7 Places To Get Inventory For eBay

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If you have followed my journey for a while, you know that I am an active seller on eBay. Selling items on eBay is one of my favorite side hustles. There is a market for almost anything. There are so many things that you can flip. How do you find eBay inventory, though? In today’s post, I will be discussing seven places where you can get inventory to sell on eBay.

Your Closet

The 1st and easiest place to find eBay inventory is to check your closets. I’m sure that you have clothes that you don’t wear anymore or things that you don’t use anymore. There is no reason for you to be a hoarder. If you can make some money, why not try? I clean out my closets and dressers a couple of times during the year. I’m usually able to find a few things to sell. If I have some stuff that I don’t think will sell, I usually donate it to the local thrift store.

Besides your closets, you can check your garage, shed, attic, and basement if you have one. I’m sure you will find all kinds of things that are just collecting dirt. Since you’re not doing anything with the things, you might as well try to sell them. I guarantee that you will make some money from those things.


The 2nd place that you can get inventory for eBay is from your family.  If your family likes to keep or hoard stuff you may be in luck. They may have a lot of things that they are just holding on to. Ask them if they will let you look through some stuff. You may find some hidden gems. Check with them a couple of times a year. They could have hundreds of dollars worth of things just sitting around. If you do make money off something they gave you, you can give them a share or the money or take them out to dinner.

If your family doesn’t have anything, they may know someone who does. One of my Aunt’s friend’s husband passed away and the lady was looking to get rid of a lot of items. My Aunt called and asked if I wanted to look through the items. I told her yes and made the ride to Alabama a few weeks later. I’m glad she contacted me because I was able to get over 100 items to flip.

Thrift Stores

One of my favorite places to get items to sell on eBay is from thrift stores. There are several Value Village, Goodwill, and Salvation Army locations near me. There are always items in the stores that you can flip. Make sure have a mental list and know what you are looking for. For me, I always look for bobbleheads, jerseys, and Jordan shoes. The good thing with thrift stores is that they get new items each day. There have been times that I went to a thrift store on a Monday and then went back on Friday during the same week. I was able to find items to flip on both days.

I currently make between $400-$500 per month flipping things on eBay. It’s been a fun and interesting journey. If you need help with eBay, check out my course, How to Make Money in Your Spare Time With eBay. In the course, I teach you how to sell virtually anything on eBay. There are modules with videos and PDF’s. For more info about my course, go here.

I typically go to 5-7 thrift stores every Saturday. I’m lucky because there are tons of places to visit in the city where I stay and the surrounding areas. I decide if I want to head north or south and then visit stores that are in the area. If you have thrift stores in your area, make sure you check them out on different days. Some stores have different sales depending on the day of the week. That could lead to even more savings for you.

Flea Market

Flea Markets are another good place to find items as well. I’ve been able to negotiate prices for a lot of the items that I have purchased there. A lot of people that sell at flea markets are trying to get rid of their stuff quickly and easy. That is usually a win for re-sellers. I’ve found items at flea markets in the city and in the country. You never what hidden gems you may see if you don’t look. I plan to visit more Flea Markets this year to get even more eBay inventory.

Yard Sales

Yard sales are another one of my favorite places to look for items. You can usually talk down prices there as well. In my experience, I have found some major steals at yard sales. Look on Craigslist or in your local newspaper to see when there will be a yard sale near year. If you see something called a community yard sale, try your best to attend. A community yard sale is when several neighbors or households decide to hold a yard sale. It can be spread out at their separate houses or in one place. Community yard sale days can be a time for you to increase your eBay inventory a lot.

Here’s a tip that has worked for me with yard sales. Try pulling up to some of them when they are getting close to ending. I recently was going to a yard sale that was supposed to be ending at 2 pm. I got there at 1:50 pm. The owner was putting items on the curb and told me that everything is free. I was able to get 10 new things to add to my eBay store. You might have even better luck than me.

Discount Stores

Discount stores are another place to find inventory. Dollar Tree, Big Lots, and Family Dollar are just a few examples of discount stores. They have items marked down at lower prices. You can buy them there and sell them for higher prices. Sometimes the discount stores sell items that are discontinued. That’s when you can make some real money. A couple of years ago, a discount store was selling a certain cake mix that was being discontinued. I guess people really enjoyed it because the mix was selling for damn near $50. Those types of flips are great.

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Rounding out the list is craigslist. Craigslist has a “free” section where people can list things that they are giving away for free. Sometimes there are some items that you can make money off of. It just depends on when you check their site. Those free items tend to disappear very fast. I know people that have found tools, yearbooks, and board games on Craigslist for free. There’s nothing better than getting an item for free and flipping it.

If you don’t see anything in the free sections, check some of the other ones. A lot of folks need money these days. Many are open to offers for their items.

Those are seven places where you can get your eBay inventory from. If you are an eBay seller, you must check them out. There is a lot of money to be potentially made. You just have to look for what you think will sell. Also, don’t forget to check the eBay app and look at what items are selling.

Where do you get your eBay inventory from?

Here are a few eBay resources for you.


You can never have enough tape.  Here is some shipping tape that I use from time to time.


This tool is handy when you are trying to make a box for a board game. You can use the scissors and the knife to help you get the box right.

Bubble Wrap

If you sell certain items, you will need to get some bubble wrap. Here are some that are priced reasonably.

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  1. Right on with the list! I sell on eBay and never have to look very far. Once you tell friends and family, they show up all the time with stuff for me to sell! I would add the FREE stuff at the side of the road makes good flipping too! Just be selective!

    1. Great tip. I’ve found a decent number of free items on the side of the road before.

  2. I have been searching online for the last couple of hours comparison pricing and reading reviews of shipping scales. I’ve read more negative comments than good on any of the scales listed on Amazon, Office Depot, Sam’s Club, and Walmart’s websites. May I ask what scale you have, where you purchased it, and it’s cost? Does it come with a USB charger, adapter, and/or batteries? How long have you had it/dependability? Thank you so much to anyone and everyone who responds to my questions!

    1. This is the one place where I can’t help. As of right now, I don’t have a scale. I’m getting one very soon though. When I do so, I’ll update this answer.

      1. I am looking for a scale with the detachable display so that the numbers are not hidden when weighing larger boxes or envelopes.

        Ex: Royal DG110 Shipping/Postal Scale, 110 lb. Capacity $26.98 sold at Sam’s Club

        Ex: AWS SE-50 Low-Profile Shipping Scale – 110 lb / 50 kg Maximum Weight Capacity $38.99 sold at Office Depot

        Ex: Ktaxon SF-888 Heavy Duty 440lbs Digital Postal Scale Shipping
        Electronic Scale 200KG $28.88 sold at Walmart

        Ex: Smart Weigh Digital Heavy Duty Shipping and Postal Scale with Durable Stainless Steel Large Platform 440 lbs Capacity X 6 oz Readability $34.99 sold at Walmart

        Ex: USPS 330lb. USB Commercial Scale $73.00 sold at USPS

        Ex: Accuteck ShipPro 110lbs x 0.1 oz. Digital Shipping Postal Scale, Black (W-8580-110-Black) $25.93 sold at Amazon

  3. Will someone tell me how to register my Ebay and Paypal Accounts so that my real name and address does not show up on the customer’s account/sales receipt or package? I am getting a P.O. Box in my real name because I don’t have a business license (not yet! I’m waiting to see how this goes before I commit to it. I can sell up to $2,000 before I have to file taxes as a “business” in my state.) I just want to maintain my privacy. I’m ready to get started. I just have a couple of logistics questions I need answered before I can begin.

  4. Naomi Whitson says:

    I just watched your YouTube video on how to sell on Ebay. Nice video by the way! Can you answer this question for me, please?

    How do I register my Ebay and Paypal Accounts so that my real name and address does not show up on the customer’s account/sales receipt or package? Is there an option for this on your PayPal account, to not have your real name show to the customers? I just want to maintain my privacy. I’m ready to get started.

    1. Thanks or viewing the video. Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer to your question. Maybe you can call eBay’s customer service to see if that’s an option.

  5. Okay. Thank you! I have been reading some of the Ebay forums trying to learn as much as I can before I begin. I was worried about shipping fees, too. I read one of your posts before on losing money because you didn’t charge enough for shipping. So, I’m trying to learn all of the logistics of Ebay before I begin. Wish me luck!

  6. one particular thing I like about thrift stores is you can get those good branding ties for $2-$4 each and resale online for at least 20 bucks. Thrift stores even have some good suits and Polo Ralph Lauren. I bought a quality polo shirt not too long ago from a place called Platos Closet. They have big and tall sizes too.

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