25 Free Things To Do

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free things to do

What’s going on, everyone? I hope things have been good for you. Is it me, or does it seem like the weekend isn’t long enough? I already know the answer. Some of my weekends are busy, while other times, it’s slow cruising. If you find yourself to be bored during the weekend, then you are in the right place. In this post, I share with you several free things that you can do this weekend.

25 Free Things to Do

Go to the Park

Going to the park is the first item on the list of free things to do this weekend. The park is always a nice place to visit. If you have kids, this is a good place to go. Depending on the size of your city, you may have a lot to choose from. You could bring a blanket and food and have a picnic out there. If you have allergies, make sure that you take your Claritin first. You don’t want to be out there sneezing the whole time. That would mess up the experience.

Visit the Library

The library is always free; many people (including myself) haven’t been to one in a minute. I need to change that. Besides books, you can also check out movies and music. If you work at home, the library could be a change of place for you. It may even allow you to get your creative juices flowing.


This is the perfect weekend for you to clean your house. Some places that you should clean are closets, drawers, cabinets, and your garage if you have one. Once you find things you don’t need anymore, you donate or get rid of them.

Sell items on eBay or Craigslist

If some of the items that you are getting rid of are in good condition, you can sell them on sites like eBay or Craigslist. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I’ve been selling on eBay for a minute. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to contact me. You might as well make some money on your items if you can.

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Learn a Foreign Language

Next up on the list of free things to do is to learn a foreign language. You can rent some books in the language that you are interested in from the library. There are also websites such as Duolingo or even YouTube that can help you out.

Start a Photo Project

Most of us have a box of family pictures – here is a time to go through it and create an album. Once you begin this process, you’ll surely be hooked. If your photos are digital, upload the keepers to a website like Flickr. It is totally free and so cool. You can edit, organize, and crop them to make albums, then share them with loved ones. If you’re old school, you can print out some pictures and put them in the album below.

Take a Nap

Not just a regular nap, make it memorable with all your favorite stuff – a comfy blanket, open window, soft music, pillow, or secluded location outdoors. Or even better, turn off your phone, get engaged with a great book, and steal away for the whole afternoon.

Make a Playlist for Someone Special

Pick out some special music and make someone’s day. If you can not create a playlist, find some tutorials on itunes.com or Microsoft.com. When you are done, you can burn a CD or load it onto the person’s cellphone or iPod.

Go Geocaching

It is not exactly a sporting event but an outdoor treasure hunting game involving a GPS to hide and seek caches (containers). Typically, a cache is a small waterproof container containing treasure/ logbooks, usually trinkets, and little-value toys. Over 600,000 geocachers are registered on several websites do this pastime. Just with a GPS-enabled phone, you are good to go. Just visit geocaching.com and read how to get started. You will need to register, but it is free. When you are ready, input your zip code and start Geocaching.

Find Your Favorite Student (or Yourself) a Scholarship

If you have a few hours of free time, you can visit some websites like Fastweb to check out some scholarships and Grant available for college students. On FastWeb, here are a lot of information and advice to help win more awards. You will have to register your student or yourself to help filter the type of award they qualify for. It is not a quick procedure, but you have a high probability of discovering scholarships and grants ideal for your specific background.


You could use a day of your weekend at the library to organize a periodical or undertake other tasks that are left continuously undone due to insufficient help. Visit a hospital to ask if their pediatric ward needs a storyteller, help them at a women’s shelter, or other places that need volunteers. Call your church to find out about projects that need someone to help out.

Take in a Local Event

Several cities host free live music concerts, picnics, and festivals, so find out from your newspapers, the website of local colleges, chambers of commerce, churches, etc. You can also google the name of your city with the keyword – tourist, and get ready for a pleasant surprise of the number of event attractions that you had either forgotten about or were not even aware of their existence. By doing that, you can support your community and have a ball simultaneously- killing two birds with a stone.

Go on a picnic

A picnic with close relatives is an excellent way to have fun without spending money. You can go to your preferred outdoor spot and use it as a chance to explore new places. Here is a strategy for you – pull up Google maps and search for green patches near your home. Then google that name to see if it is a place you can go for a picnic.

Take a Hike

Hiking is one of the best ways to see nature while exercising the body. Find trails near you using channels like AllTrails, which gives you a detailed trail map, reviews, and pictures.

Read Some Books

This is one free activity you can carry out over the weekend. Books are virtually free to read, especially those you’ve had on the chef for a long time. If you don’t have a book, you can easily find one at a local library, or you could just get a free eBook off the internet. It doesn’t have to be a novel, but it could also be a history book or a travel book. There is so much you can do from reading a book; once you indulge in it, it can be really fun.

Plan Your Routine

The weekend is a nice time to plan your time and routine for the next week. It might not be very fun, but it’ll help you get things in order and make the coming week less stressful. You could go ahead and plan your meals for the week, the supplies you have to get and when to get them, and how much time you can spend on a task. This can be a very useful way to spend a weekend and it doesn’t cost you a dime.

Make a Dinner Date

It’s the weekend, and a perfect way to spend it is to go on dinner dates. Dinner dates aren’t as expensive as you think and could probably be free if you have food lying around the house. You could make a nice meal and invite some friends over for dinner. That way, you can strengthen the bond between you guys by having fun at the dinner table. On other weekends you could switch it up and go over to their place for a dinner date. This could be a really fun way to spend a weekend. You could make some salad, or pasta or even a sauce.

Go out and Take Some Pictures

Sick and tired of staying indoors? Then you can opt for an outdoor photo session. It’s a beautiful world out there; what better time to capture it than on the weekend with your smartphone? Nowadays, most smartphones have great cameras, so you do not need to hire a photographer to take pictures. You could even take some friends with you and have a nice laugh taking pictures and walking around.

Visit the Museum

Another free way to spice up your weekend is a good ole visit to the museum. Almost every city has a museum these days. Visiting could help make your weekend a whole lot more fun. You could go alone or take your friends and family with you. Visiting museums is a nice way to learn about history, and culture and see a lot of artifacts. You could even take some pictures at the museum for memory’s sake. There are a lot of free museums, such as history or art museums. You could visit and see prehistoric animals like dinosaurs, other interesting things, and even art galleries.

Connect With Friends and Family

Over the week, we are always too busy with work and our other businesses to keep in touch with our friends or even maintain a healthy relationship with the family. This has led to many relationship failures between friends and family, which is major because we do not make time to hang out with them or even call them.

This could, however, be done over the weekend. Your relationships do not have to suffer because of work. Call your friends for the weekend and invite them over so you could do things together. Take a drive and say hi to your mom, dad, or sibling. It costs absolutely nothing and could be very helpful to you.

Treat Your Self to a Homemade Spa Night

One way to relieve your stress is a little hot bath and some relaxation over the weekend. Don’t want to spend all that money going to a spa, why not create a mini spa in your home? Prep your bathroom for spa night by adding some scented candles, some roses, some body oil, and some scenting soap. Put on some nice cool blues and let the music play as you lay in the tub, soaking up that heat. It will do your body some good and help you relax.

Movie Night

This is another fun activity I love to do on the weekends. I call it “Netflix and Chill.” Throughout the week, we are probably so bothered with meeting submission deadlines or getting the job done that we are not able to find the time to catch up with some of our beloved series or movies. Over the weekends, I get myself a nice hot meal and a little bottle of wine, turn on the TV, and watch movies.

Movies are interesting ways to pass the time and have fun. You could also invite friends over and make it a movie night where you all agree on a particular movie. Movie nights on the weekend are great for bonding, and they almost cost nothing.

Game Night

Another fun free activity to carry out over the weekend is game night. If you love to play games, then the game night will do just great for you. It doesn’t matter the type of game. It could be a PlayStation or an Xbox or simple board games like Scrabble or chess. It doesn’t matter games are fun and free ways to pass the weekend. It also has the habit of bringing friends close through a little bit of healthy competition and fun.

Chase Your Passion

Thanks to the stress of working a 9 to 5 or running a business, we barely have the time to follow our passions or hobbies. Weekends are great times to do that. Maybe your passion is to learn the guitar or take singing lessons; you could do that over the weekend without spending a dime. Thanks to Youtube lessons. You could take out time from your weekend to chase that passion or learn something new. Maybe a new language or sport does not matter.

Yard Sale

Here’s a little something you can do over the weekend. The yard sale is gold, not only because you do not spend money, but you can make money from it. Whether we like it or not, there will always be something down there that we don’t need, but we keep it anyway. Well, it’s time to empty that basement and start a yard sale.

Yard sales are awesome over the weekends because they can help you meet new people in your neighborhood and make some money.

Weekends are meant to be enjoyed. You shouldn’t have to have a boring weekend just because you can’t afford it or you don’t want to spend some money. Hopefully, these tips can help you have the time of your life.


  1. prudencetrenay says:

    That’s what almost all my weekend plans look like.
    The actual weekends, though… different story.

  2. Duolingo is awesome! I’m in the process of learning French and I would love to learn Spanish as well. Mandarin is another language I would like to learn, but unfortunately it’s a bit more complicated to learn and doesn’t work on Duolingo’s platform.

    1. I’m definitely going to check it out.

  3. Think I’d go to the park. Spring cleaning doesn’t sound like a fun weekend to me.

  4. Rosemary Griffith says:

    One of our favorite, could be free if we skipped breakfast, things to do is go to Pittsburgh’s Strip District. It’s our open air, street vendor market area and is one of the best things about living in this city.

    1. That sounds like a nice place to check out.

  5. My favourite one from the list is going to the Library. The one I go to is in a small village (population 3700) and yet, besides books and videos, they offer craft groups, computer training, kids lego club, moms and tots groups, etc. So I’ll definitely back up your statement – head to the Library and find out what they have to offer. You may be pleasantly surprised.

  6. I also like going for walks in parks or scenic neighbourhoods. In the summer time there are often free festival events happening – I keep my eyes open for these.

  7. I can confirm that the library is a great place to cultivate the hobby of listening to music. Listening to a complete record is a more satisfying experience than listening to the radio or streaming music on the Web, and many libraries these days have decent selections of music CDs to check out. Local libraries that don’t have good CD selections are often networked to other libraries that do, so you can use interlibrary loan to get recordings from the latter sent to the former. Get listening, y’all.

  8. The park is definitely a winner for me. I’m lucky enough to live within short walking distance to a terrific park and I head down the hill for a walk there with my dog every morning.

    Learning a foreign language is also on the list. I’m originally from California and we used to spend a lot of time Mexico. Between that, taking Spanish in school, and marrying into a family originally from Nicaragua, I used to speak the language pretty well. But that was years ago and I’ve forgotten most of it, so I’ve recently started relearning it. The last time I tried this I never got any further than “My van is green” so hopefully by taking it slowly with one new phrase each day I’ll do better this time.

    1. I really need to start learning a 2nd language. I knew a little bit of Spanish, but I need to become fluent.

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