Is Mercari legit? How to Sell on Mercari

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How to sell on Mercari

We are in week two of the 7 weeks of crossposting. Last week, I focused on Craigslist. This week we’re on to Mercari. You may be wondering what the heck Mercari is. It’s an online selling app that was founded in 2013. I started selling on Mercari in 2018. Since that time, it’s grown to be one of my favorite selling platforms. Today, I’ll be going over some of the basics that will teach you how to sell on Mercari.

Is Mercari legit?

Mercari is easy to use. You list items on their app. If someone likes your item, they will either purchase it or send you a message about the item. You can sell all kinds of things on Mercari. Some of the more popular things that are sold are computers, shoes, toys, and video games. With Mercari, there are no auctions. Everything is “buy it now.’ There is an opportunity for potential buyers to make offers for the items. When you start selling on Mercari, you will see that they do that a lot. If it’s a good offer, I usually accept it. Make sure that you ignore the lowballers.

Mercari doesn’t charge you to post listings. They do charge a 10% selling fee. That’s not bad.

How it Works

First things first, you have to download the app. You can list on your computer, but it’s much easier to do so with the app. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can use my link below.

Download Mercari Here

You get a $10 coupon once you sign up. After you download the app, you create your account. This is the home page. There’s a search bar at the top. Below that, you can click on sell or buy.


If you click the image at the top left, it will take you to the dashboard


You can see how many people you’re following and vice versa, your balance, and any coupons that you have under your account name.

Next, you’ll see the number of reviews that you have. Below that, you’ll see a $10, get $10 banner. That banner takes you to your personal referral link. It also shows you any credits that you currently have. You’ll also see different tabs that say selling, buying, help center, trust & verification, and settings.

After that, you see different badges that sellers can get. As you can see, I have 4 of them

Let’s go back to the home screen.

At the bottom, you see the home symbol, a heart for likes, a camera in the middle for sale, a bell for notifications, and a box for messages. The home box will get you to the home screen on the app. The likes button is for any item that you like. You click the orange camera when you’re ready to sell an item. The notification bel updates anytime someone likes an item, make an offer or buys something. With the message box, you can communicate with potential buyers.

How to List

These next few images will show you the process of listing an item. You’ll also see how to sell on Mercari as well.

First, you tap the sell button in the middle of the screen.

Next, you can take pictures or you can click on library.

Then you find the pictures of the item and select the ones that you want for the listing. Click the word apply at the bottom. On this page, you can edit the pictures, add the title, description, and add three hashtags.

Below that, you have three sections which are details, shipping, and pricing.

The shipping section is unique. You have a couple of options. You can decide whether to offer buyers free shipping or not.

From there you can choose to use a prepaid label or to create your own.

If you use the prepaid label option, you have to enter the weight of the item. Once you do that, it will calculate the shipping. You’ll get a shipping label sent to you when your item sells.

Last, but not least, you set your price. Below that, you’ll also see how much you’ll earn minus the selling fee.

Above the word list, you’ll see the words “smart pricing”. It’s a tool that you can turn on that may help you get a quicker sale. Every couple of days, the price automatically lower itself until it reaches the smart price. That price is a number that you can set or one that Mercari does. I’ve used the smart price feature a few times just to test it out. It didn’t help my sales. The smart price was also a little too low for a couple of my items, so I turned the feature off.

After you click the list button your item will now be live.

What Happens When You Get a Sell

This is totally different than any of the platforms that I’ve used before. You get a notification like the one below when your item sells.

From, there you open the app and see that info along will a message telling you to ship within 3 days.

Next, prepare the item for shipping and take it to the post office. Since I chose not to use Mercari’s prepaid label, I don’t have to worry about printing anything. Once you get your receipt from the post office, make sure that you include the tracking number. Click on the tab that says “edit tracking”. and update the tracking info thee.

You’ll also receive an email like this to remind you to ship. In a couple of days, you’ll receive a status update saying that the item was delivered to the buyer.

You get paid once the buyer rates the transaction. They have 3 days to do it. Once they rate it, you rate them and the money will be deposited into your Mercari account. If they don’t rate it, Mercari will complete the transaction for them. Then the money will be released. Once the money is in your Mercari account, you can then transfer it to your bank account.

Some folks may not like that small wait between getting paid. I don’t have a problem with it. Learning how to sell on Mercari was pretty easy, wasn’t it? Mercari is becoming my second favorite selling platform. It’s user-friendly. As I stated earlier, the 10% selling fee isn’t bad at all. As Mercari becomes more popular, I expect the sales to go up. So yes, Mercari is legit.

Sign up for Mercari today here!


Here are a few resources that you can use now that you know how to sell on Mercari.

Shipping Scale – The Accuteck ShipPro is a good one to check out. It has a max of 110lbs. It can be powered by batteries, USB cable or Ac adapter.

Boxes – You always need shipping boxes. Heres a good set that you use.

Bubblewrap – If you sell coffee mugs or any glass products, you need bubble wrap. Sometimes it’s cheaper purchasing it online, instead of the store.


  1. I’m not sure which by itself website is more effective between Mercari or Poshmark. I’ve successfully sold things on PoshMark before without spending one dime on paid advertising. But my sales have been slowing down because I haven’t uploaded any new items recently. Which site in your personal opinion do you find most effective, Jason?

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