Shaken, Stirred, and Star-Studded: Exploring 20 Celebrity Alcohol Brands

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Lots of celebs have jumped into the alcohol game, and it’s not just about showing off on social media. Some are loud about their side hustle, while others keep it hush-hush. But one thing’s clear: there’s serious cash in the world of spirits, wines, and beers, and these stars are all in for a piece of the pie. Let’s learn more about these celebrity alcohol brands.

Celebrity Alcohol Brands

1. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: Teremana Tequila

celebrity alcohol brands

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, a name we all recognize from wrestling rings and blockbuster movies, ventured into the world of spirits with Teremana Tequila in 2020. His love for tequila, a staple during celebrations and challenging times with friends and family, inspired him to create a brand that stands out for its quality and connection to his Polynesian heritage. Teremana translates to “spirit of the earth,” a nod to his roots, and even the bottle’s design holds a personal touch, reflecting his commitment to the brand.

Johnson teamed up with experienced partners and a Mexican family with a long tequila-making history in Jesús María, Jalisco, to ensure Teremana was crafted traditionally but with a modern twist. They focus on small-batch production, using 100% mature blue agave, which is then slow-roasted and distilled in handmade copper pots. This attention to detail is part of why Teremana has quickly become a favorite.

The launch wasn’t without its challenges, especially starting right as the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Yet, Teremana found its footing, partly thanks to Johnson’s massive following and genuine involvement in the brand. From being hands-on in creating to sharing the journey with his millions of Instagram followers, he’s been a driving force behind Teremana’s rapid growth.

Teremana’s success also hinges on its commitment to sustainability and affordability. They make a point of reusing materials and water from production, making the tequila good for the palate and kinder to the planet. And with Johnson’s goal to make Teremana “the tequila of the people,” it’s priced to be accessible to a broad audience, a move that’s resonated with consumers and helped spur the brand’s impressive sales figures.

Johnson’s approach to Teremana mirrors his career: ambitious, thoughtful, and always aiming for the top. As Teremana continues to grow in the U.S. and internationally, it’s clear this is more than a celebrity endorsement; it’s a passion project for Johnson, aiming to leave a lasting legacy in the tequila industry.

2. George Clooney: Casamigos Tequila

George Clooney, along with his buddies Rande Gerber and Mike Meldman, launched Casamigos Tequila as a passion project. They just wanted to sip on something smooth that didn’t need the usual lime and salt chaser. Their creation, Casamigos, which means “house of friends,” captures the vibe of their friendship and the laid-back times that led to its making.

Their tequila, crafted from 100% Blue Weber agave from Mexico’s Jalisco Highlands, quickly caught everyone’s attention. It wasn’t just about the celebrity names behind it; the quality spoke volumes. With options like Blanco, Reposado, and añejo, each batch is given the time to develop its signature taste, from slow roasting in traditional ovens to an extended fermentation process much longer than others in the biz usually go for.

And let’s say their effort paid off big time. By 2020, Casamigos was not just another tequila brand; it was moving a million cases a year, standing tall as the US’s fastest-growing super-premium tequila. It wasn’t long before Diageo saw the value in Casamigos, scooping it up for a billion dollars. But even with this significant corporate backing, Clooney and Gerber stayed hands-on, ensuring every bottle that goes out is something they’d be proud to serve at their own bars.

3. Ryan Reynolds: Aviation Gin

Ryan Reynolds, widely celebrated for his roles in both comedy and drama, didn’t just stop at acting. His journey into the business world, particularly with Aviation Gin, showcases his knack for blending humor with quality outside the silver screen. Reynolds entered the spirits industry as a celebrity endorser and a passionate entrepreneur looking to make his mark.

He was drawn to the world of gin due to his fondness for the spirit and a clear vision to innovate within the craft gin market. Reynolds aimed to infuse Aviation Gin with a unique character, steering away from traditional gin profiles to create something more accessible and enjoyable for a broader audience.

Aviation Gin’s meticulous crafting process sets it apart, focusing on a harmonious blend of botanicals that deliver a smoother, less juniper-heavy taste. This commitment to creating a distinctive and high-quality gin echoes Reynolds’s desire to offer more than just another celebrity liquor brand.

Reynolds’s involvement with Aviation Gin extends well beyond investment. He has become the face of the brand, cleverly using his wit and charm in marketing efforts, which has significantly boosted the brand’s appeal and visibility. His approach underscores a successful marriage between celebrity influence and genuine product quality, making Aviation Gin stand out in the crowded spirits market.

4. Kendall Jenner: 818 Tequila

celebrity alcohol brands

Kendall Jenner’s adventure into the world of tequila with her brand 818 Tequila is more than just a business venture; it’s a heartfelt project that reflects her commitment to quality, environmental sustainability, and community support. Named after her hometown’s area code in Calabasas, California, 818 Tequila is Kendall’s way of bringing a piece of her personal story to the global stage.

The creation of 818 Tequila took time and effort. Kendall spent nearly four years perfecting her tequila, involving numerous blind taste tests, visiting the distillery, and even secretly entering (and winning) world-tasting competitions. This dedication showcases her drive to produce an enjoyable and top-notch tequila.

Kendall’s vision for 818 Tequila extends beyond just creating a great drink. From the start, she was determined to build her brand on the pillars of sustainability and community. She recognized the growing concern for our planet among her generation and aimed to ensure that 818 Tequila embraced eco-friendly practices in all aspects of its production. This commitment to sustainability is woven into the brand’s DNA, from how the agave is grown to how the tequila is made, highlighting Kendall’s intention to positively impact both the environment and the people involved in its creation.

Active support for the communities and families behind the agave farms and distilleries embodies Kendall’s desire to give back and foster positive change. This blend of high-quality products, environmental consciousness, and community involvement makes 818 Tequila not just another celebrity liquor brand but a clear reflection of Kendall Jenner’s values and vision for a better world.

5. Matthew McConaughey: Pantalones Organic Tequila

Matthew McConaughey and his wife Camila took a bold step into the tequila market with their brand, Pantalones Organic Tequila. Known for his charm and roles in Hollywood, McConaughey infused a bit of his playful spirit into this venture, aiming to shake things up in a market brimming with celebrity-endorsed spirits.

Pantalones is more than just a tequila brand; it reflects McConaughey’s desire to enjoy life without taking things too seriously, coupled with a solid commitment to quality and sustainability. They chose the name ‘Pantalones’—Spanish for ‘pants’—not just for its humor but also as a nod to having the guts to dive into new adventures.

This venture offers three types of tequila: Blanco, Reposado, and Añejo, each carefully crafted from 100% organic Blue Weber agave. The couple made sure their tequila stood out by ensuring it was produced in an environmentally conscious manner, partnering with a family-owned distillery known for its organic practices. Their commitment to the planet is also evident through their partnership with 1% For The Planet, dedicating a portion of sales to environmental causes.

The distinct flavors of Pantalones—ranging from citrus and honey to deeper notes of maple, butterscotch, and vanilla—aim to cater to a wide range of palates. Whether you prefer your tequila on the rocks or in a cocktail, Pantalones is designed to be enjoyed by all.

6. Bob Dylan: Heaven’s Door Whiskey

Bob Dylan dived into the whiskey world with Heaven’s Door, capturing his artistic flair and craftsmanship passion. This journey began in 2015, marking a notable collaboration with distilling pros Marc Bushala and Ryan Perry to forge a standout premium American whiskey collection amidst the celebrity spirits boom.

Heaven’s Door boasts a whiskey lineup rich in mature flavors and artisanship, notably Tennessee Straight Bourbon, Double Barrel Whiskey, and Straight Rye Whiskey. These selections come alive with distinct mature notes, showcased in beautifully crafted bottles adorned with Dylan’s metalwork art, blending creativity with tradition.

Adding to its impressive range, Heaven’s Door introduced the Decade Series II, a 10-year-aged Straight Rye Whiskey. It earned acclaim for its complexity and craftsmanship, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to excellence and small-batch production.

Heaven’s Door’s approach to whiskey-making is innovative and flexible, focusing on quality and diversity. Despite being relatively new to the whiskey scene, the brand has quickly made a mark, balancing its celebrity association with a focus on crafting fine whiskey.

7. Drake: Virginia Black American Whiskey

Drake, a titan in the music industry, ventured into the whiskey business with Virginia Black. Collaborating with Brent Hocking, a known figure for founding the luxe DeLeón Tequila, they launched Virginia Black in 2016. Their goal? To blend the swagger of the hip-hop scene with the refinement of premium whiskey, creating a brand that resonates for its quality as much as its celebrity association.

Virginia Black presents a rich American whiskey experience, combining bourbons aged two, three, and four years, enriched with a notable rye spice. This whiskey aims to delight a broad audience, offering a smooth experience with prominent vanilla and caramel undertones, appealing to whiskey connoisseurs and newcomers.

The introduction of Virginia Black marked a significant chapter in Drake’s entrepreneurial journey, expanding his empire into new territories. With Hocking’s expertise, they’ve crafted a whiskey that emphasizes craftsmanship as strongly as the celebrity name attached to it.

8. Justin Timberlake: Sauza 901 Tequila

celebrity alcohol brand

Justin Timberlake, a giant in the music scene and a visionary in business, ventured into the spirits industry with Sauza 901 Tequila. His partnership with the established Sauza brand marries his own innovative flair with their rich legacy in tequila craftsmanship. The goal? To spice up the super-premium tequila scene with something that truly stands out.

Sauza 901 is all about smoothness and quality, thanks to being triple-distilled from 100% agave. The name pays homage to Memphis, Tennessee—Timberlake’s hometown—reflecting a personal touch in its branding. It’s positioned as a premium choice for celebrations or crafting high-end cocktails, inspired by Timberlake’s exploration and admiration for tequila during a trip to Jalisco, Mexico, the heart of tequila production.

Critics and fans alike have praised Sauza 901 for its distinctive taste—herbaceous with sweet hints of honey, almond, and coconut, making it perfect for a range of cocktails from Margaritas to more sophisticated mixes. Despite its celebrity endorsement, Sauza 901 aims to be recognized for its craftsmanship and quality, offering a refined yet accessible tequila experience.

9. Kevin Hart: Gran Coramino Tequila

Kevin Hart, known for his roles in “Jumanji” and “Think Like a Man,” along with his stand-up comedy, ventured into the alcohol industry with Gran Coramino Tequila. This move reflects his passion for tequila and his ambition to deliver a high-quality spirit to enthusiasts and novices alike.

Gran Coramino represents a collaboration between Hart and Juan Domingo Beckmann, an 11th-generation tequila maker from a family that significantly contributed to the tequila industry. This partnership emphasizes a shared commitment to excellence and innovation in creating tequila.

The tequila production begins with carefully selecting blue agave from the Beckmann family’s fields, which have historical significance in tequila’s introduction to the U.S. The agave piñas undergo slow roasting in traditional stone ovens and double-distillation in copper pot stills, foundational steps that ensure the spirit’s authentic flavor.

Gran Coramino offers two distinct tequilas: the Reposado Cristalino and the Añejo. The Reposado Cristalino is known for its smoothness, complex aroma, and crystal-clear appearance, which are achieved through a meticulous aging and filtration process. The Añejo, matured in oak barrels and blended with tequila matured in ex-cognac casks, delivers a rich, silky taste profile with a deep amber hue.

Through Gran Coramino, Hart and Beckmann aim to honor the craft of tequila production, offering an exceptional sipping experience that bridges tradition with a contemporary approach to quality and taste.

10. Sarah Jessica Parker: Invivo Sauvignon Blanc

Sarah Jessica Parker, celebrated for her role as the fashionable and spirited Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex and the City,” has ventured far beyond the confines of acting into the world of winemaking. Her stellar career, spanning Broadway, film, and television, including memorable performances in “Hocus Pocus,” “The Family Stone,” and producing credits, showcases her diverse talents and commitment to her crafts.

Parker’s foray into the alcohol industry with the launch of Invivo Sauvignon Blanc highlights her passion for wine and a desire to create something genuinely reflective of her taste.

Parker teamed up with Invivo & Co, a winery known for its innovative approach and quality wines, to develop a product that was more than just a celebrity endorsement. This collaboration was born from her genuine interest in wine and an eagerness to be involved in the winemaking process from vine to bottle.

Parker didn’t just lend her name; she played a pivotal role in crafting the wine, from selecting the final blend to contributing to the label’s design, ensuring the product embodies her elegance and flair.

Invivo Sauvignon Blanc itself is a reflection of Parker’s and Invivo’s dedication to quality. The wine features a sophisticated flavor profile with bright notes of grapefruit, passionfruit, and a hint of lime zest. It’s a fresh and lively Sauvignon Blanc that captures the essence of New Zealand’s unique terroir, where the grapes are meticulously grown.

This attention to detail and the pursuit of a distinctive flavor profile demonstrate a commitment to producing a standout wine that appeals to both connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.

11. Post Malone: Maison No. 9 French Rosé

Post Malone, the multi-platinum recording artist, took a leap from music to the wine world with his own French Rosé, Maison No. 9. This venture wasn’t just a whim; it stemmed from his appreciation for wine and the desire to create something unique that reflects his style.

He teamed up with James Morrissey, a well-known entrepreneur, and Dre London, his music manager, to develop a wine that’s high quality and breaks away from the traditional wine culture. They wanted to make Rosé more accessible and relatable to a broader audience, including those who might not consider themselves wine connoisseurs.

Their journey to creating Maison No. 9 was about blending Post’s love for the Mediterranean lifestyle with a genuine passion for Rosé. After a series of tastings and visits to a vineyard in Provence, France, they crafted a Rosé that’s light, crisp and embodies the region’s essence. It’s a mix of Grenache Noir, Cinsault, Syrah, and Merlot grapes, offering a refreshing taste perfect for any occasion.

The name itself, Maison No. 9, is quite personal to Post, inspired by his favorite tarot card, symbolizing the triumph over daily hurdles. It’s reflected in the wine’s branding and the thoughtful design of its bottle, aiming to encourage enjoyment of the wine and a sense of overcoming challenges.

Available nationwide, Maison No. 9 aims to connect with its audience on a new level, offering an experience that complements the music and lifestyle that Post Malone is known for. Through this wine, he’s inviting fans and wine lovers alike to share the fancy, laid-back vibe he enjoys.

12. Lebron James: Lobos 1707 Tequila

LeBron James, a name that resonates far beyond the basketball courts, has always been about more than just sports. Known for dominating the NBA, breaking records, and gathering a trophy room that most can only dream of, he’s also made a name for himself as a philanthropist, activist, and entrepreneur. His latest venture is diving into the world of premium spirits with Lobos 1707 Tequila.

This isn’t just any celebrity endorsement. LeBron’s involvement in Lobos 1707 is personal. He was drawn to the brand for its quality and story—one of unity, legacy, and authenticity. It’s a narrative that mirrors his journey and values. Lobos 1707 combines age-old distillation techniques with innovative aging processes, like finishing in Pedro Ximénez sherry barrels, a nod to a rich Spanish-Mexican heritage.

The tequila itself? It’s a labor of love and craft. Whether you’re sipping the Joven, Reposado, or Extra Añejo, you’re treated to a symphony of flavors that speak volumes of the meticulous process behind each bottle. The Reposado, with its hints of caramel and vanilla, finishing with a touch of crème brûlée, is a standout, showing the brand’s commitment to quality and complexity​.

13. Blake Shelton: Smithworks Vodka

Celebrity alcohol brands

Blake Shelton’s journey from a small-town Oklahoma boy to a country music superstar and beloved TV personality has been nothing short of remarkable. His down-to-earth charm and genuine warmth have won him fans worldwide, making him a household name. So, when he decided to get into the vodka business with Smithworks Vodka, it felt like a natural step for someone who’s always celebrated his roots​​​​.

Smithworks Vodka is a true reflection of Blake’s persona. It’s as American as it gets, with its corn sourced from the heartlands of Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma and water from Lake Fort Smith in Arkansas. The care and passion that goes into making this vodka mirror Blake’s dedication to his music and fans. The triple distillation and charcoal filtering speak volumes about the quality, ensuring a smooth spirit that is perfect for any gathering​​.

Blake’s approach to Smithworks is like the man himself: straightforward and authentic. He enjoys his simple vodka mixed with lemon-lime soda, which captures the essence of his laid-back style. The expansion of Smithworks into Nashville, the heart of country music, couldn’t be more fitting. Blake’s career is coming full circle, from singing country tunes to serving his American-made vodka in the city that helped make him a star​.

The accolades Smithworks has received, including a gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, are a nod to the brand’s commitment to excellence. It’s as if Blake’s achievements in the music world have found a new expression in the vodka industry. The embrace of Smithworks by fans and critics alike is proof of the synergy between Blake’s genuine appeal and the brand’s quality and ethos​.

14. Aaron Paul: Dos Hombres Mezcal (co-founded with Bryan Cranston)

Aaron Paul, well-known for his role as Jesse Pinkman in “Breaking Bad,” along with his co-star Bryan Cranston, ventured into spirits by launching Dos Hombres Mezcal in 2019. This move wasn’t just a business decision; it was fueled by a genuine appreciation for mezcal, a spirit they both came to love. The story of Dos Hombres is about two friends wanting to share something they found special with the world​​​​.

Their mezcal, crafted in the hills of Oaxaca, Mexico, under the watchful eye of a third-generation mezcalero, is all about tradition and quality. They chose to stick with the old ways, making their mezcal in small batches without the help of modern machinery. This traditional approach gives Dos Hombres a distinct taste—a reflection of the land it comes from and the history behind it. They offer two main types: one with a smooth, approachable flavor and another with a more complex profile, matured from agave plants that grow for almost 25 years​​.

What sets Aaron and Bryan’s journey into mezcal apart is their hands-on approach. They didn’t just slap their names on a bottle and call it a day. Instead, they dived headfirst into the process, learning the ropes and even securing a deal with one of the world’s largest distributors by promising to promote their mezcal actively. This blend of celebrity influence and genuine hard work has helped Dos Hombres make its mark​.

15. Dan Aykroyd: Crystal Skull Vodka

Dan Aykroyd, more commonly known for lighting up the screen in “Ghostbusters” and rocking out in “The Blues Brothers,” took his creative spirit into the world of spirits with Crystal Head Vodka. Partnering with artist John Alexander, they launched a vodka that’s as much about what’s outside the bottle as inside.

Their goal? To offer a pure and additive-free vodka, a concept not as talked about back in 2007 as it is today. Using top-notch ingredients like ‘Peaches and Cream’ corn from Canada and pristine water from Newfoundland, they created a clean, smooth vodka designed to inspire.

What really turns heads, though, is the vodka’s skull-shaped bottle, inspired by the mysterious crystal skulls. Aykroyd and Alexander saw it as a symbol of life, energy, and enlightenment, making it a unique vessel for their award-winning spirit.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing, though. The skull bottle caused a stir in Ontario, leading to a temporary ban in 2010 due to its association with death. But thanks to fan support and a slight packaging tweak, it wasn’t long before the skulls were back on shelves.

Crystal Head kept innovating, releasing Onyx in 2020, a bold move with an agave-based vodka, tapping into the tequila trend but keeping it distinctly vodka. This spirit, wrapped in a striking black skull, marries the artistry of the bottle with the quality of the liquid inside.

16. Channing Tatum: Born And Bred Vodka

Channing Tatum, the actor who danced his way into our hearts with “Magic Mike” and showed his comedic chops in “21 Jump Street,” decided to dive into the world of spirits. Not content with just any project, Channing ventured into creating Born and Bred Vodka, a premium American vodka that reflects his own spirited and adventurous nature.

Partnering with the Grand Teton Distillery in Idaho, Channing embarked on a journey to find or, instead, create the best vodka America had to offer. Their guiding principle? To produce a vodka that tastes as smooth as bold in spirit.

Born and Bred Vodka is all about the details. It’s distilled 20 times and made from the finest local Idaho potatoes mixed with glacial water straight from the Grand Teton Mountains. This painstaking process ensures each batch is not just smooth but “damn smooth,” according to their own words.

Channing and his team wanted to challenge the vodka status quo, aiming for a vodka that’s good enough for both a night out and a quiet evening in. The idea was to craft a vodka that stands out against the plethora of imported brands, making a case for high-quality American spirits.

17. Dwayne Wade: D Wade Cellars Wine

Dwayne Wade is not just a basketball legend known for his impressive skills on the court and his three NBA championship rings; he’s also a wine enthusiast. After traveling the world and sampling various wines, Wade decided to dive into the wine business, bringing his own unique touch to the industry. He wanted to create more than just a celebrity wine; he aimed to produce something that resonated with his personal experiences and passion for quality.

That’s where D Wade Cellars comes into play. This brand is Wade’s way of sharing his love for wine with the world. He’s not just slapping his name on a label; he’s deeply involved in the crafting process, working closely with vineyards and winemakers to ensure that every bottle reflects a standard of excellence.

D Wade Cellars specializes in wine, offering a variety that’s supposed to appeal to everyone from casual drinkers to serious wine lovers. The care and thought put into each step of their creation makes these wines stand out. From selecting the suitable grapes to the intricate winemaking process, Wade’s personal touch is evident.

18. Stephen Curry: Gentleman’s Cut Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Stephen Curry is a true legend in the NBA, known for his incredible achievements with the Golden State Warriors. He’s the first player to be unanimously voted MVP, has hit over 100 3-pointers in NBA Finals games, won back-to-back MVP awards, and is the all-time leading scorer for the Warriors. Not to mention, he holds the record for the most 3-pointers made in NBA history! Curry’s impact goes way beyond basketball, though.

Off the court, he’s been making moves in the consumer, entertainment, and non-profit worlds. His latest venture? A premium bourbon whiskey called Gentleman’s Cut. You read that right: the basketball superstar has partnered with Amuse Bouche Winery’s John Schwartz and Boone County Distilling Co. to launch this Kentucky Straight Bourbon.

So, what makes Gentleman’s Cut so unique? For starters, it’s distilled in 500-gallon copper pot stills and aged 5-7 years in charred new white oak barrels. The tasting notes are something else, too – cinnamon, seared caramel, sweet toasted chestnut, honey, fresh vanilla bean, and rich caramel. Mouth-watering, right?

The bourbon’s mash bill is a unique blend of 75% corn, 21% rye, and 4% malted barley. This perfect combo gives you an earthy, spicy kick from the rye, balanced by the malted barley’s bold cocoa and toast flavors. Bottled at 90 proof, Gentleman’s Cut promises a smooth, polished sip – perfect for making any moment feel extra special.

19. Jay-Z: Armand de Brignac Champagne

Jay-Z, beyond his iconic status as a music mogul and entrepreneur, has ventured into the high-end champagne market with Armand de Brignac, affectionately known as “Ace of Spades.” This venture showcases his knack for blending luxury with cultural cachet. The champagne, recognized by its striking metallic bottles, is a manifestation of Jay-Z’s sophisticated taste and his ambition to offer unparalleled quality in the beverages sector.

The heart of Armand de Brignac’s production lies in the collaboration with the Cattier family, entrenched in champagne craftsmanship for generations. Their vineyards in the Montagne de Reims region of Champagne, France, are the source of the meticulously selected grapes that give Armand de Brignac its distinguished flavor. Every aspect of production, from the handpicking of grapes to the aging process, reflects a commitment to excellence.

The result is a range of cuvées, including the flagship Gold Brut and Rosé, Demi-Sec, Blanc de Blancs, and Blanc de Noirs, each offering a unique tasting experience​​.

Since Jay-Z took over Armand de Brignac in 2014, the brand has not only seen an uptick in popularity. Still, it has also been solidified as a symbol of celebration among the elite in clubs and luxury venues across the globe. This move underscores Jay-Z’s influence and foresight in merging the worlds of entertainment and luxury commerce​.

20. Jeezy: Naud Spirits

Jeezy, the Grammy-nominated rapper who’s been a massive influence in the music world, is now making waves in the spirits industry. He’s teamed up with Naud Spirits, a French company known for their top-notch cognacs and a growing line of other spirits. This collaboration blends Jeezy’s knack for growing brands and Naud Spirits’ deep-rooted history in crafting exceptional spirits.

Naud Spirits prides itself on being unconventional. Since 1923, they’ve been creating spirits with passion, handed down through five generations. Today, Jean-Michel Naud and his son, Pierre, carry on this tradition, embodying the spirit of innovation while sticking to their high-quality standards.

For Jeezy, this isn’t just another business venture. He’s built a career filled with number-one albums, platinum hits, and Grammy nods. Beyond music, he’s ventured into real estate, launched Sports99, and contributed to his community through the Street Dreamz Foundation. This partnership with Naud Spirits is another layer to his evolving legacy, merging his business savvy with his love for premium spirits.


Owning alcohol brands has gone from being a trendy move to an intelligent business play for celebrities, showing that a famous name can increase a product’s popularity and sales. Many stars aren’t just putting their faces on the label; they’re getting deeply involved in how their spirits are made and sold, revealing a true dedication to their projects. This mix of star appeal and genuine quality has changed the game in the booze business, creating a new bar for what we expect from celebrity-backed ventures.

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