6 Questionable & Illegal Ways to Make Money

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The name of the game for people who are trying to pay off debt quickly is to make extra money. Many bloggers including myself create different posts on ways to make extra money. I seldom see any articles talking about things that people wouldn’t do to make extra cash. This post covers six things that are questionable or illegal ways to make money. I used to do one of the items on the list, but honestly, it was too time-consuming. Let’s get started with the list.

Sell Drugs

The first thing that I wouldn’t do to make extra money is to sell drugs. Some people see it as easy or fast money, but it’s something that I wouldn’t do. First off it’s an illegal way to get money. I’m not trying to go to anyone’s jail. I enjoy my freedom. Second, selling drugs would eventually make you paranoid. You’d have to worry about getting caught by the police or a rival dealer. I’m sure you’ve seen movies like Scarface, or Blow. Nothing good ever comes from that. That fast money is usually gone pretty quickly.

Finally, how could I do more damage to the community and sleep at night? I’m not built like that. Drugs have destroyed a lot of communities in this country. There is no way that I could be a part of that. You can count me out with this illegal way to make money.

Scam People

The next thing on the list of questionable & illegal ways to make money is to scam people. I hate people that scam others. I hear or read about older adults getting scammed out of thousands of dollars all the time. You have to be a heartless person to do something like that. Scams come in different shapes and forms so always pay attention. I try to stay away from people that are scammers. I don’t need any of that bad karma around me. If something seems too good to be true it probably is.

Promote or sell a product that wouldn’t help someone.

The third thing on this list is to promote or sell a product that wouldn’t help someone. This is not one of the illegal ways to make money. It’s questionable to me though. I know some people have jobs where they have to sell people crap. That’s ok, but I couldn’t do it.

Honestly, that is one of the reasons that I’m not in the banking industry anymore. I’m not going to name the bank, but the last branch that I worked at used to be so money hungry. They used to want us to ask almost every customer to sign up for a credit card or a loan. This particular branch was on a side of town where people didn’t have the best income. What the hell do I look like trying to get a customer to sign up for a credit card when they only have $5 in their checking account and $0.60 in their savings? I wouldn’t be helping them. If anything, I would be getting them into more debt. I couldn’t do it. That’s why I left banking as soon as I could. Like I stated earlier, I know that many people have jobs where they have to sell stuff that they really don’t like. That’s fine. I just couldn’t do it anymore.

The last three things on the questionable & illegal ways to make money are just questionable. You can do them and I won’t judge you.

Get a part-time job that is more strenuous than your full-time job

The next thing that is on the list is to get a part-time job that was more strenuous than my full-time job. Your part-time job is there for you to make extra money. That’s it. It makes no sense to take a part-time job that leaves you more stressed out or tired than your full-time job. Why would you bust your ass over a $10 part-time job when you have a $45,000 full-time job.  That could lead to your performance dropping on your full-time job. That’s not okay.

If you want to get a part-time job, that’s cool. Just make sure that its something that is relatively easy like being a host or hostess at a restaurant or working as a retail clerk.

Rent my car

Next up on the list is to rent my own car. Yeah, that’s not happening at all. I’ve had issues with a couple of cars in the past few years. I don’t really trust anyone with it. I definitely wouldn’t trust a stranger with it, even if I was getting paid. Some people may be able to make decent money by renting their vehicles. There are programs out there like Turo. People can make money by renting their car out. It’s just not for me.

Online Surveys

We have made it to the final thing on the list of questionable & illegal ways to may money. If you’ve been a reader for a while, you may realize that online surveys are something that I used to do. You can make money off of online surveys, but I’ve realized that the returns are too small for me. That’s why they are on this questionable & illegal ways to make money list. I really don’t have the time to sit at the computer and fill out a 20-30 minute survey just to receive pennies on the dollar. There are other side hustles (eBay) where you can make MUCH more money in less time. I would rather spend my time doing that.

If you are interested in doing surveys, I’m not going to stop you. What didn’t work for me, could work for you you. I’d start with Swagbucks. You can make a little money with them.

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The six questionable & illegal ways to make money were selling drugs, scamming people, promoting or selling a product that isn’t helping people, getting a strenuous PT job, renting out your car, and completing online surveys.

Have you done any of these things to make extra money? What wouldn’t you do to make extra money?

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  1. This is a good list, Jason, though I admit I’ve promoted products that are sometimes less-than helpful. I figure people can take my information and evaluate the product for themselves. It’s tough to turn down ad deals, especially for a relatively small blog like mine.

    1. I agree. If I’m ever in that situation I will have to make a decision.

  2. Very interesting article. I love the P.O.V. Also, I’ve never heard of people renting their cars. Is that similar to Uber, or are people literally allowing people to drive their cars? Either way, I agree I wouldn’t do any of those things either. Nor would I sacrifice my moral conscience in any way for extra money.

    1. Thanks for reading Kim. People are actually renting out their own cars. There is NO way I would do that.

  3. I recently sold my first batch of items on eBay and can see how it is a tempting possibility for making some extra cash on the side.

    1. The opportunities could be endless.

  4. Wow, there is no way I’d rent out my car — even if we were a two-car household.

    I’ve done online surveys in the past. I love Swagbucks, but I’ve fallen down on it again. (I always get very motivated as Christmas approaches.) These days, I’m just trying to build up my blog audience and hope I can generate enough AdSense to cover the difference. Given how hard it is to get even 130ish SBs some days, I have to imagine it’s feasible.

    1. I also need to get back to swagbucks. I’ve made a small amount of money on there before.

  5. Hi Jason

    This post is thought provoking. I would not want to do the things you listed as they are time wasters and get you into trouble. There are legitimate and fun ways to make money.

    Great list Jason. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wow Jason, this is a great list but what really came out of it for me is that you are the kind of person I take pride in knowing – even if it’s only online.

  7. I wouldn’t do any of thesethings either! But plenty of people con themselves by selling products that aren’t useful! They convnce themselves that they are!!!

  8. Thanks for shairing these tips of things you wouldn’t do to make money. Personally, i think i liked #3 the best,
    ‘Promote or sell a product that wouldn’t help someone.’
    this is the primary reason why i won’t sell anything i don’t personally use or have used in the past.
    If it has helped me, i hope to be able to allow it to help that person looking at buying it.
    I would not sell my body for money.
    Keep up the wonderful blogging.
    ‘best marketer in oregon’

  9. What a lovely post Jason. I wouldn’the do any of the jobs you’very listed. There are much more legitimate ways to make money. We should always choose a job that helps others. Thanks

  10. Yep, drug selling is probably not the best way of making a bit of money. Kind of falls into the same boat as fraud, theft, and conning. Making money shouldn’t have victims. You will do just fine Jason sticking to what you are doing.

  11. I agree. In the end, your integrity (and being able to live with yourself) has to be worth more than your bank account. It may be slower going, but eventually you’ll get to where you want to be, with no regrets.

  12. Great list Jason and it shows integrity, especially the not selling products that don’t help people. I might be tempted to do the online surveys if I had time, but I wouldn’t do any of the others either.

  13. I have to admit I have partaken in one of the jobs you would not do. I got a strenuous part time job. Not only was it strenuous, it was at night, so I was not 100% during the day at my regular job. Thanks for posting this.

  14. I would not do any of those things either. Plenty of people do at least one of them but there are better ways to make extra money.

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