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20 Easy Side Hustles For Single Mothers

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What’s going on everybody? Growing up in a single-parent household, I know how real it can get at times. Salute to all the single mothers and fathers that are out there putting in work. As a kid, my mom made sure that my siblings and I were taken care of. There may be some single mothers out there struggling financially right now. I want you to know that you got this. Things will get better for you. Today, I want to share twenty easy side hustles for single mothers. Hopefully, you’ll find a few work from home jobs for Moms that you like.

Etsy Shop

If you’re a mother that likes to make jewelry and accessories, you should consider selling them on Etsy. It doesn’t take much to get your shop up and running. It costs $0.20 to post a listing. Etsy also charges a 3.5% transaction fee on the sale price.

Cleaning Houses

Are you good at cleaning? If the answer is yes, you can consider cleaning houses for a few hours during the weekend. Everyone doesn’t like to clean. Some people will pay you to clean their homes or apartments. To get started, check with your family or friends and see if they know anyone who is looking for a house cleaner.

Sell Your Hair

Number three of the list of side hustles for single mothers is interesting. Believe it or not, you can sell your hair and make some quick cash. People buy hair for different reasons such as for wigs. Why not make a little change on the side for something that only takes a couple of months to grow?


Online surveys are another one of the side hustles for single mothers that is pretty easy. This one can be done at work during your lunch break. While you won’t get rich off surveys, you can make a couple of hundred dollars each month. Below are some companies that you can sign up for.

Swagbucks  (My Swagbucks Review)

Survey Junkie

Opinion Outpost


If you’re a single mother that likes to write, you can create an ebook. There are thousands of topics that you can write about. You should find something that you’re passionate about or something that you are an expert on. As a single mother, you can write a guide to give other single mother’s tips.

Dog Walker

If you love dogs, you should consider this side hustle. Dog walkers can make between $25-$35 per walk. That’s pretty good if you can schedule multiple walks per week.


The next side hustle for single mothers is to do some babysitting on the side. Since you already have a kid, you are used to dealing with them. Babysitting can be easy money for you.

Freelance Writer

If you don’t have an idea for an ebook, but you still want to make money writing, you can become a freelance writer. There are hundreds of opportunities that you can look into. From time to time bloggers are looking for help with writing. To find out about those gigs and more, check out Upwork, The Problogger Job Board, and Craigslist.

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Teach Online Classes

If you have a degree in a particular subject or if you are an expert at something, you can teach classes online. You can use sites like Teachable, Udemy, or YouTube to run your class.


Amazon is one of the largest online marketplaces in the world. According to Alexa, it is the 11th ranked website for global traffic. Why not tap into some of that traffic and earn some money? I have friends selling all types of stuff on Amazon. My friend Sandy sells t-shirts, mugs and more. She’s made over $100,000 selling on Amazon part-time. She has an Amazon course that will help you get started. It’s called Starting Your Amazon Side Hustle.


If you’re not sure about selling on Amazon, you could always sell on eBay. Selling on eBay is one of my favorite side hustles. I recently opened an eBay store because I’ve been finding more things to sell. Each month I would go over the allotted free listings (50 free each month) that I would get. I like selling on eBay a lot. There is always money to be made. You do have to research your items though.

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Virtual Assistant

Many businessmen and women need virtual assistants. VA’s do several tasks such as answer e-mails, edit articles, create Pinterest images, and more. The VA positions can be work from home jobs for Moms.

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Makeup Artist

The next thing on the list of side hustles for single mothers is to do makeup on the side. There will always be weddings, pageants, and other events going on. That means that you will always have the opportunity to find clients.

Food Business

Can you throw it down in the kitchen? Do you have a favorite dish that your friends and family love and can’t get enough of? If the answer is yes, you should consider starting a home food business. You can sell dinner plates or baked goods. Make sure you check the laws in your area first. If everything is good, start off by letting your friends and family know about your new business. You never know what may happen. You could have a full-fledged food business in a year or two.

Mystery Shop

Have you ever heard of mystery shopping? Mystery shopping is when a consumer is paid to evaluate a business. As a mystery shopper, you may be asked to review a company’s customer service or product. It’s typically easy work that shouldn’t take too long to do. Second to None and Jancyn are two companies that you can consider.

Graphic Designer

Many people (including myself) struggle when it comes to designing things online. If you are a pro at Photoshop or Gimp, you will make money as a graphic designer. People need logos and online flyers all the time. As a graphic designer, you can be the go-to person for many people.

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Create a Website

The next side hustle for single mothers is to create a website. Some people think that you can just make a site and instantly make money from it. It doesn’t work like that. I want to stress to you that this will take time. You have to find a niche and create valuable content that people will read. It’s not as easy as some people make it out to be. I’ve seen a lot of people start blogging only to quit in less than six months. I want people to know the truth when it comes to starting a blog. If you are really interested in blogging and you work hard it will eventually pay off. I know bloggers that make anywhere from $1000 – $100,000 per month with their blogs. You can be that next one and motivate other single mothers.

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Sell Shirts Online

Do you like fashion? Have you considered selling t-shirts? You can make a lot of money if you have a good design. You can use a site like Teespring or Merch by Amazon. With those sites, you don’t have to put any money down on anything. All you have to do is upload a design and promote it. When something sells you get a percentage of it.

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If you have an extra room in your house, you can list it on Airbnb. Depending on where you live, you could make money every weekend. For more information about Airbnb, go here.


The final item on this list is Rakuten, formerly ebates. It’s not technically a side hustle, but it’s something that you can make money with. If you shop a lot online, Rakuten will give you money back from each purchase. Once you get to a certain limit, your money is deposited into your bank account. To learn more about Rakuten and to get $10, check them out here.

I know that it can be hard for single mothers at times, but like 2pac said, keep your head up. Hopefully, one of the side hustles listed in this post can help you make some extra money.


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  1. All of these are such great ideas and I’ve tried a great many of them. I started on Etsy and it was hands down one of the easiest ways to passively make income for me. I created a digital product and sold on that platform for years without adding any additional products to the mix. I may very well try it out again in the future if I’m ever in a creative flow and can create some great prints again.

  2. Perfect new ideas. I tried some of them as well. I worked as Virtual Assistant on Upwork. It was a nice experience. Then i started working on Amazon, it was a great and perfect opportunity for me to generate lot of income.

    But then i saw a service on, a person selling an Auto Blog of Ebay. It means the website will grab products from ebay with my Affiliate link, and i get sale for every commission. Now i am earning a perfect Automatic Earning from That perfect source of earning. Have a look at this service.

  3. Heather-The Cheapskate Girl says:

    All great ideas! I recently started a blog, who knows, maybe one day it will generate some extra income! I hear about many people using Amazon in one way or another for extra income, that place is blowing up!

  4. Great tips Jason! Although I’m not a mother, this was very helpful – I plan to try some of these out myself. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for reading Michaela. Let me know how the side hustles go.

  5. Theses are some great options for those seeking to earn a few extra dollars.

  6. These are great ideas. As a mother, I’ve done a few of them, and to great success! I’ll share this post with my friends.

  7. Wow this is helpful for me and I am not even a mother! Thanks for sharing! xx

  8. I’m not a single mom but I might try the mystery shopper

  9. I always see articles include info about being a Virtual Assistant, but no reputable company is listed for it and how to much can be expected to be earned.

    1. When I find one, I’ll definitely add it here.

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