30+ Profitable Small Business Ideas

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profitable small business ideas

Hello everyone. Many people dream of working for themselves. Being an entrepreneur has an irresistible charm to it for some. Many people yearn to work in the confines of their homes with no restrictions or code of conduct. If you are one of those people, I will share 30+ profitable small business ideas that you can start now with little to no capital, even if you don’t have any prior experience in the business.


This is a fun, profitable small business idea, especially if you love drawing and painting. Becoming an artist may not require much if you already have artistic skills. But if you are a beginner, you might need to learn a few skills, such as painting, drawing, or even making sculptures. Remember that everyone can be an artist, according to one of the greatest 21st-century artists, Andy Warhol. All you need is your imagination. As an artist, you must express your thoughts through mediums like photography, painting, drawing, graphic design, or sculpting.

Insurance Rep

Being an insurance rep means you can sell any type of insurance, including small business, health, and life, as well as auto and home insurance. Working from home as an insurance rep allows you to set your schedules to accommodate your clients and create a comfortable atmosphere in which you will enjoy working. To become an independent insurance rep, you must enroll in insurance or business courses at a university or community college. For more information about different types of insurance, check out my friend Sa El’s site, Simply Insurance.


This will be a perfect small business if you have an inner Ernest Hemingway. Start by thinking about why you want to become an author and start reading some of the best novels from authors you admire. Draft the basics of your plot and ensure you use good grammar and spelling. These days, regular books and ebooks both sell well. My friend Michelle does well at selling ebooks. Check out her course here.

Bed and Breakfast Owner

This home-based business idea is pretty cool. All you need is a house and people skills. You will also need to draft a basic business plan to establish how you will profit from the business. Decide on the sleeping arrangement involving you and your guest. For example, how many guests are you trying to host at once? Which rooms will be available for them?

Catering Company

Catering is your answer if you love to cook and wonder what kind of profitable small business ideas are out there. To start this business, you will need to make an equipment inventory, including items you will need to get started. Find a market area that current caterers may have overlooked or one you feel you can conquer. You will need a business plan, license and permits, and a good relationship with your vendors.

Computer Consultant

Having a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or IT could be a lucrative option to start as an independent contractor. You may not even need a degree to become a computer consultant. You can teach yourself topics such as software, hardware, marketing, business, and anything related to technology and computers.

Daycare Service

There has been an increase in demand for daycare centers, and you should take advantage of this home-based business idea. If you enjoy working with kids, this could be a successful business for you. There are two types of daycare, home daycare and daycare center. It is up to you to decide which type you want to open.

Financial Broker

A financial broker is another small business idea you can start from home. You will need to make sure that you know your stuff, though. Classes such as finance, economics, and statistics can help to prepare you. As a financial broker, you can be a generalist or specialize in fields such as estate planning, retirement, taxes, risk management, or insurance. Make sure you obtain a certificate and license before you get started.

Fish Tank Cleaning Service

Many people have aquariums in their homes. While a fish tank in a house has many benefits, cleaning it can be hard sometimes, especially if the owner doesn’t have time. This can be a great business for you to start. Some of the services you will be expected to offer are testing water for perfect chemical balances, removing algae from the aquarium walls, assessing the health of the fish, and many more.

Flower Delivery Service

Next up on the list of profitable small business ideas is a flower delivery service. This can be fun to start, as you don’t have to own the flowers. You can start a flower-delivering business by applying the drop-shipping model. If you use this model, you will need a simple website to attract customers from, as well as delivery services and flower vendors. Creating a website isn’t hard at all. I’ve created three in the last 6 years. Check out this post on how to create a site with Bluehost.

Handyman Service

If you know about fixing things around the house, how about turning it into a paying gig? Starting a handyman business will give you a great chance to do what you love, and you can earn money simultaneously. You may also consider exploring a franchise opportunity in this industry—you’ll not only be doing what you enjoy but also tapping into a proven business model. You will also be helping homeowners get their homes in order.

Home Inspection Service

To start a home inspection business, you will need insurance because today, customers are looking for home inspectors with insurance. Aside from the home inspection certificate, you should also learn a few things, including building codes, real estate practices, and modern trends in architecture.

Hospitality Service

If you are considering starting a hospitality service business, you will need some experience. While it sounds like a simple business to start, a hospitality service business can be physically and mentally draining, so gaining experience in the industry can go a long way to making your life easier. Also, do some research and target a specific demographic.

House Cleaning Business

This business offers significant profit potential with little startup costs. Just like some of the other small profitable business ideas, to start a house cleaning business, you need a proper business plan, and license, as well as insurance, cleaning supply, and marketing strategy. In the beginning, you can use your home cleaning products to clean clients’ homes before you start making sufficient money.

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Interior Design Consultant

Interior design consulting is one of the most profitable small business ideas you can start from home. To start this business, you must know your target market and have a unique logo, a simple website, and a solid marketing strategy. You should also consider offering your services for free in the beginning.

Janitorial Services

You can start a janitorial service business with very low startup costs. Starting a janitorial service business, you will have to find clients initially. You can consider some businesses: offices, schools, hospitals, and restaurants. Before starting this business, you may need to get a license, so do your research.

Start a litter removal business today. Click this link for more information!

Landscape Design Business

If you have a knack for landscaping and are looking to start a business, landscaping can be a good venture for you. It doesn’t require much money to start – just a pickup van, power mower, and a little bit of experience. The work can range from lawn maintenance to large intricate design projects. Research landscaping online to discover the ins and outs of the industry and how you can market it.

Massage Therapist

Massage Therapy is next up on the list of small profitable business ideas. To become a massage therapist, you must complete a massage therapy certificate or degree from an accredited college. You should also complete practical requirements, including several hours of hands-on experience. Next, you will be required to pass the licensing examination. Then you need to apply for a license and complete certification. You can obtain a massage therapist certification in spa management, sports massage, palliative care, or clinical rehabilitative massage.

Lawn Mowing Business

Next on the home-based business ideas list is starting a lawn mowing business. This business idea has boundless opportunities. For example, you can incorporate selling fertilizers, weed, and bug treatments as well as selling gardening work, tree trims, weeding, and many other services. The best thing about starting this kind of business is that you can learn on the job as you progress.

Motivational Speaker

Being a motivational speaker is not for everyone, but it could work for you if you have a story. Start where you are and look for people interested in hearing your story. You should pick a subject you think you can excel in and people would love to know about it. For example, I’ve had a couple of speaking engagements and talked about eBay and side hustles (I’m looking to speak at more events, so contact me if you’re interested). Identify your target audience, develop your ideas, and practice. How you deliver the message will be crucial to your success as a motivational speaker.

Medical Transcription

The first step to becoming a medical transcriptionist is to complete a medical transcription degree program. After that, you need real-world experience to learn about medical terminology, transcription style, formatting reports, professional issues, and other crucial aspects of the business.

Musician for Hire

If you can sing or play an instrument, then this small business is right up your alley. Define your skills so that you can know how to monetize them. If you have multiple musical skills, consider combining them to stand out among other musicians targeting the same audience.


Many families are looking for nannies to look after their young kids when they go to work. The first place most families turn to is referral agencies, so starting a nanny agency can prove to be a shrewd business for you. If you love working with children and adults, this is a perfect business to start from home. Some of the tasks you will be doing in your day-to-day activities include hiring the right types of nannies for your agency and interviewing families to establish what they require from you.

Pet Sitting

Depending on where you live, you may need to register for a license before accepting pets from clients. Another thing you will need is an insurance policy to protect you against any legal action if the pet causes damage or gets hurt while under your care. Spread the word about your business to attract clients, you can do this by designing some catchy flyers or business cards. An easy way to start with pet sitting is with Rover. It’s a company that matches potential pet sitters with clients. Click on the link below to get more info about Rover.

Real Estate Developer

The next idea on the list is a Real Estate Developer. Before starting this one, I’d take a few classes so you can understand the market. You want to make sure that you make money.

Success Coach

This consulting job can be a great small business to start. You will be teaching other people how they can put certain principles to work for them in their personal lives and career. To become a success coach, you must undergo training to obtain certification. Aside from the academic point of view, you also need to have some people qualities, including listening, curiosity, non-opinionated, and passion.

Ticket Broker

Live entertainment industry has seen significant growth over the last decade after a little scare towards the end of the 2000s. It can be a great option to earn some money if you can get the nitty-gritty of the industry. You will also need startup capital before you start making profits.

Travel Agent Consultant

If you have a high school diploma and love travel, being a travel consultant could be your dream career. Not everyone is good at planning trips. Some people aren’t even good at using Priceline or Expedia. Before you start, check online to see if you need any certifications.

Vending Machine Business

This business can be done part-time and as home-based. The vending machine industry receives over $7 billion every year in sales. It requires a low startup cost and is highly flexible, as you can involve your family in the day-to-day running of the business. This is a home-based business idea I’ve thought about doing in the past. I may look into it again in the future.

Window Cleaning Service

Window cleaning business is next up. To enjoy success in this business, consider starting with small building windows. Design a catchy name and logo for your sole business and obtain an operation license from your city council if needed.

Web Site Builder

You can start a freelancing website builder with zero capital. It doesn’t require any academic qualification, as hundreds of free online courses can help you learn how to code. All you need is a good laptop, and you are good to go.

Start Your Blog Today

Graphic Designer

Like the above job, you can train yourself to become a graphic designer or get a formal education. Create some of your projects and submit them to ad agencies and local marketing to try and attract attention to your talents.


Which profitable small business ideas are you going to try?

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