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What’s going on, people? September is halfway finished. Before we know it, it will be time for the holidays. I love the holidays. It’s usually a time when you get to spend time with your friends and family. This is also when people can find seasonal holiday jobs to help them make extra money. In the past, I’ve worked seasonal positions. For me, it was easy money. I worked at a store called “Things Remembered, ” and I worked with the United States Postal Service for another year. Many companies are looking for people to help them during this busy shopping season. If you need extra money, these five types of businesses should be a great place to start looking.

Many companies are looking for people to help them during this busy shopping season. If you need extra money, these ten types of businesses should be a great place to start looking.

10 Seasonal Jobs For The Holidays

The Mall

The first place on the list is the Mall. They always hire additional people during the holiday season. Most malls have at least twenty stores in them. You should visit one and browse the stores. Write a list of the ones that you are interested in working at. Then, check to see if they are hiring. It is best to do this before the middle of October.

UPS/Fed Ex

People ship a lot of packages during the holiday season. The volumes increase so much that companies like UPS or Fed Ex bring seasonal workers. They bring on people to help sort packages and driver helpers. I’ve had friends that worked for UPS during the Christmas season. They told me the job was pretty easy. They only worked 4-5 hours per day and got paid weekly.

Seasonal Actors

Another excellent seasonal job is acting as Santa or his entourage. This job has been a primary part of malls and department stores for several years, usually from Thanksgiving to Christmas. However, Christmas actors are not the only ones required on a seasonal basis. If you look around early enough, some amusement park extras opportunities will be available.

All you need for this task are acting, communication, and customer service skills.

Outlet Stores

The following seasonal job on the list is outlet stores. Outlet Stores are similar to malls. They get increased traffic during this time of the year as well. Most of the stores have several positions, including stock and sales associates, open up during this time of the year. If there are some outlet stores near you, check them out. Tanger is one brand of outlet stores that you can check out.

Department Stores

Walmart, Kohl’s, and Target are department stores hiring during the holiday season. These stores get a lot of traffic during the year anyway. During the holiday season, it increases even more. Department stores also expand their hours. For example, if a store closes at 9 PM, it may stay open until 11 PM.

Working in the retail industry may also allow you to earn some overtime during this period. The application process is pretty easy, so this is one seasonal part-time job that I’d apply to sooner than later.

Honey Baked Ham

Honey Baked Ham is the fifth seasonal job on the list. There are a lot of dinner parties during the holiday season. Not everyone likes to cook food for parties, so they get it from a store like Honey Baked Ham. Because it gets so busy, Honey Baked Ham hires people to help out. It would probably be a good job that allows you to make a decent about of money during the holiday season.

Snow Removal Drivers/Workers

Although we may still be in autumn now, winter is coming. Several private snow removal companies in different cities and towns are now looking ahead to the snowy season. Therefore, they are hiring part-time and seasonal helps to aid in the preparation for winter storms. That might not be an alternative for you if you live in a place like Florida, but if you reside in locations that experience a significant share of snow and ice, it can be a good choice.

Note that you will need a valid driver’s license and must be able to handle heavy-duty equipment such as sandy trucks, plows, and other snow removal tools. This could be an excellent temporary job if you have access to these items.

Christmas Tree Workers

The holiday season implies an increase in the sale of Christmas trees either by dedicated tree garden centers or other big stores that sell trees. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, these employees aid them in meeting the influx of customers’ demand, selling and preparing trees for travel homes, and restocking other seasonal plants.

To carry out this task effectively, you will need the ability to carry heavy objects, work outdoors in diverse conditions, and stand for a long shift.

Seasonal Photographers

With the winter coming, every Santa and his entourage comes with a vital seasonal role, the photographer. Individual malls and event places hire photographers yearly to capture the holiday’s festivities and merriment for posterity. Seasonal photographers and assistants carry out the tasks of taking photos, taking orders, and editing photographs.

To take up this job effectively, you will need portrait photography skills and organizational skills (you don’t want to send pictures of one client to another mistakenly). You also need impeccable photo editing, problem-solving, and customer service skills because handling many people waiting for Santa can be problematic. If possible, you can have a knack for helping toddlers smile to take photographs.

Tax Associate

People do not think about the looming tax season when they are in holiday mode. But, right after the New Year and everything goes back to normal, seasonal tax associates’ demand rises exponentially. Tax preparation companies employ temporary employees to manage the demand from January through April. With a strong background in financial mathematics and a familiarity with the tax system, this can be a lucrative opportunity for you post-holiday.

All you need is strong mathematics and accounting skills and an understanding of tax preparation software with a bachelor’s degree in related fields. If you are searching for a seasonal gig, several other alternatives tally with your skillset and interest.

There are plenty of places where you can find seasonal jobs during the holidays. You should check out the ten above if you are looking. Just remember that with seasonal employment, you may be working on Thanksgiving, the day after Thanksgiving, and Christmas Eve. If you are not prepared to do that, you should not apply.

Have you ever worked seasonal jobs for the holidays before? What other places hire during the holiday?

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