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Eric Thomas quotes

If you have ever heard Eric Thomas speak before, you must be well aware of his tremendous motivational strength. Anyone who hears his enlightening talks will be transformed and energized to take on the challenges they face. The motivational speaker, also known as The Hip-Hop Preacher, can fully spark the fire inside you that drives you to achieve your goals. His inspirational quotes motivate you to dream big and strive for the stars. Reading a couple of strong Eric Thomas quotes if you feel lost in life, will truly make a difference. That is why I have compiled a list of this remarkable man’s best and most inspirational quotes.

When Eric Thomas dropped out of high school and became homeless for two years, it was one of the most defining moments of his life. This period must have been tragic and sad for him, but it also changed him from the inside out. A preacher helped Eric Thomas to get his life back together when he was living on the streets of Detroit as a homeless person. In reality, this preacher inspired him to become a teacher and make a significant difference in the lives of young people.

You will see what a truly inspirational person Eric Thomas has been if you fast forward more than a decade. He’s not only a well-known motivational speaker, but he’s also the founder of a youth-aid initiative. Let’s look at some of the most influential Eric Thomas quotes to see what message this individual tries to convey.

Eric Thomas’s ability to instill motivation and enthusiasm in his listeners amazes me. You’ll become brimming with pure inspiration when you hear him talking. In reality, listening to his speeches will inspire you to face the challenges preventing you from achieving true success in life.

Eric Thomas Quotes

1. “Pain is just there for a short time. It could be a minute, an hour, a day, or even a year long. However, it will finally fade away. Anything new comes in to take its place. If I stop, on the other hand, it will last indefinitely.”

2. “It’s not all about having the most talent. It’s not all about being the smartest. It’s not all about putting in the most effort. It’s all about continuity at times!”

3. “The most important thing is to be able to sacrifice who you are for who you will become at any time!”

4. “Everyone has a dream, but not everyone has to work for it.”

5. “A loss serves as a springboard for a rebound.”

6. “There’s nothing wrong with having big dreams; just keep in mind that all paths to success must eventually pass through Hardwork Boulevard.”

7. “The concentration of winners is on winning. Losers are preoccupied with the champions.”

8. “Only those who take the risk of going too far will learn how far one can go.”

9. “Only those who are willing to take a chance to succeed.”

10. “Most of you want to sleep more than you want to succeed!”

11. “I have a dream that is more valuable than my sleep.”

12. “God has a plan for your suffering, a reason for your trials, and a reward for your perseverance. Don’t give up hope.”

13. “Success is not for the faint of heart or the uncommitted. It’s going to hurt at times!”

14. “An eagle takes advantage of the storm to soar to incredible heights.”

15. “Stop pointing fingers. Put an end to it! Look in the mirror instead of out the window!”

16. “Make sure you’re not your own worst enemy.”

17. “As in real life, you can start at the bottom and work your way up to the top by the grace of God.”

18. “You can’t get away from the grind; it knows how much you’ve put in, and it won’t offer you something you haven’t earned.”

19. “It’s remembering that a fantastic dream isn’t as memorable as a fantastic memory. Anyone can have their dream. It is important to create a memory.”

20. “Listen to me, it’s OK to lose, and though you lose, you can’t get used to it.”

21. “You will never be happy with a loss. It has to hurt when you lose.”

22. “Stop sabotaging your own success.”

23. “I’ll take Biology if it means taking a dull Biology lesson. Calculus, keep an eye on me if I have to go through Calculus to get my family to a level they’ve never been to before! And your boy is on his way.”

24. “You’ll notice a significant difference in your life when you stop focusing on what you can get and instead focus on what you can offer.”

25. “You’re losing if you’re already reading the book she told you to read. You read what she told you to read and then inquire about what she is doing because if you don’t understand what she is reading, she will always be the teacher, and you will always be the pupil!”

26. “Situations are altered by information.”

27. “In our lives, we all have the potential to create greatness.”

28. “It’s not about your background; it’s about your heart! You arrive at a point where being smart isn’t enough. You must have courage.”

29. “When you’ve got something sweet… When you have a decent thing, you don’t mess around with it! You don’t take any chances! You don’t take any chances with it! When you get something nice, you want to get everything you can out of it! What’s more, guess what? When you take care of something nice, it takes care of you as well.”

30. “I’m here to tell you, first and foremost, that while most of you say you want to be good, you just want it in a vague way.”

31. “You’ve been given a chance to make a dream come true all you have to do now is seize it.”

32. “I’m the guy who walks into your high school and tells you that you can do it! You are about to achieve greatness! You’d better act the part!”

33. “My most valuable quality is that I was once homeless. As a result, I am unable to feel any discomfort. I’ve already been by myself. On a small piece of paper, on a small test, there isn’t a whole lot of hurt I can feel.”

34. “Stop being ordinary. You’re not even competent. You were destined for greatness.”

35.”If you’re not where you’re supposed to be. If you aren’t in the place, you want to be. If you don’t have what you want, desire it. If you are not where you believe you should be at this time. It has nothing to do with the scheme but more to do with the fact that you are refusing to make the necessary sacrifice.”

36. “It’s remembering that a fantastic dream isn’t as memorable as a fantastic memory. Anyone can have their dream. It is essential to create a memory.”

37. “Success is never a bargain! There is no such thing as a bid on greatness! Greatness is never half-measured. It’s a case of anything or nothing! It’s 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! The price of greatness is never reduced!”

38. “What you see in your head, how you see yourself, and how you imagine the world around you are all critical because they become your focal point.”

39. “I use pain to motivate me to achieve excellence.”

40. “Make it a point not to choose what feels amazing above what is actually good for you.”

41. “The only way to rise above mediocrity is to keep striving for greatness.”

42. “Don’t consider what could happen in a month. Don’t consider what could happen in a year. Only concentrate on the next 24 hours and do all you can to get closer to your goal.”

43. “You can get up if you can look up.”

44. “I wanted to be surrounded by people who could assist me in turning my life around, people who could sharpen me by rubbing up against them like iron.”

45. “There are people that either inspire you to greatness or pull you down into the gutter. No one is alone in their failures or successes.”

46. “If perfect isn’t possible, finished is preferable to perfect.”

47. “The higher the level of feeling, the lower the level of logic, I’ve discovered over the years.”

48. “People who have never built something don’t get constructive criticism from me.”

49. “When we take control and consciously take responsibility for our role of the flaws in our lives, we will achieve real success.”

50. “Situations are altered by information.”

51. “You are unable to sleep—people who are poor sleep. You must be able to forego sleep; if you sleep, you will miss out on an opportunity to succeed. You’ll be able to get through this. Don’t give up, don’t give in; you are stronger than your suffering.”

52. “I discovered that true friendship is defined by what you can offer rather than what you can get. Making sacrifices and believing in people to help them better their lives is what true friendship is all about.”

53. “Can you honestly guarantee that the environment(s) you’re in will produce the harvest you’re hoping for?”

54. “It’s not easy, but it’s doable.”

I hope you found this list of motivational Eric Thomas quotes to be inspiring.

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