Stephen Curry Net Worth

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Stephen Curry net worthStephen Curry is an American professional basketball player. Many people think he is the best shot in the NBA. He plays for the Golden State Warriors. Curry’s shot skills have changed the game at every level. Young people who want to play basketball like him have copied the way he makes shots. Many people also want to know about his net worth, how he earned it, and how he spends it. This article is all about that information.

Stephen Curry Net Worth

What is Stephen Curry’s Net Worth?

Stephen Curry’s net worth is around $200 million in 2024. Over the years, he has made a lot of money from other sources besides his huge NBA pay. He has endorsement deals with almost all of the big companies in the US and has made money from many successful investments. In his first ten years in the league, he earned $130 million from the NBA as a wage and $150 million from endorsements.

In 2017, he signed a $206.8 million, five-year deal with the Golden State Warriors, the biggest deal a player had ever signed. He also has big marketing deals with Under Armor and TCL’s palm phones. Curry is the main investor in TCL. He also began a business called Unanimous Media, which works with technology and makes movies.

How did Stephen Curry earn his net worth?


After getting hurt at the beginning of his career, Curry eventually signed his first four-year, $44 million deal. But he has been named to nine All-Star teams, won two MVP awards, and won four NBA championships. He also made history by signing two contracts worth $200 million. The new deal he signed for four years is worth just over $215 million. He has had the highest on-court salary for two years in a row, starting in 2022–23.

Endorsement Earnings

A big chunk of Steph Curry’s advertising income comes from his deal with Under Armour. His UA shoe deal was said to be making him $4 million a year in 2013. However, in 2015, he signed a new contract to keep him with the company until 2024. Under Armour has also made a brand with Curry, which is similar to what Nike does with the Jordan name. Aside from that, Chase, Nissan Motor, Rakuten, Sony, JP Morgan, Brita, Unilever, Vivo, Infiniti, and FTX have all backed him.

Brands and Businesses

Curry has also started several businesses and brands. The Player (MVP) runs his own business, SC30, which also takes care of his finances and charitable work. Curry also runs his own production business called Unanimous Media. This company plans, makes, and distributes movies, TV shows, and podcasts. A full documentary called Underrated is about Curry’s basketball career and is set to air on Apple TV. They have another documentary called Jumpshot is about Kenny Sailors, who invented the basketball jump shot.

How does Stephen Curry Spend his net worth?

A Luxury Mansion For Family

Curry has many expensive homes, but the one he lives in with his family is a $31 million house in Atherton, California. In 2019, he moved to this massive farm with his wife and children. It is very private, with all the gadgets around the land and at the end of a narrow driveway. There is a swimming pool, a barbecue, basketball courts, an outdoor fireplace, a guest house, and beautiful grounds around the house.

A Collection of High-end Cars

Curry has so many cars that he could drive a different one every day of the week. Besides that, he may own more vehicles than anyone else in the basketball league. His car collection comprises sports cars and other eco-friendly smart cars. He has a Tesla X 90 D, which shows that he believes in the smart car technology being made to help the earth. He also owns a Porsche 911 GT3 RS worth $187,500, a Porsche Panamera Turbo S worth $150,000, an Infiniti Q50 worth $352,000, and more. Aside from those, his garage also has a Cadillac Escalade and a lot of fancy Mercedes-Benz models.

Giving to Charity

He gives millions of dollars to many good projects. He is known to have given around $82,000 to help fight malaria worldwide. He also often gives money to friends who are having a hard time helping them. He has given money to an animal rescue charity and the Eat, Learn, Play charity. Along with her husband, Aisha donated one million meals to Oakland for the kids there. She is a worthy partner in this good cause.

Fancy Watches

A big part of his wealth goes to getting the most expensive watches. Reports in the press have said many times that his expensive watches add to his unique style. The Rolex Sea-Dweller Deep Sea he wears costs him around $9,900. He has more high-end watches, such as a Gold Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch that cost him about $56,000 and a Cartier Santos 100 that is worth about $14,990.

It’s hard to think of a basketball player more talented than Stephen Curry. His name has become a world icon. In this article, we have looked into Stephen Curry’s substantial net worth and shown you the huge business he’s built on and off the basketball court. Curry’s path to wealth, including lucrative marketing deals, intelligent investments, and business ventures, shows how hard he works and plans his moves.

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