20+ Father’s Day Gifts

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Fathers Day

Father’s Day 2023 is coming up in a few days. Make sure that you get your dad something good. If you’re unsure what to get him, here’s a list of 20+ awesome Father’s Day gifts. I’m sure that you will find something that he’ll like.

Sports Tickets

Does your father love sports? If the answer is yes, you can get him tickets to his favorite team’s game. Currently, it’s the regular season for baseball and soccer. You can also check StubHub for the upcoming NFL and College Football games. StubHub is my go-to place for tickets. Many times, they have better prices than Ticketmaster.


Is your dad a handyman? If so, it may be time for some new tools. Check out this Craftsman 450-Piece Mechanic’s Tool Set. It features 16 wrenches, 191 sockets, and more.


Dress Shirts

You can never go wrong with buying your dad a dress shirt. Well, actually you can. If you get him the wrong size shirt or a color that he doesn’t like, that could be a slight issue. You catch my drift, though, right? Make sure it’s something that you’ll think he’ll like. Van Heusen typically has some nice dress shirts. I have a few myself. Check the image below to see the type of shirts they have available.


The next gift item on the list is cologne. If your dad wears cologne, get him a bottle. The price of cologne can fluctuate. You can try something like this D&G Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana for men. This cologne is a very popular brand. It was not expensive either.

Cuff Links

Cuff Links are a gift you can get for a father who likes to dress up. They’ll look good with the dress shirt that you purchased earlier. Below are some cuff links that look pretty good.

Sports Jerseys

The following Father’s Day gift idea is a sports jersey. This is another perfect gift idea for the dad that enjoys sports. There are jerseys for all types of sports out there. There are many places where you can buy them. One place that I recommend is Fanatics. They have a ridiculous selection. They also run numerous sales throughout the year.


If you’re over 21, you can purchase some beer for your dad. You can visit a liquor store and get him a six-pack, or you could do something out of the box and get him a beer-making kit similar to the one below.

Board Games

Board Games can be another good Father’s Day gift. There are hundreds of board games to choose from, including Monopoly, Risk, and my personal favorite, Scrabble.

Grill Set

If Dad likes to cook, grab him a grill set. The set below features over 25 pieces, including spatulas and other utensils.


A watch can be a lovely gift. Many people collect them. You can your dad a watch like the Timex below.

Drinking Glasses

Drinking glasses are another excellent gift for dad. They can be used for water, juice, and whiskey. Here is a nice set of 8 glasses that I’m sure dad would enjoy.

Gift Card

Sometimes you are fresh out of ideas when it comes to gifts. A gift card can help you with that. There are hundreds of stores and restaurants to choose from. You can go to a store like Walmart or Kroger and check their gift card selection.


Every dad needs a good briefcase. If yours doesn’t have one or needs a new one, this can be the perfect gift for him. This Dell Professional Briefcase is one that you could consider.

Dell Professional Briefcase 15


Does your dad like to read? Does he have a home library? If the answer to either of those questions is yes, grab him some books. There are so many to choose from including self-help, Black History, and biographies. Figure out what he likes to read and grab him a couple of good ones.


The following Father’s Day gift idea is shoes. You can get your dad some dress shoes or some tennis shoes. The price of the shoes fluctuates depending on the brand or type they are. Below are a pair of dress shoes and tennis shoes that could make good gifts.

Men's Cap Toe Oxfords Dress Shoes

Nike Men's Roshe Golf Shoes O/Black/Summit White, 11 - Men's Golf Shoes at Academy Sports


Flasks are another item that I’m sure you’re dad would love. They vary in size and color. Flasks can also be engraved. Below are some superhero-themed Flasks.

Superhero Stainless Steel Flask


Razors always come in handy. Your dad can never have too many. If your dad shaves a lot, then this is another good idea. Below are some inexpensive trimmers.

New Men's Personal Groomer Beard Trimmers Nose Ear Trimmers Personal Trimmer


Records are coming back in style. Many people have started to collect them. I have a modest collection of four records myself. If your dad likes music and has a record player, this could be a unique Father’s Day gift.


A tablet can be another good gift. If your dad needs an up-to-date tablet, get him one today. Below is a Fire HD tablet. It has 16 GB.


Last but not least is a wallet. Your dad could use a new one every few years. Wallets are typically inexpensive. This one has RFID protection.

RFID Men's Leather Wallet. Multiple Options Available.


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