription

Similar to the “books” option, here is another alternative. Just because reading is not mandatory after graduating doesn’t imply that someone must stop reading. Many argue that adults should read more than they did in school. Reading enhances mental stimulation and is an instrumental approach to spending free time anytime you intend to take a break from watching TV or social media. The only issue almost everyone has with books is that they sometimes tend to be expensive unless, of course, with unlimited access to e-books. That is precisely what kindle unlimited offers. It is a perfect gift for bookworms and doesn’t require an e-reader to access – they can access it right on their smartphones.

Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans


Adults use many cards ranging from loyalty cards, gift cards to credit cards, healthcare cards, and the list goes on like that. The cards keep coming as one age, so naturally, they will need a place to keep all of them. Not to mention the cash they will start earning in the real world – that also needs a home. To keep all of these small mementos, get them a nice wallet. It is a simple gift, but it will be handy for them in the long run, irrespective of technological advancement (unless robots replace cards and money, but I believe we are still far from that).


If you are shopping for a graduate who loves carrying around bags, you may consider getting them a handbag. Although not everyone loves handbags, anyone will appreciate labeled and fashionable ones. Handbags come in handy for bringing belongings here and there. Although there are limited places to visit now due to restrictions, this situation is temporary. But a lovely handbag? Permanent. Even they get tired of it. They can sell it on online platforms like eBay – at least someone will still be using what you spent your cash on for several years to come.

Are there any other unique gifts for graduates that you can think of?



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