10 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog

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One of the big reasons people with a blog need help initially is their lack of promotion. For whatever reason, some people are scared to promote it. They think readers will just automatically come to their site. Life doesn’t work like that. You must get out and let the world know your blog exists. Below, I’ve compiled ten easy ways to promote your blog.

How to Promote Your Blog 

1. Social Media

The first way that you can promote your blog is through social media. The opportunities are endless. You have sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to share your latest post with your friends and followers. If you’re like me, you have different people on each site, so sharing things about your blog on each social media site is a must.

Make sure that you promote your posts several times a day. People are online at different times of the day for various reasons. If you post something in the morning, your followers who work at night might miss it. It’s good to post items at least three times a day.

I use my Facebook group to help promote my blog for free. Members read my articles and have joined my email list because of it. If you have a Facebook group, make sure that you share your blog.

2. YouTube

YouTube is the world’s 2nd biggest search engine. Making videos on YouTube gives you a worldwide audience. If your videos are quality, the benefits of uploading them could be huge, depending on what your blog is about. You may ask, “What if I’m not good at creating videos?” There is a site called Fiverr where you can pay someone $5 to help do multiple tasks. One of the tasks people can do there is to create or edit videos for people. Make sure you check Fiverr out when you get a chance.

3. Word of Mouth

The third item on the list of how to promote your blog for free is the good old-fashioned word of mouth. People don’t do this as often as they should. You can start by telling your friends and family members first. Then, you can ask them for referrals. Depending on your blog type, you can also talk to your colleagues about it.

4. Make a T-shirt

The following way that you can promote your blog is by getting a couple of shirts made and wearing them around the town. In the past, I’ve printed shirts with my blog name on them. I wore the shirts to places such as the mall or sporting events. Make sure you get a couple of extra shirts printed as well. You can give those shirts to friends and family and ask them to wear them occasionally. You can’t beat that type of free promo.

5. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote your blog on this list. All you need to do is insert the subscribe button on your blog. Once your visitors subscribe, you send a newsletter to them every week. This keeps them updated about your content. An email list lets you contact your subscribers and provide even more value.

6. Comment on Relevant Blogs and Join a Blog Community

Commenting on blogs with a similar agenda as yours is effective. This will keep you updated and help you build up a good relationship. Joining a blog community is also another way to promote your blog. In blogging communities, you get to discuss and meet other bloggers. Then, you can submit your blog article to be put up for discussion. It creates awareness; if people like your content, they will visit your blog.

7. Link Building

There are two ways you can do this: Internal linking and backlinks. Backlinks are more effective because it’s coming from an external source. It’s like a referral from someone people trust. You can comment on posts related to your topics and add links.

On the other hand, internal linking is a way to help crawlers and bots crawl through your page with ease. You link one page to the other. Link building makes it easier for bots and crawlers to find your blog and index it.

Internal link building is significant in wanting to get your website to rank and grow. Reviewing old posts and ensuring they link to similar posts can take a while. There’s a tool called Link Whisper that can help you do this quickly. It searches your blog posts and suggests links that could be added. It’s a game-changer, for sure. For more information about Link Whisper, go here.

8. Post Regularly

This is important because you could lose many readers if you don’t post regularly. Why should they keep visiting a blog if they repeatedly see the same articles? The best way to keep your blog updated is to create a content calendar and stick to it. You can decide to post daily, weekly, or yearly. Just make sure you stick to that pattern.

9. Quora Commenting

Many people don’t know you can promote your blog using Quora. Quora questions appear at the top of most search results. This should tell you search engines rank them high. All you need to do is answer questions related to your blog’s topics and then attach a link to your blog. Or you can ask questions and connect them back to your blog. On Quora, once you answer a question, you answer multiple people. Many people will click on your link if you answer their question and they like your answer. You’ve gained more visitors just like that.

10. Keyword Optimization and Image Usage

You need to know what users are looking for. Once you know that and have keywords you know users search for well, you can create your post and use these keywords. You can use as many as you want. These keywords help internet crawlers find you quicker and display your article to users. Using images and customizing them is also effective. If you custom-create your images and users use them for, let’s say, their blog or something else, this would create a backlink for you. So, start adding images to your posts and custom-create them.

The ten ways to promote your blog are to use social media, create content for YouTube, use word of mouth and make a t-shirt, email marketing, comment on Quora, use backlinks, join a blog community, and use keywords and images. These are only some ways to advertise a blog, but these are ten tips that anyone could do relatively quickly. Since this post is about promoting, follow me on social media.

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