27 Gary Vee Quotes For Inspiration for Every Day

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Gary vee quotes

Welcome, friends! Today, we’re diving into the world of Gary Vee, a name synonymous with motivation and success. His words have inspired millions, and I’m excited to share some of the best Gary Vee quotes with you. Whether you’re eight or eighty, there’s something in Gary’s wisdom for everyone!

Who is Gary Vee?

A Brief Overview

Gary Vaynerchuk, popularly known as Gary Vee, is a serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, and internet personality. He’s known for his straight-talking, no-nonsense approach to business and life. From transforming his family’s wine business into a multi-million dollar empire to becoming a social media guru, Gary’s journey is nothing short of inspiring.

Gary Vee Quotes

1. “Skills are cheap. Passion is priceless.”

This quote reminds us that while anyone can learn a skill, it’s your passion that truly sets you apart.

2. “If you live for the weekends and vacations, your shit is broken.”

Gary urges us to find joy in our everyday work, not just leisure moments.

3. “Stop hanging around people who don’t want to win.”

Surrounding yourself with positive, driven individuals is key to success.

4. “It’s easy to dream about it … Much harder to execute it …. Work!”

Dreams are just the start; hard work turns them into reality.

5. “Without hustle, talent will only carry you so far.”

Talent is a great start, but it’s the hustle that takes you across the finish line.

6. “You can’t read about push-ups. You gotta do them.”

This is all about taking action rather than just planning or theorizing.

7. “Bet on your strengths.”

Recognize what you’re good at and double down on it.

8. “It’s not about how much you sleep. It’s about what you do when you’re awake.”

This quote emphasizes making the most of your waking hours.

9. “No matter what you do, your job is to tell your story.”

In business and life, storytelling is a powerful tool.

10. “Legacy is greater than currency.”

Here, Gary reminds us that what we leave behind in the world is far more valuable than any material wealth.

11. “All your ideas may be solid or even good … But you have to Actually EXECUTE on them for them to matter.”

Execution is everything. Ideas alone won’t lead to success; it’s the action you take that truly counts.

12. “Your legacy is being written by yourself. Make the right decisions.”

Every choice we make contributes to the story of our lives.

13. “Love your family, work super hard, live your passion.”

A simple but powerful mantra from Gary emphasizes balance in life.

14. “Whether you’re nine or ninety, the internet is a lot more than just a digital web; it’s a web of human connection.”

This quote highlights the power of the internet in forging human connections, regardless of age.

15. “We only get to play this game one time…one life.”

Gary encourages us to make the most of every opportunity, especially in the digital world, where opportunities are boundless.

16. “You are not patient enough. Your lack of patience is killing you and your need of things is killing you.”

Patience is key in entrepreneurship. Success often takes time.

17. “There’s no reason to do shit you hate. None.”

Passion should drive your business ventures. So, If you don’t love what you do, sustaining the effort needed for success is hard.

18. “Please think about your legacy because you’re writing it every day.”

This quote reminds us to be mindful of how we shape our future daily.

19. “You have to understand your own personal DNA. Don’t do things because I do them, or Steve Jobs or Mark Cuban tried it. You need to know your personal brand and stay true to it.”

Self-awareness and authenticity are crucial in life and business.

20. “Time – the one asset none of us are ever gonna get more of.”

Gary emphasizes the priceless nature of time, urging us to use it wisely and purposefully.

21. “Stop watching fucking Lost.”

A blunt reminder from Gary to avoid time-wasters and focus on what truly matters.

22. “Failure is something to be proud of, and it’s only a temporary end to a journey if you choose to stop walking.”

This quote encourages us to view failure not as a defeat but as a stepping stone to success.

23. “You have to understand that right now is the best time to start a company.”

Gary stresses the importance of seizing the moment, especially during uncertain or perceived failure.

24. “I’m just always looking forwards. I spend very little time, looking backwards.”

This encourages a focus on the future while appreciating the present.

25. “The health and well-being of your family is the most important thing. Everything else is just a bonus.”

It is a poignant reminder of what truly matters in life.

26. “You are entirely up to you. Make your body. Make your life. Make yourself.”

Gary advocates for personal responsibility and the power of self-creation.

27. “Being unafraid of your imperfections is more powerful than being perfect.”

Embracing imperfections is a key to genuine self-improvement and confidence.

Gary Vee’s wisdom extends far beyond these quotes. His philosophy is about taking control of your life, embracing your passions, and always striving for improvement. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a student, or someone just looking for a bit of inspiration, there’s a lesson to be learned from Gary Vee’s words.

Remember, it’s not just about hearing these quotes; it’s about living them. Apply these lessons to your life, and watch as you transform your dreams into your reality. So, let Gary Vee’s wisdom guide you in your journey toward success and personal fulfillment.

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