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How to Have a Vision Board Party

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I am a big fan of vision boards. I’ve even had an annual vision board party. Just in case you’re not sure what it is, a vision board is a collage of images and phrases that show you what you want to accomplish in your life. I first heard about them after watching the movie “The Secret.” There was a scene where a person realized that he was living in the house that he put on his vision board a few years ago. That’s amazing. He put what he wanted on his board and with hard work and focus, he was able to manifest it.

I have been doing vision boards for several years now. On a board that I made in 2012, ten things have come to pass. On my 2015 board, six things have happened. I honestly believe that seeing things that you want to happen stays in your subconscious mind. Then, they manifest themselves when you work.  I had my first vision board party in January 2017. I had 16 attendees show up. Everyone had a great time. There may be someone out there that wants to have a vision board party this year, but they may not know where to begin. In today’s post, I will be going over how to have a vision board party and I’ll even share a few vision board examples.

Find a location

The first thing that needs to be done if you’re having a vision board party is to find a place. This will depend on the number of people that you want to show up. If you plan to have a small gathering, you may be able to have it at your house or apartment. If you intend to do something bigger, it’s best to hold it in a venue. Some places that you can consider having it are community centers or small restaurants. I had mine at a community center. I chose the community center because it was in a central location. It was affordable too. I was able to book the space for less than $200. Some places charge that by the hour.

My suggestion is to create a list of five potential locations. From there reach out to them and see if how big the location is. Also, compare the price.

You want to make sure that the location you choose for your vision board party allows you to bring food and drinks. To me, that was very important. Some places won’t allow you to have anything. To be honest, how can it be a party without any food or drinks. Make sure that you research that before you put any money down.

Contact People

Decide whether you want to have a large or small event. Once you do that you have to let people know that you are having the party. That can be done by word of mouth, e-mail, social media, or even through a newsletter if you have a blog or business. I used each of those ways when I promoted mine over the years. Make sure that you promote your event a lot. If you are charging make sure that everyone knows that.

For the last couple of years, I found that the easiest way to promote it was to make an Eventbrite page and link it to the Facebook event. People that sign up can get messages and notifications as the event gets closer.


Decide if you want to have people bring their own supplies or if you want to bring them. I always bring the supplies for my parties. I don’t want my guest to worry about anything. To be honest, I think that if you are hosting the party, then you should supply it.  The supplies that you will need are as follows:

Poster Boards

There are all kinds of poster boards out there. They come in different sizes. You can purchase them online or in stores like Walmart or the Dollar Tree.


You’re going to need some scissors for your event. I suggest grabbing a couple of packs from Amazon (the link is above) or going to the dollar store.

Glue Stick

Glue sticks are super cheap. You can get several glue sticks in one or two packs.


I have a lot of old magazines from back in the day. I used to subscribe to Sports Illustrated and Black Enterprise. I also used to buy a lot of magazines from the store. If you don’t have any old magazines, you can see if any libraries near you have some. For my last party, I was able to pick up quite a few from one of the libraries near me.

I also asked one of my homegirls to bring some of her magazines because I didn’t have certain types of them. If you can’t find a certain kind of magazine, it doesn’t hurt to reach out.

You can purchase the supplies here.

Food & Drinks

I discussed this a little bit earlier, but the next thing that you need to do is to decide if you will have any food or drinks. At my party, I had both. One of my friends brought pizza. We also had chips and cookies. For drinks, we had wine, whiskey, vodka, water, soda, and juice. People thoroughly enjoyed themselves. You don’t have to do that for your party, but I think that food and drinks are good to have. Your guests will like it. The drinks will also loosen them up if they want to go over their board when it’s time to present.

Work on your Board

It’s now time to work on your board. Take about two hours to go through magazines to find different pictures. Tear the pages of the pictures out the magazines that you like. Cut them down to size. Then arrange the pictures on the board before you glue them. Once you have them looking the way you want to, then it’s time to glue them. Below are a few vision board examples if you find yourself stumped.

Present your Board

The final thing to do is to show your board. It doesn’t need to be mandatory. Some people really don’t like speaking, or they get nervous. If you are hosting the party, you should go first.  Then allow the people that want to go over their board to do so next. Make sure that you have enough time for everyone. I typically allow the last hour of the vision board party for presenting.

It’s pretty easy to have a vision board party. If you’ve been considering one, do it. A vision board could help you take your life to another level. I’ve been doing them for a few years and I know that they can help people achieve their goals. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. It can do the same for you and your people.

Have you ever been to a vision board party before?

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  1. I saw that you had a vision board party – very cool Jason! I haven’t been to one but it does seem like fun, and the end result is a lot of inspiration for the coming year (and beyond).

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