7 Great Ways To Make Money Online (& Live On It)

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Over the past few years, more people have seen the benefits of working from home. Many of these workers would’ve done it for their employer, but others see it as an excellent start for a side hustle. It’s easy to see why they do this and why you might be interested.

You can make money online in various ways, and it offers quite a few benefits. Some of the more notable of these are:

  • Letting you work at your own pace
  • Working from wherever you want
  • Saving yourself time by avoiding commuting
  • Letting you enhance your work/life balance
  • Having a workplace you enjoy

These can all be more than enough to convince you to give it a try. Whether doing it full-time or as a side hustle, you’ll still need to know how to make money online. While this seems complicated initially, it gets easier and easier over time.

It’s just a matter of using the right strategies, seven of which can be more than enough. Even going for a few at a time can be more than enough for you to make a decent living online.

They’re worth exploring simply because many of them can help you make an actual living online. There’s no reason not to consider them.

Make Money Online: 7 Great Strategies

1. Take Surveys For Money

Countless companies want feedback on their products, services, and other areas. They want to know what their potential customers think and are willing to pay for this feedback. By taking surveys for money, you could start making money online. You’ll start earning just by offering your opinion on various topics.

While each survey might not pay very much, you could make a decent amount by filling out as many as you can every day. Some platforms even pay in gift cards, which can be great if you already shop in specific stores. See this as a way to earn some spending money on top of your other efforts.

2. Offer Freelance Services

Freelancing is the process of contracting yourself out to various clients and offering specific services. Freelance writing, photography, and graphic design are some of the more notable ways many people do this. If you’re handy with specific skills, this could be a great way to start.

While you’ll need to make sure your skills are up-to-par, there shouldn’t be anything getting in your way. Almost all of these can be done from your computer, so there shouldn’t be anything not to like. The money can even get better and better as time goes on, letting you make a decent living.

3. Sell Handmade Products On Etsy

Hobbies are always great to try to monetize, with some being better for this than others. If you make anything by hand, you can use this to start making money online. You’ll need to start selling them, and you should be good to go. There are plenty of places where you can sell your handmade products.

Etsy is one of the more notable platforms to use. Not only does it offer quite a few features, but it’ll also help you get in front of potential customers. You might make quite a bit of money out of it. This takes a decent bit of effort, however, as you’ll need to handmake what you’re selling.

4. Start Blogging

Blogging has been seen as a great way to make a living online for quite some time. With the plethora of paid blog opportunities online, it’s easy to see why. While some of these will be related to freelancing, not all are. You could set up your blog and try to make a living with it.

There are multiple ways to monetize your blog, from using affiliate links to offering sponsored content. You can grow your blog into a stable income source with time and effort. While that takes quite a bit of work, it’ll end up reaping dividends, especially if you’re blogging in the right niche.

5. Sell Your Photography

Selling your photography is another great way to make money online. If you already take plenty of photographs, then it’s worth considering. You could sell these as digital pieces or go the extra mile and have them printed off and shipped to your customers. It could be pretty lucrative and offer a decent income.

This is slightly different from selling freelance photography services, as you’ll sell the photos themselves rather than your actual services. If you’re offering these services anyway, you could see it as a way to add another revenue stream. Combining it with other revenue sources could be a great way to increase your revenue and profit levels.

6. Self-Publish An eBook

If you’re a good writer, you could always consider writing a book. You don’t need a publisher to help you with this, either. There are plenty of places where you can self-publish and make a decent living as long as you write something people are interested in.

After that, it’s a matter of knowing how to advertise your ebook, and you’re good to go. While this takes time and effort, it can still be worthwhile. By releasing several ebooks—especially in a series—you can increase the amount of money you’ll make online. At a minimum, creating another revenue stream is a decent option.

7. Monetize Video Content

If you like creating YouTube videos or streaming yourself playing video games, you’re already off to a great start with making money online. It’s just a matter of monetizing the video content you’re putting out. Depending on the platform you’re using, you’ll have plenty of ways to do this.

In most cases, ads are placed in or on your video content. These are designed to be related to the content you’re already putting out. Outside of ads, you could also consider getting your video content sponsored. While you’ll need a decent following to do this, it can still be worth the time and effort you put into it.

Tips For Making Money Online

Once you know how to make money online, you could think you know everything you need. Just knowing the different strategies you can use isn’t enough, though. You’ll also have to learn a few tips to make it as successful as possible.

You’ll make a much better living out of it than you could’ve thought, especially with a few specific tips:

  • Follow Your Passions – If you already have a job, there’s always a chance you’re not too passionate about it. That’s not something you should replicate when you want to make money online. By following your passions, you can make sure it’s something you enjoy and want to do.
  • Treat It Like A Job – It’s easy to see your online efforts as just a side hustle, and you mightn’t put too much effort into it because of that. That’s a terrible way of going about it. Instead, you should treat it like a job and be willing to put the effort into it. You’ll see more success once you do.
  • Set Up A Schedule – If you’re trying to make money online as a side hustle, it’s worth putting a schedule together. This ties into treating it like a job. By scheduling everything, you can ensure you’re working consistently and making some headway with it.
  • Pick A Niche – Picking a niche helps you focus on areas that will make you money. There are plenty of these to choose from, with some standing out more than others. Once you have your niche in hand, you can become an expert in it and make even more money.

If you’re prepared to work hard, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. While it’ll take a little time, you should be able to make money online and live on it. You could even turn a side hustle into a full-time job.

You’ll only get out what you put in, so be prepared to put some time and effort into it. Once you do, you’ll start making more and more money online before you know it.

Make Money Online: Wrapping Up

If you want to make money online, there are plenty of ways to go about it. Many strategies can be effective, and you could make more money than you thought. They’re all worth considering.

Once you know how to make money online, it’s a matter of focusing on a few tips and tricks. They’ll make it easier to make actual money, and you shouldn’t have a problem making a living with them.

Be prepared to put the effort in, and you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. It’s always worth a go.