12 Ways to Earn Amazon Gift Cards

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Amazon is a massive and colossal company. I’m sure you already know that, though. But do you know what’s even more intriguing? Despite every company counting its costs from the COVID-19 pandemic, the tech giant still delivered a record performance amidst the pandemic. Its 2020 performance surpassed the previous year by 38%, which brought up the performance to about $386 billion – a over $100 billion increase from a year earlier. To represent this from a perspective, according to a report by PayScale, the average retail store owner generated roughly $51,000 in 2018.

Amazon is a very convenient, straightforward, and easy-to-use platform, especially when you sign up for the Prime version. We all know about the free shipping plans, but do you know you also get access to free picture storage? 

All these are good, but something even better is getting what you want for free. Today, everyone is seeking ways to get ahead of our expenses to keep our budget in check. One viable option for saving a few bucks when making purchases or buying gifts for your loved ones and friends is to use Amazon Gift Cards.

Although they won’t make you rich, saving a few dollars doesn’t hurt. In fact, it is a reliable long-term cost-saving approach. Consider it one of the several weapons in your arsenal to generate passive income online.

There are several ways to get your hand on one quickly and at no cost. I have compiled twelve proven strategies to earn Amazon Gift Cards in this article.

How to Earn Amazon Gift Cards 

1. Play Games

This option will intrigue you more if you enjoy online gaming. Some sites enable you to play games in exchange for points. Subsequently, you can then exchange these points for gift cards or PayPal cash or gift cards for sites like Amazon.

Platforms such as Appdown, Swagbucks, and AppNana, are viable options for this point system. It requires playing games, attaining a particular level, temporarily downloading apps, or watching videos. However, ensure that you go through the terms and conditions before registering to ensure you are not sharing more data than you should be giving away.

Even so, you shouldn’t expect massive rewards from this. However, if you’re already playing the eligible games, having fun while earning should sound nice. A platform like AppNana even gives out reward points simply for daily logins.

2. Take Surveys

Don’t worry if you’re the type who doesn’t enjoy gaming. Try taking surveys instead. Platforms like Survey JunkieInbox Dollarsand Opinion Outpost, among others, offer you access to surveys that cover a vast range of topics and discourse. After you submit the survey, you can earn points to cash out for several gift cards, amazon inclusive, or via PayPal.

However, it is a downside to this approach because it can usually take time to develop your points. Besides, the gift cards are often for meager amounts. Nonetheless, the surveys are typically easy to fill out and won’t take more than a few minutes of your time to complete. This option particularly comes in handy when you feel bored. It presents an opportunity to channel that boredom into something that could earn you extra spending cash.

3. Have recommendations? Share them

Do you write or have creative content you’d love to share? Start a blog, sign up for Amazon Associates, and earn Amazon gift cards as you write. Amazon Associates enable you to share affiliate links in your content. If anyone buys such a product using your link, you are eligible for an agreed percentage of the sale, which you can either get as cash or as an Amazon gift card.

Usually, this method requires a great deal of time and patience. But the outcome will surely compensate for the efforts you apply. Whether you are a blogger or want to start a blog, you can always sign up for the program. As your blog develops with more readers or a post becomes viral, you can earn a nice chunk of dollars in gift cards.

4. Buy Groceries

Imagine getting paid whenever you shop for groceries. That is what Ibotta offers you. All you have to do is select products available at your local grocery store using the app, photograph your receipt, and submit it within the application. As you complete the process, you are eligible to get cash back on Ibotta, which you can also choose between an Amazon gift card or PayPal withdrawal method.

Receipt Hog is another option that works similarly to Ibotta. This one offers deals in-app and requests for your receipt anytime you shop. Receipt Hog gives you access to virtual coins that you can ultimately trade in for Amazon gift cards, magazine subscriptions, and even cash.

Receipt Hog also has options for non-grocery deals. However, since groceries are everyday necessities that almost everyone frequently uses, it is the most straightforward approach to earn ninety back and access Amazon gift cards.

5. Trade-in

Do you know Amazon has a trade-in program? Yes, it does. All you need to do is send your old books and electrical appliances for evaluation and thorough assessment. The shipping is free, and once Amazon evaluates your item, you’ll be eligible for its current value in the form of an Amazon gift card.

However, if Amazon rejects your items, the company will return them to you, so you may try selling them elsewhere. This can be an excellent approach to decluttering and removing those items you intend to toss away while earning some cash.

6. Leverage Bing

Undoubtedly, Google is the biggest search engine, so many of us lean towards its use instead of other options. However, Bing and Microsoft provide more rewards with their Bing Reward Programs. This program makes you eligible to earn points for every search you conduct on Bing.

You can get more points if you use Bing on the Microsoft Edge browser. Besides you can also convert these points into a free Amazon gift card. Although earning enough points to qualify you for a gift card takes quite some time, a trial won’t hurt if you are a frequent internet user.

7. Reload Amazon Gift Cards

Do you know you can earn free Amazon gift cards using Amazon gift cards? Sounds confusing? I’ll explain.

Anytime you load a hundred dollars or more on a gift card you already possess, Amazon adds an additional $5. This way, you get to recycle a card that may have ultimately ended up in the trash while earning a little extra cashback.

This method is also excellent when you want to gift a card. Spend $100+, and get a few dollars for yourself. It is a free gift card, so the conversion rate might not be the most reasonable. Nonetheless, based on your circumstances, you can enjoy this option.

8. Ramp up your efforts

Okay, this might require more from you than some of the other options mentioned above. You’ll be putting in some work. Working for services like Mechanical Turk, a crowdfunding service, can qualify you to earn gift cards from Amazon. Anytime a company needs basic data entry or cheap copywriting service, this service is their go-to.

Amazon is happy to help you earn money through Amazon gift cards. Hence, if you have extra time on your hands and the right skill that aligns with what the platform is all about, you can sign up and start earning some Amazon gift cards.

9. Credit card

If you intend to open a new credit card line, the Amazon Visa card might be the best for you. You get to earn points anytime you use the card, whether on Amazon or not, although you get to make more when using it on the platform. This way, you can redeem your points into gift cards faster than any of the previously mentioned strategies.

If you are an Amazon frequent shopper, this might be the best way to earn free Amazon gift cards as long as you stick to regular purchasing.

10. Participate in Amazon Promotions

One way to get more value from your shopping is to participate in Amazon promotions. Occasionally, Amazon offers promotions where customers can earn gift cards for purchasing certain items or spending a specific amount.

You can buy what you need and get an Amazon gift card in return. This increases the value of your purchase and makes shopping more interesting. These promotions can apply to various items, from household essentials to tech products and books.

The potential to earn gift cards can stretch your budget further and provide more buying power. Plus, it’s a straightforward way to make your shopping more rewarding. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy the benefit of earning rewards on their purchases?

So, participating in Amazon’s promotions can be a worthwhile strategy for any shopper. Keeping an eye on these promotions is beneficial, as you want to take advantage of these valuable opportunities.

11. Rakuten

Cashback websites have emerged as a popular and rewarding way to shop online. Among them, websites like Rakuten stand out for offering cash back on purchases made through their platform, which can sometimes be redeemed as Amazon gift cards.

Cashback websites partner with retailers to share a portion of the commission they earn whenever people make a purchase. This commission is returned to you as ‘cashback,’ effectively discounting the item’s price. Rakuten, one of the most recognized sites in this arena, offers a wide range of products from numerous retailers.

As you shop via Rakuten, the cash back you earn accumulates in your account. Over time, this sum can become substantial. The beauty is that, in many cases, you can redeem this cashback as an Amazon gift card. This increases your spending power on the world’s largest retail platform, Amazon.

It’s a simple yet effective way to maximize the value of your online shopping. Whether buying electronics, clothing, home goods, or more, using a cashback website like Rakuten can significantly boost your savings. The redemption of these savings as Amazon gift cards can further your shopping potential, making your overall online shopping experience more satisfying and rewarding.

12. MyPoints

MyPoints is a popular rewards site that offers a variety of ways to earn points, one of which is by watching videos. This feature particularly appeals to those who enjoy consuming digital content in their spare time. The platform hosts various videos spanning numerous categories, ensuring something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in news, entertainment, or educational content, MyPoints has you covered.

The process of earning points through this method is straightforward. For every video you watch, you accumulate points added to your account. The number of points you earn per video varies, but collecting these points over time can lead to substantial rewards.

One of the redeemable rewards is an Amazon gift card. To cash out for a $10 Amazon gift card, users need to accumulate 1,580 points. This might seem like a high number, but considering the variety of videos available and the ease of watching them, it’s a goal that can be reached with consistent use of the platform.

In addition to the entertainment or knowledge you gain from the videos, an Amazon gift card reward makes the experience even more worthwhile. This can be used to purchase a wide range of products on one of the world’s largest online marketplaces, making MyPoints a rewarding and beneficial platform for earning while you watch.

Whether you are a newbie on the web or you are used to spending weeks and days trying to earn some extra cash, you can do this. You can earn Amazon gift cards by following the practical steps highlighted in this article.

These tasks may require some time, effort, and patience. But, once you get a hold of it, you can earn Amazon gift cards monthly.

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