Where to Do Your Christmas Shopping: 12 Unique Ideas

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Christmas shopping

The Christmas shopping season is in full effect. Many people flock to the mall to do some of their shopping, while others buy things online. Some people don’t like those crowds. To be honest, I don’t like holiday crowds. You might be wondering what to do in the battle of online shopping vs. store shopping. There are a lot of Christmas shopping options out there for you. In today’s post, I will go over twelve of them.

Christmas Shopping Options


Amazon is an online marketplace that has thousands of items to choose from. You can pretty much find anything on their site. Whether you’re looking for books, computers, or even clothing, Amazon should have it. Items on Amazon are usually priced, well-meaning that you should be able to find some bargains. They also have multiple shipping options, so you can still receive your items before Christmas if you are a last-minute shopper.

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eBay is another online marketplace that you should check out. As you know, I’m a seller there, but I buy from time to time as well. They have pretty much everything that you need as well. They have two shopping options. The 1st option is that you can bid on an item. Most auctions last between 5-7 days. Whoever has the highest bid wins the auction and gets the item. The other option out there is a Buy it Now feature. The Buy it Now feature allows you to purchase the item without having to bid for it. Note the buy it now price may be higher, though. It just depends on the particular item.

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Thrift Stores

You can find some great items and some great deals in thrift stores. I shop at thrift stores from time to time. I found some good things there, such as brand-new shirts, toys, and furniture. The Goodwill, The Salvation Army, and Value Village are a few thrift stores that you should check out. If you plan to go to a thrift store, make sure that you go early in the day because items sell out fast.


I know I’m not the only person who gets gifts that they don’t use from time to time. Instead of throwing those things out, you should consider re-gifting them. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with re-gifting. It definitely saves time and money. Just make sure you don’t give that gift back to the person who gave it to you! That would be an awkward situation, to say the least.

Favorite Brand Websites

Your favorite brand’s websites are always a good place to check for gifts as well. You can do that on any computer. The Monday after Thanksgiving is a great day to check for sales. Cyber Monday, as it is called, has just as many deals as Black Friday does. The brand websites may have deals up until Christmas Eve during this time of the year. For example, if you know someone that likes books, you can check Barnes & Noble’s website for deals. Make sure that you sign up for their e-mail list. They will e-mail you when they have deals.

When going to your favorite brand’s websites, make sure you use the Rakuten portal. Going through Rakuten will allow you to get cash back for your purchases. For more information, check them out here. They are giving new users a $10 bonus.


Suppose your holiday shopping list includes everything ranging from home decor and fashion/beauty products to pet accessories and toys. In that case, finding a better option to carry out your holiday shopping won’t be easy than Nordstrom. Apart from being a limitless source for several gifts, I can attest that this US upscale retailer has flawless customer service and a return policy. With Nordstrom, shopping has never been easier because it allows you to shop for the best gifts using several categories like price, recipient, and more. Oh, discussing Nordstrom is never complete without mentioning their silver gift wrapping. It’s legendary!


A blend of premium brands with newer and emerging designers alongside free two-day shipping for people with a Prime membership makes Shopbop one of the best shopping options in the holiday season. Here, you will find stylish apparel, accessories, and shoe bags that can fit a wide range of budgets. Furthermore, you will find trendy home goods, perfumed candles, fitness kits, and interesting books available for every budget. Shopbop also has gift ideas for the whole family with an interface that almost everyone can use while shopping by designers or trends.


Popularly revered for its stylish bohemian aesthetics and funky designs, Anthropologie is one of the best options to stock up on exclusive gifts for your girls. Pleasant-smelling soaps are available for trendy grandmas, jewelry for your BFF, and exotic and premium home decorating pieces for everyone.

Urban Outfitters

This option offers an opportunity to do all your holiday shopping in a place with options ranging from vintage clothing and innovative gadgets to classic furniture. You can explore the carefully crafted gift section for women, home, men, and those lifestyle presents that will contribute to the aesthetics of the tree this festive season. If you are on a budget, there is still space for you.


Are you looking for eco-friendly products? You can never go wrong with Everlane Eco-friendly silk blouses, footwear, and budget-friendly outfits. The San Francisco-born online store is well-known for its ethically obtained raw materials, classic and timeless designs, and transparent pricing. Their gift shop section has a lot of gift ideas for both him and her, all at budget-friendly prices.


Here is a distinct option where artists from across the globe sell their printed artworks on several products. It is an excellent option for design-oriented gifts. The site is user-friendly and brimming with beautiful and colorful goods extending to various categories such as wall art, apparel, home decor, and outdoor. You can surf through the gift section for tasteful mugs, cozy throw blankets, unique and original device cases, and more. Also, if you intend to give your present that extra aesthetic touch, a wrap shop is available.

Uncommon Goods

Here is a treasure trove of creative goods from independent designers from across the globe. Whether you are shopping for a fitness enthusiast, a foodie, or any family member, you will surely find something unique for everyone on that list. The best part is that this platform divides the gift area into categories based on prices, interest, and recipients for an easy customer experience.

These are just a few Christmas shopping options. Whether it’s Amazon, going to your favorite store’s website, or going to a thrift store, you can get your shopping done without being bombarded by people. In 2022, there isn’t a reason you have to go to the mall unless you want to. When it comes to online shopping vs. traditional shopping, you have multiple options. I know I’ll be using a couple of these options in the upcoming weeks to complete my Christmas shopping.

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When it comes to online shopping vs. traditional shopping, which do you like?