October 2018 Debt & Life Update

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Happy Tuesday everyone. It’s almost November. Today’s post is my October 2018 debt & life update. Since my previous update, I’ve completed another goal of mine. I had the opportunity to speak at FinCon. I was on a panel with three other bloggers. They were Chonce of My Debt Epiphany, Denis of TruFinancials and Tyler of I Am the Future Me. Taylor of Tay Talks Money moderated the panel. We discussed side hustle failures and how to bounce back from them. The session went great. I had a great time sharing my journey. Below is a picture from the event.

People said that they enjoyed it a lot. I plan on doing more speaking engagements in the future.

My side hustles are still going well. I’m constantly adding more things to my eBay store and getting ready for what I expect to be a great 4th quarter. If you are new to the flipping or selling things online, check out my free 5 Day Thrifting Challenge. In the challenge, I teach you how to make money with items that you purchased from the thrift store.

I was also featured in Forbes in an article about Millenials discussing how the recession shaped our lives. Read it here.

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My FinCon 2018 Review & Tips

My debt went from $66,989.84 to $66,760.31. That was a decrease of $229.53. I’m working on a few things that will help me add more money to the debt. Stay tuned. Below are the numbers.

BOA – DOWN from $1439.37 to $1409.37

Car Note – DOWN from $8260.04 to $8118.01

Earnest – DOWN from $22,507.31 to $22,449.81

Nelnet – SAME $34,783.12

As I stated in my last update, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone. Doing that will allow me to find more money making opportunities. It’s something that has to be done. If you read my post about my debt repayment struggle, you’ll know that I feel like I failed. I’m not making the strides that I feel like I should be. I’m switching it up and hopefully, I’ll reap the benefits. At 35, I can’t afford to bullshit around anymore.

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How was your October?

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