75 Great Hustle Quotes to Motivate You Now

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hustle quotesThe only way to attain success in your endeavors in life is consistency with your grind. Success doesn’t come by accident, and you can never build a profitable business, achieve a reasonable goal, or rise to the summit of your chosen profession with only luck. Luck runs out! It takes a fair amount of dedication, consistency, and work to achieve success. And sometimes, you need to be reminded about why you began in the first place and that everything will pay off in the end. For that reason, these hustle quotes will trigger that shaker and mover in you to set your feet on the right path. Share this with your fellow hustlers.

75 Hustle Quotes

We have thrown the word “hustle” around a lot lately. We have remolded it into a polysemic term with several definitions deviating from the actual meaning. When we hear “hustle,” what comes to mind is scamming or forcefully compelling a person to act. But that is NOT Hustle. Although that may be correct a few years back, Hustle today implies going after what you want by dedicating your efforts and time to working harder than anyone. It means you are willing to set aside extra hours for work.

That said, let’s check out some of these hustle quotes to keep you going in your grind.

1. “Of course, things might come to those who stay idle… but those are only the remains of hustlers.” – Abraham Lincoln 

Hustle quotes

2. “Anything that comes easy vanishes quick.” –Andrena Sawyer

3. “A hustler is already a winner; you just need to learn not to allow negative comments influence your grind. Just treat them as fuels that feed your fire. In a short time, that fire will be so bright and big that the ones who faulted you will see and smell the smoke, irrespective of their position or location.” – Kevin Abdulrahman

4. “All the supposed tips for success will never work until you rise up and work.” – Shah Jaymin

5. “No one with a million-dollar dream will achieve them with a minimum wage work ethic.”– Stephen Hogan

6. “Stop hating and trying to be like another man. Focus on your grind and be better than them in your hustles. The bottom line is, just do you.” – Surgeo Bell

7. “The world we reside in is a land of opportunities. Individuals come from everywhere worldwide to hustle and work their ways up to positions and places that are only possible through imagination. Be like them.” – Farshad Asl

8. “You must accompany every idea you have concerning your future preferences with almost monastic obsession. Be it a primary degree, ballet, acting, or even music, you must approach it with a single mind and allow nothing to get in your path.” – Henry Rollins 

9. “Several people believe they want some things but do not have the discipline and strength. They think they are weak. But I believe you can get anything you want if you need it badly enough. “– Sophia Loren

10. “When I was a young boy, I noticed that ninety percent of everything I did were failures. So I ramped up my work works to ten times more.” – George Bernard Shaw 

11. “Pour out all you have into your dreams, and you will be surprised at the amount of energy that will come out of you.” – William James

12. “What separates talent from success is hard work.” – Stephen King

13. “If people call a man a street sweeper. He should sweep the streets even as Shakespeare composed poetry and Beethoven wrote music. He should sweep the street to the extent that hosts of heaven and earth look down to say ‘Here lived a distinguished street sweeper who performed his tasks excellently.” Martin Luther King Jr 

14. “A reasonable amount of work is lost for the lack of zeal to do a little more.” Edward Harriman 

15. “Living, in itself, demands struggle. Those who receive everything without work eventually become lazy, insensitive to real-life values, and selfish. That strive and hard work we try to avoid today is the primary building block in our personality today. “– Pope Paul VI 

16. “Engage your intellect, mind, and heart in even the smallest actions. That is a success basic success secret.” – Sivananda Swami

17. “He who waits for something to turn up might have to settle for his shirt sleeve.” – Garth Henrichs

18. “Be vigilant of your environment, upgrade your mindset, and most importantly, never lose focus.”– Surgo Bell

19. “A man who is outside to hustle already has the hardest part of the journey behind him.”– Dutch Proverb 

20. “Business-related success requires discipline, handwork, and training. However, if those factors do not frighten you, get ready to be overwhelmed by opportunities.” –David Rockefeller

21. “People at the summit did not fall there; they climbed to attain that height.”– Marcus Washington

22. “I’ve never come across any successful human who didn’t work hard. Hard work is the recipe. Even if it does not get you to the top, it gets you near.” – Margaret Thatcher

23. “It is not about connections or money. It is the zeal to outlearn and outwork your competitors and colleagues when it comes to business.”– Mark Cuban 

24. “Good things only happen to hustlers.”– Anais Nin

25. “Your struggles today are only helping you develop that strength you need for tomorrow. Never give up!” – Robert Tew 

27. “Hustle supersedes talent when talent does not hustle.”– Ross Simmonds

28. “Don’t be scared of moving slowly, just be conscious of standing still.” – Chinese Proverb

29. “A dream requires a considerable amount of sweat, hard work, and determination before it comes to reality.” – Colin Powell

30. “Have you seen anyone who died by working hard? No, I haven’t.” – Scottish Proverb 

31. “Destiny was made for losers. It is baseless excuse to wait for success to happen instead of taking steps to achieve success.” – Blair Waldorf

33. “Depth in any action requires commitment.” – Neil Strauss 

34. “You can make up for lack of talent with Hustle and desire to give over 100% every time.”– Don Zimmer

35. “A fruit that germinates from your hard work is the sweetest.” – Deepika Padukone

36. “Hustle makes the dollar. Experience contributes the knowledge, and your consistency brings success.” – Ross Simmonds 

37. “Success is neither a mistake nor an accident. It has perseverance, hard work, sacrifice, studying, learning, and most importantly, the love of what you do.” – Pele


38. “Commitment results in action and action draw your dreams closer to reality.” – Marcia Wieder 

39. “Contrary to the traditional opinion, the hustle isn’t a dance step – it is an old, yet effective business procedure.” – Fran Lebowitz

40. “With that courage to pursue, every dream can come true.” – Walt Disney

41. “Excellence is a gradual outcome of the zeal always to improve and do better.”– Marcia Wieder

42. “You must either magnify your skill or modify your dreams.”- Jim Rohn

43. “Hard work has no substitute. Don’t give up. Just do it. Never stop fighting. Never stop believing.” – Hope Hicks 

44. “Hustle is non-stop and endless. Never stop hustling!” – Jeezy

45. “The best set of people in your life are not those who come together to celebrate your success. They are those who come together to support your hustle.” – Ismail Usman

46. “Productivity does not come by luck. It is usually an outcome of consistency and commitment to Excellence, focused efforts and good plans.” –Paul J. Meyer

47. “Your life quality is directly proportional to your commitment to excellent, irrespective of your preferred professional field.” – Vince Lombardi

48. “Life is all about creating and not finding yourself.” – Lolly Daskal


49. “You can never be someone else. Therefore, just be yourself, and you will be in awe of the amount of happiness and your accomplishments within a short period.” – Surgeo Bell

50. “You can only succeed when you have a desire for success; you may only fail if you don’t care about failure.” – Phillipos

51. “I started realizing how vital it was to be an enthusiast. My Uncle Oswald taught me that if you are interested in anything, irrespective of what it is, aim at it with full speed. Embrace it with everything you have. Love it and approach it with passion. Lukewarm is never an option; neither is hot. Passionate is the only way to achieve that desired success.” – Roald Dahl

52. “Recalling that you will die someday is the most effective approach I know for avoiding the trap of believing you have things to lose. You are naked already, and you have no reason not to pursue that dream.” – Steve Jobs 

53. “You can never exhaust your creativity; the more you utilize, the more you possess.” – Maya Angelou

54. “I used to do things I wasn’t ready to do. I believe that is how you grow. Whenever you have that thought of ‘I’m not sure I can achieve this and you able to overcome that though, then you have a breakthrough already.” – Marissa Mayer 

55. “Never neglect that desire, never lose that drive.” – Patti Smith

56. “What would you do if there is no fear, reflect on that.” – Sheryl Sandberg

57. “Challenges are gifts that compel us to seek a new center of gravity. Never fight them, just identity new ways to stand.”- Oprah Winfrey

58. “They believe that people stop chasing their dreams when they grow old, is false. People grow old because they stop chasing their dreams.” – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

59. “I resist the urge to count my situps. I only begin the count when it starts hurting because those are the ones that count.” – Muhammad Ali

60. “One, always look up to the stars and not to the ground. Two, don’t ever think of giving up. Work gives you a sense of purpose, and what is life without purpose? Three, if you happen to find love, don’t throw it away.” – Stephen Hawking

61. “Innovation distinguishes a follower from a leader.” – Steve Jobs

62. “My 10,000 trials are not failures to me; I’ve just discovered 10,000 ways of not doing it.” – Thomas Edison 

63. “Don’t follow just any path. Instead, go where there is no path and leave your trail.” – Ralph Emerson 

64. “Let your results do the talking.” – Anonymous

65. “Uplift the weak, educate the ignorant, help the failures, inspire and encourage the deprived! Let giving be at the heart of your existence. Never hustle for survival, but settle for revival.” – Israelmore Ayivor

65. “Hustle till you no longer need an introduction.” – Anonymous 

66. “Your willingness to risk the unusual opens you to a world of the extraordinary. So, if you are not willing to take risks, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” – Jim Rohn

67. “Here is to the misfits. The rebels. The crazy ones. The round pegs in a square hole. The troublemakers. The ones who view life from a different perspective. The ones who are not fond of rules. Those who give no respect to the status quo. You may vilify or glorify them, agree or disagree with them. But, the only thing you can never do is ignore them. Because they are transformers, they propel the human race. Although some see them as crazy, we see them as geniuses. Because anyone crazy enough to believe they can transform the work is the one who do.” – Steve Jobs

67. “Here is a secret to success. Try to be greedy when others are engulfed in fear. And try to be fearful when the majority are greedy.” – Warren Buffett

68. “That things we want to do is what we are meant for. When we do those things, money comes naturally, doors open, we feel loved, and the work feels pleasurable to us.”– Julia Cameron

69. “Value your customers. It is not the employers that pay the wages; they only handle the money. Customers pay the wages.”– Henry Ford

70. “Nobody will value your time until you do.” – Kim Garst

71. “Fortune resides with risk-takers.” – Virgil the Roman Poet

72. Don’t tell me about your priorities, show me your expenses, and I will tell you what they are.” – W. Frick

73. “Time has more value compared to money. You can get more money, but not more time.” – Jim Rohn 

74. “Expect the best result. Get ready for the worst outcome. Leverage whatever the result offers.” – Zig Ziglar 

75. “Keep track of your income; he who doesn’t know where his next cash is coming from does not know where his last cash went.” – Anonymous

I hope that you enjoyed these hustle quotes. Hopefully, they will be able to help you stay motivated. I know I read some of these hustle quotes once a week. Which one of these is your favorite?





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