8 Places to Sell Stuff Online For Cash

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sell stuff online for cash

Selling stuff online for cash has been one of my best side hustles during the last few years. I’ve sold numerous things, such as shoes, coffee mugs, and board games. If you are looking for a side hustle, selling things online might be up your alley. In today’s post, I will share eight places to sell stuff online for cash. I will start with one of my favorites, eBay.

Places to Sell Stuff Online For Cash

1. eBay

eBay is one of the largest online marketplaces. I’ve been selling on and off with them since 2008. It is free to list 1000 items each month on eBay. After that, they charge a $0.30 fee per item. There are two options for you when it comes to selling. They are auction and fixed price.

eBay allows you to list things for domestic and international buyers. The choice is up to you. Not all sellers are comfortable with selling their stuff to global buyers. You can make a lot more money when you list your stuff both ways.

You can sell used stuff, unwanted items, pretty much anything on eBay. You should check out eBay if you want to make some extra cash. Check out this post if you are interested in learning more about eBay. I also have a free webinar called eBay for Starters with many tips for you to get started. Check it out here.

2. Craigslist

Craigslist is the next place where you can sell items. It is different than eBay in a few ways. When it comes to Craigslist, there are no auctions involved. The items have a fixed price, but buyers can check with the seller to see if they are open for negotiation.

You also don’t ship items with Craigslist. You meet up with the buyer and complete the transaction in person. Some people don’t like dealing with Craigslist for that very reason. Craigslist is safe. You need to use some common sense. For example, it would not be wise to complete transactions at night. I don’t care how much money you could make. Making quick cash at night is not worth it. It would be best if you only met with buyers during the daytime. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

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3. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is more than just a social media network. It’s slowly becoming a one-stop shop. Besides sharing pictures and posting messages, you can sell items on the Facebook Marketplace.

It is straightforward to list items on the Marketplace. All you have to do is click on Marketplace’s tab and start. Once you do that, you click the sell something button. You then post the item, the price you are selling it for, a photo, a category, and a brief description. If someone wants an item you sell, they will contact you via Facebook.

4. Amazon

Nine times out of ten, you’ve heard of Amazon. It is an online marketplace where you can sell or buy all types of stuff. Amazon should be on your list if you create your own items or drop ship. According to the Alexa website rankings, Amazon is the 4th busiest site in the United States. That’s a lot of traffic and potential buyers out there.

If you sign up for an individual selling plan, you pay $0.99 for each item sold. There is also a referral fee and a variable closing fee. Sandy from Yes I Am Cheap has made over $60,000 on Amazon. She has a course that could help you get started. For more info, check here.

Selling on Amazon isn’t for everyone, but it may be for you if you have specific products to sell.

5. Bonanza

Have you ever heard of Bonanza? I’m not talking about the old-school TV show. Bonanza is an eBay alternative. It was founded in 2008. I first heard about this website earlier three years ago. I wish I had known about it beforehand.

Bonanza has cheaper fees than eBay. After having items listed there for the last couple of months, my only gripe is that this site gets less traffic than eBay or Amazon. The good thing is that more people are finding out about Bonanza. Lately, I’ve been seeing more people talk about it online. As the site’s popularity continues, the sellers can make more money.

6. OfferUp

OfferUp is a trendy phone app that allows people to sell things. Folks take a picture of their item and post it from their phone. Everything is done through their online app. If you try to go to the OfferUp website on your computer, they will direct you to the app.

With OfferUp, you can sell locally or ship your items to buyers. If you sell locally, you and the buyer communicate with each other and figure out where you want to complete the transaction. The amount of money you can make depends on what you sell. I know that electronics are always a good selling category. People also sell video games and used clothes there.

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7. eBid

eBid is another online site where you can sell stuff online for cash. You can sell anything on the site. As with Bonanza, eBid has less traffic than eBay does. It may take you longer to sell an item.

eBid has been around since 1999. I was shocked when I found that out; I thought it was a newer site. I’m sure there aren’t too many people who’ve heard of eBid. Their site is free to list items. They only charge a 3% sale fee, meaning their fees are less than some of the other options I mentioned earlier. eBid also has over 13,000 categories to choose from.

8. Your Website

The final place to sell your items is on your website. Doing that will allow you to be in charge of everything. You control the number of things that you want to sell. You set the prices. You are not charged any insertion or final value fees. If you need a website, setting one up is easy. I wrote a post a while back that explains step-by-step how to create a website with Bluehost.

As you’ve just read, there are a lot of places where you can sell stuff online for cash. Test some different platforms and see which ones work for you. On this list, I currently have items listed on eBay, Craigslist, Offer Up, Bonanza, and Facebook Marketplace. I’m all about diversifying.

What is the one thing that is most important regarding your online listings? It’s your pictures. If you don’t have good pictures, you can forget to try to sell stuff online for cash. The better your images look, the quicker you will get some sales. Some sellers take better photos than others due to their cameras or equipment. There is a way that you can make the images look a little more professional that won’t break the bank. It’s called a light box.

Many sellers purchase light boxes to help with their pictures. They notice a big difference. The light boxes are portable and easy to set up. One light box popular with online sellers is the BrightBox Portable Mini Photo Studio. The Brightbox allows you to take pictures anywhere. Below are a few pictures of it.

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