How Many States Have You Visited

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states have you visited How many states have you visited? That may be a question that you ask yourself every once in a while. The other day I saw something online that showed people what states they’ve been to. I thought it was pretty cool.  Today’s post goes over the states that I’ve been to. I’m also counting states that I’ve driven or ridden through as well.


I have to start out with my home state. I’m from Atlanta and went to school in Savannah. There are a lot more things to see in this state besides those wonderful cities. There’s also Athens (home of the University of Georgia), Macon, and Augusta. To read up about Georgia, visit Tripadvisor here.


My favorite city to visit (Miami) is in this state. I also lived in Orlando for nearly 8 months. I was doing an internship at Walt Disney World. There’s a lot to do in Florida including checking out Seaworld and Busch Gardens. Click the link below for more information.

SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, & Aquatica Passes


My mother’s side of the family is from there. I’ve been to Alabama more times than I can remember. Every year growing up my siblings and I used to spend the summer there. I miss those carefree days. Alabama has a lot of things to do. Check out the book below to get more ideas.


I’ve been to Mississippi twice. The last time I went I visited Biloxi during my cross country trip. Below is a book that has more information about Mississippi.


I’ve been to “The Boot” a few times. I love the atmosphere of New Orleans. I’ve yet to attend Mardi Gras, but hopefully, I will get there in a couple of years. Louisiana has more to offer than just New Orleans. Visit this link to get more info.


I’ve been to Texas a handful of times. I really enjoyed San Antonio when I visited. Dallas was cool too. It was crazy seeing how close I was to the Mexican border. Texas has a lot of cities with pro sports teams. If you’re interested in visiting any of them, check out Stubhub to get your tickets.

New Mexico

I drove through New Mexico during my cross country trip. I didn’t have a chance to visit any main cities. I heard Albuquerque is pretty nice.


Arizona is another state that I visited during my cross country trip. I have to make a return trip to see more of Tucson and Phoenix. Below is a book that has more info on things to do in Arizona, including the Grand Canyon.


I’ve been to California twice. The first time I went, I visited Los Angeles. The second I went, I checked out San Diego. There are so many other places that I want to see such as the Bay Area, Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. I’m a huge sports fan, so I was able to go to baseball games in L.A. and San Diego. I want to go to other sporting events out there when I get the chance. If you are looking for your favorite teams apparel, check out Fanatics.


I’ve been to Las Vegas five times. It’s always fun out there. Here’s a book that has other things for you to do in Nevada.


I’ve only been to Colorado twice. Neither time really counts because they were layovers. I definitely plan on going back out there to attend a Rockies game. If you’re looking to visit Colorado, check out Scotts Cheap Flights.


I’ve been to Tennessee a few times. In elementary school, we used to take trips to visit the aquarium in Chattanooga. Recently, I had a chance to visit Memphis and Nashville. Both cities were nice in their own way. Learn more about Tennessee here.


I rode through Kentucky on a Greyhound bus to Chicago. Learn more about Kentucky here.


I also rode through Indiana on teh same Greyhound bus to Chicago. Check out the book below to learn more about Indiana.


I’ve visited Illinois a few times. The 1st time was when I visited my uncle and his family in Chicago for a week back in 2002. It was my first time riding the Greyhound bus anywhere. Illinois is a cool state. There are a lot of sports teams. Get your favorite teams jersey here.


One of my friends lives in Milwaukee. The vibe of the city is very cool. The next time I visit I plan on seeing Lambeau Field.


I went to Ohio (Cleveland) for the 1st time a few months ago. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I can’t wait to visit some other cities up there. Learn more about Ohio below.

South Carolina

I’ve visited South Carolina a few times.  I’ve been to Myrtle Beach for Bike Week and even partied with the University of South Carolina football team a few years ago. Check out Tripadvisor for more things to do in South Carolina.

North Carolina

I’ve only been to Charlotte a few times. I want to go back to North Carolina when I get a chance. I have to catch a Duke University basketball game in person. Find more things to do in North Carolina here.


I rode through Virginia on my way to Philly & NY a couple of times. Check out the book below that has things to do in Virginia.


I visited friends who stayed in Maryland because of its proximity to Washington D.C. I aso visited Baltimore briefly to go to an Orioles game. Learn more about Maryland here.


I stayed in Delaware one night after attending the Philly Greek Picnic. You can find more info about Delaware at Tripadvisor.


I attended the Philly Greek Picnic in Philadelphia a few years ago. On my second trip to Philly, I had a chance to see some of the tourist spots and go to a Phillies game. Learn more about Pennsylvania below.

New Jersey

I did some community service at a shelter in New Jersey a few years ago during an Alternative Spring Break trip. I didn’t really get a chance to tour the area at all. Click here to learn more about New Jersey.

New York

I’ve been to New York 4 times. The last time was in 2018. I had a chance to go to games at Yankee Stadium and Citi-Field. To book your flight to New York, go here.

After tallying up the states on this list I see that I’ve been to 25 states. That’s pretty good. Maybe I should set a goal to see all 50. I’m not sure though, There are a couple of states out there that seem a little boring. Who knows though?

How many states have you visited? Do you want to visit all 50?


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